Easy Ways To Grow Muscles

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The advancement of science and technology has resulted in a rapid change in various fields of the world. From medicine to communication, development in the field of science has significantly contributed towards the well being of human race. The marvels are modern era are truly spectacular and breathtaking. The technological boom of the 21st century has proven to be beneficial for most of us. Science has even contributed in the field of physical education and fitness training and hence scientifically more advanced ways to grow muscles as well as that robust physique are popping up.

Our physique plays a crucial role both in social as well as corporate sphere. Neglecting health can therefore have grievous repercussions. Nowadays people are spending lump sum part of their wealth behind doctors and medicines. Even so, better be late than sorry. Ill health may make you more of a liability than asset to the corporate firm you tend to work for. Even though we have seen an exceptional development in the field of physical education due to technological boom, fewer people tend to actually exploit those technologies. It is better to take necessary steps now or we may have to pay a hefty price for our poor health habits.

It is important to start at an early age if one is looking forward to body building and increasing muscle mass since the required stamina and muscular flexibility for extensive fitness program can only be achieved at early ages, especially during puberty and adolescence. Since we have our jobs to take care of, and we cannot dedicate major portion of our schedule to fitness training, it is advisable to start with some basic free hand exercises and yoga to build up stamina and muscle flexibility. Apart from using Adonis Golden Ratio, you might want to jot down these extremely useful exercises.


It is not a typical exercise with rhythmic movements or repetitions. Anybody can opt for yoga, that’s the best part about it. Yoga asana is a good way to enhance muscular flexibility required for weight training. All you need is couple of loose clothes and a yoga mat and you are good to go. Yoga not only enhances endurance levels and stamina, but also regulates our weight and body mass index. However one must follow a routine life for yoga to take its effect. Disciplined life is mandatory for performing yoga. Erratic lifestyle habits would render yogic asana unfruitful.

Shirshasana, is one of the best known asana’s aimed at exercising each and every part of the trainee’s body. One has to be upside down, with the forearms supporting your entire weight. This characterises shirshasana. It therefore increases forearms strength as well as provides a stable and stronger shoulders. Yoga not only amplifies your strength but is also relieves stress and takes care of your mental well being.

Weight lifting

If you are exploring ways to pump up those triceps and biceps, then you are on the right track. Weight training can prove to be extremely useful when it comes to growing muscles. Barbell curls and dumbbell curls are some easy exercises for beginners who are making their steps into muscle world. Weight training is essentially strength training which aims at increasing the strength of your muscles and joints. However, do check the equipments thoroughly and gather enough knowledge prior to usage of these equipments since lack of knowledge increases the risks of damages and injuries that one might suffer.

Initially start with a 9 pound dumbbell and gradually increase the load depending on the adaptability of your body. The best part about dumbbell exercises is its ease and convenience. Since smaller dumbbells are quite handy, it becomes increasingly easy to perform dumbbell curls even at your own house. Just a pair of dumbbells would suffice.

Chin ups

This is a bit tough especially if you are not that experienced in tackling your body weight. Chin ups shouldn’t be confused with pull ups. In chin ups the grip is overhand and hence it’s easier to grip. Pull ups aim to strengthen the shoulder muscles and backs, on the contrary chin ups help in improving forearms and biceps. Before jumping into a fitness program it is necessary to have a through idea of all the exercises that one is performing. Chin ups help in increasing your metabolism rate, thus shedding that extra weight especially around the wastes. It is nonetheless a strength training exercise aimed at enhancing the arms muscles and ensuring a stronger grip.

Limiting cardio

Cardio is basically aimed at losing weight. If you are looking for options to enhance your muscles and add some extra mass, cardio is definitely not your thing. Cardiovascular exercises shoots up your blood pressure, thus escalating your metabolism rate. To compensate for such extensive exercises, the body starts to break down muscle fibres and fats under the skin to secrete glycogen. Thus cardio can in turn deplete your muscle mass, and you wouldn’t achieve desired results. Therefore it is advisable to limit cardio training. Dedicating 30 minutes regularly to your cardio training would suffice. It will help to keep the heart strong.

Crunches or sit ups

Crunches or sit ups are excellent for developing abdominal muscles, especially abs. Crunches and sit ups only differ in their initial posture. While sit ups are characterised by folded arms below chins, crunches involve the arms resting at the back of our head. Essentially both make the guts and abdominal muscles stronger.

Rest and relaxation

Since your muscles are working so hard to help you attain a flawless body, you must provide them with certain incentive. Rest and relaxation is a crucial part of fitness training and body building. If adequate relaxation time isn’t provided, then the person may increase cramping of muscles and severe pains in the part of the body that has been exercised. Without adequate amount of sleep, chances are that you might end up being skinnier. This would be quite unfortunate for an enthusiastic body builder would it? Proper sleep tones your muscles and helps in replenishing your energy levels at a faster pace.

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