Healthy Practices To Follow After Your Bodybuilding Workout!

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So we read a lot about all the things to do for your bodybuilding training.  The exercises to follow, how to choose the exercise programs, what to do if you feel your body over tiring, and so on.  And then there’s the whole chapter on how to take care of your body by providing it with rigorous calories, how to plan the proper diet with high proteins and high calories, etcetera.

When all that is said and done and you are done with your heavy duty bodybuilding Adonis Golden Ratio work out, right after the work out what do you do? Sometimes, those crucial few minutes to hour of coming down after a work out is the most important time to take care of, as that is the time where your body will be trying to assimilate and utilize whatever work you are making it to do.

Post work out care and nutrition management is thus just as important as the actual body building program and diet!

Here are a few healthy practices to follow and a few do’s and don’t’s for your post work out body maintenance routine.

The open window carb–loading?

This is a tricky one.  It is tricky in that whether it is healthy or ultimately bad for you depends entirely on your own work out practices and your diet program for body building and muscle mass gain.

The whole concept of open window carb –loading is that right after you come out of an intense and strenuous muscle building work out, you are in a state of depleted carbohydrate condition.

So, this practice says that, in this post work out depleted carbohydrates condition, if you consume a high carbohydrate food item – say a high carb energy drink or a high calorie protein shake – the entirety of all that carbohydrates will be immediately taken up by the body and utilized with high efficiency.  And that will, in the long run, promote faster muscle mass gain and aid you in your aim of bulking up with killer muscles.

The concept is pretty sound and yes, it does have guaranteed results.  But this may not be advisable to people who have high calorie and high protein meals over five times a day.

When you are staggering small quantities of high calorie and high protein nutrition throughout the day in six to eight meals, your body is in a permanent state of fully replenished carbohydrates and protein condition.  When you following this six meals a day diet plan and eat every two to three hours, the calories and nitrogen used up by the body for muscle building is never allowed to stay down – it is constantly being replenished for greater muscle growth.

So, carb –loading in the post work out power window time frame will not be advisable for these people.  If you are eating six good body building meals a day, the carbohydrates rush given by drinking high calorie energy drinks in the power window time frame will only serve to add up more calories than you want to your blood stream.

And since you are in a state of high metabolism right after a work out, all these calories keep promoting the production of insulin, so ultimately, instead of feeling energized, you start to feel very tired! So think about whether it’s a good technique for you before starting on the power window carb –loading!

Branched chain amino acid supplements

Some tips may be old, but they sure are golden.  Branched chain amino acid supplements have long been a staple dietary recommendation when it comes to weight training, muscle mass increase and body building training.

In fact, these branched chain amino acid supplements are highly recommended by most sports athletes, not just weight lifters and body builders, but athletes in a wide variety of fields.

What does it do? It is the best idea for recovery and muscle growth stimulation in body building training.  The branched chain amino acid supplements carry amino acids like leucine, isoleucine and valine all branched together, to provide the best base for muscle growth and muscle recovery.

Their main function is recovery and maintenance.  They help the muscles to recover after a rigorous work out and quickly fix any damage or sprain that happens to the muscles and reduce any lasting pain or soreness.  Also, they are wonderful for helping along with the process of muscle growth.

These supplements carry protein muscle stimulants which are specifically targeted towards supporting muscle growth and synthesis.  They also help to regulate body insulin so that you don’t feel too tired or over worked after a good body building work out! They also decrease the body’s tendency to settle into catabolism and increase anabolism of the muscle cells.

This is good because, in catabolism state, the body reaches a neutral non –responsive state.   That is, it stops growing.  You don’t lost any of the muscle mass, but your muscle mass increase just stops.  Whereas in anabolism state, the work out you do is constantly contributing towards the increase and growth of more muscles.  And branched chain amino acid supplements help in maintaining the anabolic state of the muscles.

The advised dose? Pop in two to four of these tablets before your work out and again two to four after you workout.  It can be used for any type of body building training and diet that you are following and it truly does show excellent results!

Don’t forget to stretch!

This may sound trivial and added on, but the importance of good stretching can never be emphasized enough.  No matter what form of physical work out you do, whether it’s a light little jog and sit ups or high intensity practices like body building work outs, your muscles are the ones that are being used.

If you don’t stretch properly and warm up and loosen down your muscles before and after a work out respectively, it’s very bad news.  The impacts won’t be immediately obvious, but your muscles will be put under considerable strain and over time, they may become torn or damaged and may also become easily sore and tired.  So stretching after a strenuous work out is super important!

Just develop your own comfortable post work out routine and reap the best benefits from your bodybuilding training!

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