Early Morning Weightlifting

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There are machines that can help you to strength train. Added to these machines are barbells or dumbbells that can help you to exercise your muscles. But the advantages of weightlifting in the morning are increased metabolism rate and stronger muscles.

Such morning exercise catalyses the burning of fat. And additionally, there are several researches that reveal an improved sleep due to working out during the early hours of the day, which further improves the appetite. Breathing in fresh air during the morning hours has an impact over the energy throughout the day.

Eat prior to lifting weight:

Eating early in the morning? It is known that many people don’t like to eat in the morning. But if you are about to do training in the morning, it is important that you eat before raining. This is highly recommended. Anabolic hormones work best during the morning hours. And several scientific researches done at various research centers have found that even the level of sugar in the blood is lowest during those hours.

Therefore eating will bring things to the necessary level required for exercise. It is necessary to remember that the consumed food must be rich in protein and carbohydrates to ensure higher glucose level and the level of anabolic hormones during your weight training session.

What food?

Food with high content of protein could include eggs, fish, lean meet and dairy products such as low fat cheese, yoghurt and milk. Milk has additional content of several other essential minerals

Steamed or grilled fish like tuna is highly recommended to improve growth and muscle maintenance. The above food items are recommended for most bodybuilders. They should be taken throughout the day. But for morning hour training, the most recommended food would be protein shake. It will keep you light as well as give enough energy to follow your schedule. These days, several brands have their protein powder and one can easily Intake the shake by mixing the powder in water or milk before going for their weight-training.

Considering the high nutrition content of these food items one can only expect to enjoy their advantage. They rarely have any demerits. But one should always consider consulting their doctor as these products have different impact over different bodies. And though body builders are recommended to have high protein diet, one should avoid going excess.


Another point to remember is to start with Adonis Golden Ratio warm-up and not directly jump to lift weight. Your joints are stiff during morning hours. They are not prepared to do such intense exercise. So there might be an injury to them when doing morning training. Therefore they recommend doing some light exercises before heavy weightlifting. These muscles and joints demand -more practice with some lightweight before picking up the first weight of higher count.

Longer periods of warm-up is recommended when you want to weight-train during these hours. The given points are essential for anyone engaging in weight training in the morning. But it is also for anyone going to the gym during the early hours.

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