How to Build Muscle, Get Ripped and Have Leaner Body

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We cannot deny that most men these days want to get that luscious body, with packs of abs. But the question remains, “How do you build muscle, get ripped and have leaner body?” Well let me tell you that it is your lucky day. You have found the right article to teach you how to get the body similar to the bodies of models and athletes we see in magazines. All it takes is hard work, patience, and a firm degree of discipline. Here are the rules on how to achieve the body you’ve always dreamed of:

1. You should have a carbohydrate tactic.

It has been a misconception for many that the enemy during a diet is carbs. While cutting off carbs in your intake will minimize your pounds faster, you’ll be left feeling crabby, exhausted and lethargic. Checking carbs off completely will allow your muscle mass to be metabolized to supply your body with energy. That is why it is essential to eat carbs, as essential as drinking water. But do not eat too much carbs. You must balance carbs with your workout.

2. Consume more fat.

According to Tim McComsey, it’s not the fat that makes you fat but too much consumption of food. Including fat in your diet in fact helps curb longing after you have lessened your intake of carbs. They create and even out hormones in your body so it will function normally.

3. Trade your fruits for vegetables.

While fruits are great, they contain sugars that are carbs. Instead lessen your consumption of fruits, and eat vegetables instead. By doing so, you are still getting the nutrients and antioxidants that you get when consuming fruits but without sugars.

4. Do weightlifting instead of cardio workouts.

How to Build Muscle, Get Ripped and Have Leaner Body

Another common misconception is hitting the cardio machine can get you the lean body you’ve always dreamed of. Doing cardio workouts only burns out your calories but to stimulate muscle growth you should do weight training. You may not need to do cardio, because gaining muscle can trigger more fats to burn.

5. Lastly, discipline. Remove alcohol in your diet.

The main purpose of fats is for energy, but another reason for fats to be stored in the body is the consumption of alcohol. The body stops the digestion process until the liver is done excreting the alcohol.

Now that you have read these, follow these simple steps and you’ll be having that great body you’ve wanted to have in no time.