Progression Is The Key Ingredient

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Bodybuilding, like any science, has some key basic ingredients that can boost up the success rate in your efforts tremendously when followed diligently.

One such key element that every body builder needs to remember to include in his bodybuilding regimen is – Progression.

What is Progression?

Progression isn’t some strange new word with mystical significance! It means exactly what it says on the tin – a steady, constant increase. That is, for a body builder, to get maximum muscle mass increase and the utmost bodybuilding outcome, all their work outs must be progressive.

So, say you are planning a work out that includes 50 counts of one form of exercise, then 10 counts of another, then 5 counts of bench press, and so on.

When you get into the consecutive week, you should increase the first exercise to 60 counts, the second exercise to 15 counts, the third to 7 counts and so on. This is Progression.

Sounds like a logical thing, you may say. Of course one has to increase the counts of their exercise work outs to get maximum muscle mass gain! But the trick is to not over do it. That is where a little education and evaluation of your own stage of bodybuilding expertise, your level of strength in bodybuilding and your body muscle mass index all come into play.

Don’t over do it – the cardinal rule of Progression

The problem with Progression is that too many people think the more they increase and push themselves every week, the more they will benefit in increasing their muscle mass and can reach their bodybuilding goals faster.

But this is not so!

So many Adonis Golden Ratio bodybuilders make the grave mistake of biting off more than they can chew in Progression of their work out regime – and thus end up doing severe damage to their muscles that results in them having to take weeks off the bodybuilding routine to recover and thus end up losing more muscle than they put on in the first place!

Impatience is the ultimate failure trap in Progression. The body builder must know that the rate at which he is adding to his work out regimen and the rate at which he is increasing the number of exercises he does do not matter.

What matters is establishing a rate appropriate to you and sticking to it without fail for as long as it takes.

The thing about bodybuilding is – it cannot be done in short term. Bodybuilding is a lifestyle, it is a long term goal requiring consistent and dedicated training for a period of two years just to reach the basic intermediate level and over ten to twenty years to get the physique and muscle build of a professional body builder.

As such, it’s not speed that is important here, it is consistent and non flinching dedication and following a fixed regime without cutting any corners.

So, taking into account your stage of training, your strength and your work out regime, device a Progression rate that is ideal for you – and stick to it!

It may seem slow and lumbering to be adding no more than 5 or 10 counts every few weeks and may seem like a frustratingly lagging pace when all you wish is to reach your bodybuilding goals.

But slow and steady does help! Adding 5 counts every two weeks may seem like a horrendously tiny Progression in the moment, but when you come to two or three years of your bodybuilding training, you will find that you are doing 300 to 350 bench presses per work out easily!

And that is no shabby feat! That kind of muscle building is what gives you long lasting muscle firmness and tone and helps you stay on track of your bodybuilding goals.

So here’s an example on Bench Press Progression

To make it clearer, here we can consider an example of Progression in Bench press exercise of muscle mass increase and how it adds to cumulatively give the best bodybuilding results.

When you are still in the beginner to intermediate stage of your bodybuilding training, you will still be introducing and conditioning your muscles to the rigorous work out.

So when Progression is introduced more elaborately and with well planned precision into each work out at that stage, the results are far reaching and beneficial in your bodybuilding goals.

Let’s take the Bench press. Say you start out by lifting about 170 to 180 pounds of weight for 4 reps. This is your initial lifting strength.

Now fix a Progression rate of about 2 reps every week. This may not sound like much, but for some one still in the beginner stage, this rate of Progression itself is taxing enough!

So over a course of 5 to 6 weeks, you will be doing up to 15 reps of 180 pounds of weight each day on the bench press! That is not shabby at all, when you consider how intensive the work out is on your beginner body builder muscles.

Now, after reaching a comfortable range of 15 to 20 reps, you apply progression to the weights. Increase the weight by 2 to 5 pounds every week and keep adding weights till your muscle weakness point, that is, the point where your muscles give out and are no longer able to hold up that weight.

Thus, you should have increased the weight you lift as well as the count!

Now, you combine all in the same work out regime. One day you keep weight as constant and do 4, then 8, then 10, then 15 reps. The next day you keep the number of reps to some average and increase the weights gradually with each lift.

Thus, by slow and steady fluctuation and Progression of your work out, you can get optimal body muscle mass increase and the best results in your bodybuilding efforts!

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