Important Amino acid and Antioxidant Supplements

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Pre-bodybuilding work out supplements like amino acids and antioxidants can boost up how much and for how long you are able to work out by a tremendous rate.

Just as little as a few grams of these endurance promoting and tolerance boosting supplements can increase your bodybuilding efficiency by leaps and bounds and also help you get more out of your bodybuilding in the time that you work out.

Feeling tired and unable to continue is one of the primary reasons for lessening of muscle mass increase and bodybuilding efficiency. When the muscles are not able to take the vigorous work out you are giving them any more, they start feeling weak, thereby forcing the body builder to stop in his work out.

However, when a body builder is including a steady diet of pre Adonis Golden Ratio work out supplements containing amino acids and antioxidants geared towards increasing tolerance for stress and endurance in muscles, then he can go on for much longer with higher intensity.

So here’s a look at the best pre-bodybuilding work out amino acid and antioxidant supplements, which greatly boost up the bodybuilding endurance of a person!

First stop: the major amino acids

There are two major amino acids which do the job for boosting up endurance levels tremendously in the body builder.

The first one is Citrulline malate and the second is Beta Alanine.

First, we’ll see more about citrulline malate. This amino acid is an excellent pre–work out supplement for any stage of body builder, whether he is a novice, an intermediate or a seasoned experienced professional.

The thing about citrulline malate is that, it is one of the best amino acid supplements to take if you want to boost energy. Scientifically, this is because it is an important intermediate in an essential body metabolism cycle called the “TCA Cycle”. This cycle is highly important, it is one of the major processes by which your body produces energy!

So Citrulline malate is important for the TCA cycle.

But apart from that, another wonderful characteristic of this endurance boosting amino acid is that – it optimizes and conditions blood flow with greater efficiency. That is, when you are working out a lot with heavy duty work out patterns, you will need a greater blood supply and higher blood flow rate along with faster oxygenation of blood – all of which is absolutely necessary for endurance.

Studies have also proved that this amino acid is essential for reducing fatigue – that is, how tired you feel. This is because citrulline malate has the ability to remove harmful by –products called “endotoxins” which are produced due to burning energy at a very fast pace, like what happens in high intensity bodybuilding regimens.

This amino acid actually acts on and neutralizes or removes harmful endo toxins like lactic acid which are produced during high intensity work outs, thereby reducing fatigue feeling, soreness of muscles and thus letting you work out harder, for longer!

Citrulline malate acts directly on these important processes to increase tolerance for heavy intensity bodybuilding. Apart from that, this amino acid also acts as a “base” to be converted to arginine, another amino acid that is important for energy metabolism processes. So taking citrulline malate supplements before your bodybuilding work out is like a double win!

Just three to six grams of this amino acid before training can make all the difference! So, think about adding citrulline malate to your pre bodybuilding work out supplement chart and see the excellent increase in your work out endurance!

The other important amino acid supplement: Beta alanine

This, like citrulline malate, is also an excellent amino acid supplement that can seriously boost up your tolerance and endurance in heavy duty bodybuilding training.

This amino acid increases this compound called “Carnosine” inside your muscles. What carnosine does is increase how much work out your muscles can withstand because it has anti oxidation properties.

The reason why antioxidant property is important for bodybuilding is having oxidative stress in muscles is one of the primary reasons for fatigue and tiredness and soreness of muscle cells.

So when you supply compounds with antioxidant properties, it eliminates oxidative stress and prevents fatigue feeling by leaps and bounds!

Apart from the antioxidant action, another important reason beta alanine and its carnosine level regulation is excellent is that it acts directly on your neuromuscular system! Beta alanine and carnosine help to get rid of fatigue feeling in the nervous system level, thus increasing how much reps you can do and how much intensity of bodybuilding work out you can sustain in the given run.

Just two to three grams of beta alanine taken around half an hour before your bodybuilding training makes all the difference! You will be able to consciously feel the increase in your endurance due to this amazing pre work out supplement!

Other supplements: the Antioxidants

As mentioned above while discussing carnosine, antioxidants are an excellent supplement for reducing muscle fatigue and increasing the amount of heavy intensity work out you can endure.

Another important reason why antioxidants are great supplements is because of the extra benefits! Studies have found that antioxidants actually keep your body and its tissues younger and rejuvenated more than any other form of exercise or diet.

Further, antioxidants also act as a great mechanism to boost up your health and also keep your body feeling nimble and young in the long run.

There are a wide and rich number of supplements that you can take to boost your antioxidant levels. But in particular for bodybuilding, the important supplements taken are Vitamin E, N acetyl cysteine or NAC and Alpha Lipoic acid.

What all these compounds do is they act directly at the cell level of your body muscles and get rid of toxic compounds.

When you are working out at heavy intensity bodybuilding, it leads to rapid burning of your body carbs and lots of production of bad compounds. When these toxic compounds accumulate, you feel the ‘tiredness’ or fatigue sensation. So, when you take antioxidant supplements, it neutralizes these endotoxins and gives you greater endurance in your bodybuilding!

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