A Myth Or Reality

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Some say that if you want to lose fat in a safe way, you ought to know something about fat burning zone. In a nutshell, it refers to the level of activity at which an individual burns maximum amount of fat without causing any harm to the body. They also say that different persons have different zones and that is why, it is vital that you know what your fat burning zone is. The problem is that there is no single procedure, which can be safely followed. Different people advocate different methods. Let us therefore, have a look at different procedures advocated by different experts.

Use a heart rate monitor:

It is accepted that the ideal fat burning zone is somewhere between sixty and seventy percent of a person’s maximum heart rate or MHR. A heart monitor is a small device, which can be strapped to your heart as you undertake a workout. It will record your heart beats accurately. Based on that, you can easily calculate your optimum fat burning zone.

VO2 Max Test:

VO2 Max represents volume per time oxygen and maximum. Such a test records the ability of the body to transport and use oxygen while the person is undergoing strenuous exercises. Under this method, the person is required to stand on a treadmill and breathe into a face mask, which is equipped to measure the level of oxygen and carbon dioxide. The information thus gathered is later used to calculate the person’s fat burning zone.

Using a formula:

If you do not want to invest in a heart monitor or undergo VO2 Max test, you can still get an approximate idea about your fat burning zone. The method involves the use of a simple formula. If you are male, you should subtract your age from 220 and if you are a female, you should subtract it from 226. The subtracted amount represents your MHR. The sixty person of that number becomes your fat burning zone. However, such a formula does not really provide a very accurate answer; there are other factors than gender and age, which can have positive or negative effect on our heart rate.

The talk test:

However, a simpler way to find about your fat burning zone is to keep on talking as you undergo your exercises. If you can talk comfortably, you need to put in more intensity to your workouts and if you cannot and feel flushed out, you need to slow down a bit.

Is fat burning zone a myth?

Like many other concepts fat burning zone too is mired by controversy. While many experts find it to be an essential factor in determining the intensity of workouts, many others consider it to be a myth. To support their idea, they have come forward with many convincing arguments. Let us next examine some of them.

Their argument is mostly based on two points. Firstly, the theory of fat burning zone offers an escape route and allows us to undertake low intensity workouts without feeling guilty. Indeed, at sixty and seventy percent of our maximum heart rate, the workout does not put any strain on our system. We can really take it easy and yet feel great. On the con side, the outcome of such low intensity exercises hardly meets our expectation and we keep grumbling.

They also point out that, our body stores energy primarily in the form of fat and glycogen or carbohydrate. When carbohydrate is stored in the muscles, it is known as glycogen. During a workout, the body draws the energy primarily from these two sources. The higher is the intensity of the workout higher will be percentage of calories burnt from these two sources. Consequently, we lose more fat if we ignore the fat burning zone theory and intensify our workouts.

Moreover, in case of low intensity workouts, we hardly burn any fat once the exercises are over; but in case of high intensity workouts, the body continues with the fat burning process long after the person has completed the workout. In other words, the after burn affect is far greater in case of high intensity exercises. Therefore, the theory of fat burning zone should be ignored.

The middle path:

Nonetheless, one has to agree that the theory of fat burning zone may not be as vital as its proponents make it out; yet it does have some value in the long run, especially in case of aged and sick. It is important to be aware about the maximum heart rate or MHR. Many people have suffered great damages trying to work at a greater intensity than their body can tolerate. Many valuable lives have also been lost because of that.

That is why to burn fat in a safe way, one need to be aware of the fat burning zone and start from there. Later they can intensify the workout so that they can lose fat in a safe and effective manner. In other words, the fat burning zone can be your launching pad, but not your goal. Moreover such workouts should be supplemented with low fat diet, which is high on nutrition.

Few words about diet restrictions:

To lose fat effectively, one has to make sure that the calories consumed should be less than calorie spent. While Adonis Golden Ratio workouts help us to spend calories, the right kind of diet helps us to restrict the calorie intake. However, one should never undertake severe diet control and do away with fats and carbohydrates totally. They too have their uses in our diet.

For example, carbohydrates contain a good amount of fibers, which help to flush out toxic materials from our system by facilitating bowel movement. Oatmeal, brown rice, whole wheat bread should be included in our daily meal in restricted quantity. One must also take regulated amount of unsaturated fat such as olive oil, fish oil etc. To go with whole wheat bread one can use generous spread of peanut butter. Skimmed milk, homemade yoghurt, lean meat, plenty of fruits, raw and cooked vegetables can make meal time quite an exciting affair. Indeed, it is a misconception that to lose fat one has give up the joy of eating.

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