How to Build Muscle Without Working Out

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You might think of spending an enormous amount of money in working out at the gym just to build muscles. Try to think twice when deciding to do so and be rest assured that even without involving yourself in strenuous exercises, you can build muscle effectively. The fact is that any activity in your everyday life requires muscle exertion. For every increase in your activity, your muscle strength will increase as well, thus building more muscle. There are plenty of simple and common activities that you can perform within your home every day. You just have to exert more effort in doing such activities to build muscle effectively.

Here is how to build muscle without working out:

1. Taking a walk daily.

This is otherwise known as brisk walking. All you have to do is to engage in a long walk. Make sure though that you do it in a quick manner contrary to your normal walking pace. A good challenge for your muscles would be to take the stairs instead of riding the elevator. Doing this on a regular basis allows the build-up of additional muscle in the calf area.

How to Build Muscle Without Working Out

2. Do household chores.

A lot of household can provide both your arms with an effective work out. This includes mopping and sweeping the floor, and mowing the lawn. During the winter, shovelling the snow can also be very beneficial to your arms. Any household activity, as long as it involves the use of both arms and can increase your heart rate, can already be a good substitute to going to the gym.

3. Take supplements.

How to Build Muscle Without Working Out

Prior to engaging in any activity that is intense, taking a supplement such as creatine can aid in building muscle. Creatine is normally produced by the human body and helps in the development of muscle mass during an activity.

4. Do stretching.

There are other materials that can be used as weights. Stretchy tubes can do the trick as pulling on them can build resistance. The degrees of resistance of these tubes vary, and you can select according to your strength.