Introduction to Gym Equipments

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There are a number of complicated equipments and machines present in a gym. Here’s your training guide to the common machines present in the gym:

Hack Squat Machine: Hack squat machine is used for the hack squat exercise. This machine mainly works on the quadriceps. This machine consists of an inclined bench with shoulder pads and platforms for keeping your feet. It has a weight unit near the rear end which you are supposed to push down with your feet. You have to lock your shoulders under the shoulder pad. You are supposed to push the unit until your knees form an angle of 90 degrees. Then slowly, you have to push against your floor and bring yourself back up.

Stability Ball: Exercise ball or Swiss ball is not a machine. It is a seating equipment like the bench. This is particularly helpful in increasing stability and helps in strengthening the stabilizer muscles. The exercises that can be performed on the exercise ball are moreover same as the bench. The exercises include: ball crunch, ball dumbbell press, ball deltoid row, ball squat, ball hyperextension, ball biceps curl, ball wrists curl and many more.

Bars: These are sets of parallel iron bars. There are two types of bars: chin up bars and dipping bars. Dipping bars have two parallel rods at the waist level. You have to hold the two bars without locking your elbows, and then lift yourself off the floor. Then you have to perform a dipping action and return to normal position.

Chin up bars have two rods that are above head level. You have to hold these rods and lift yourself off the floor. The motion is similar to push ups. These exercises are great for working the shoulder muscles, the chest, and the forearms.

Leg extension machine: This machine is used to perform leg extensions. This exercise also works on the quadriceps. You can adjust the weight according to yourself. You have to sit on the bench, and fix your feet under the pads. You have to hold the side bars. Then, you have to lift up the weight using your quadriceps. Extend your legs as much as you can. Remember to keep your back straight and your body firm.

Leg curl machine: This machine is used to do leg curls. It mainly works on your hamstrings. This machine has a back support. There are also padded platforms on which you are supposed to rest your feet. Hold the side bars, and slowly pull the bars towards yourself. Keep your body straight during the exercise. Slowly bring yourself back to the starting position.

Pec deck machine: This machine works on the pectoral muscles. This machine may contain handles or arm pads which you are supposed to hold. You have to place your arms against these pads, and pull them apart. You are supposed to keep your back straight while working with this machine.

Leg adduction/abduction machine: These machines are designed to work on your inner and outer thighs. They have two vertical units on which you are supposed to attach your legs. Then, you are to pull the units outwards (leg abduction) or push the units inwards (leg adduction).

Although there are many more machines and equipments present at a gym, this will be enough to get you by as a beginner.  Remember you will only need free weights for Adonis Golden Ratio.  You will keep learning new things are you progress.

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