Reasons Why Your Bodybuilding Program May Not Be Showing Results

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You may ask, does Adonis Golden Ratio work? The formula for having a ripped and muscled body sounds simple enough on the outside – work your ass off in the gym and then eat a lot of calories and proteins to compensate for it.

Sure there are a lot of things you need to keep in mind to fulfill those two statements.  It’s not just enough to work out a lot – you need to also work out right.  For that you need to get on a proper bodybuilding program and find the right muscle gain program for you to get results.

And the same goes for the high calorie high protein diet.  You can just stuff yourself with any and all high calorie food or become a glutton on proteins.  The diet needs to be strictly monitored and consumed at specific two to three hour intervals so that your body can utilize it at maximum capacity.

All of which are old school news for anyone on a weight training or bodybuilding program.

So you have done all that.  You have found a good, reliable training program.  You are following a prompt and highly designed diet for maximum carbohydrate and protein nutrition.

But you are still getting no results at all from your bodybuilding regimen.  Or you are getting results, but the results are not as good as your counterparts on the same program or they are simply very poor.

Stuck in this situation, what do you do? How do you figure out why your bodybuilding program isn’t working for you?

You need to look for the weak spots or the faulty bits in your own program and reorganize your entire bodybuilding approach.  Read on to know more!

First – the bodybuilding work out routine

It is not just enough to lift a lot of weights and pump iron till your muscles are shaking.  Working out to the point of failure in no way or form means you are actually following a good bodybuilding work out!

You may work out for as less as just one to two hours a day for six days a week and still get excellent results out of your muscle mass gain program.  With this kind of training paired with the right diet, you may see as much as an inch of increase in your muscle mass in just a month!

So what do you have to ensure so that you know you are doing your bodybuilding work out right? How do you know your technique is good and that your daily work out is doing the maximum to increase your muscle mass?

The most important thing to ensure is that your bodybuilding work out is highly varied and compound.  That means that your work out must include a wide variety of exercise routines spread out through the hour.

Just doing the bench press for an hour a day is most definitely not going to get you a good muscle mass increase.  In fact, all it will do is work your arm muscles to the point of fatigue and leave you with unbearable soreness and sprains in your arm muscles.  So make sure your work out is rotating a whole bunch of exercises.

Also important is to fluctuate and monitor the progression of each exercise.  If you are doing 100 bench presses, followed by 130 squats and then move on to ten minutes of the dumbbells one day, the next day increase the bench presses by 20 while reducing the squats and keeping the dumbbells constant.  And the next day after that do 100 bench presses again, while reducing the squats and increasing the dumbbells.

It is all about pushing your body muscles to their efficient limit so as to get them to stimulate muscle mass increase and muscle growth.  So your work out must include a lot of variety in its exercise routine and also fluctuate in the number of times a particular work out is done.  This keeps the body muscles flexible and continuously challenged, without letting them get set in a fixed repetitive pattern.  This is a very important point to ensure in your bodybuilding work out.

Do not over work your body

Do not run your body to the point of extreme tiredness and fatigue.  Your body has its limits.  After a period of intense work out, it definitely needs time to rest, recuperate and rework itself so that it can go back to efficiently functioning again.  If you keep driving your body to its extreme limits repeatedly and continuously, without giving any down time every week for relaxation from the heavy work out regime, then the body will simply give up on trying to utilize the work out for muscle mass increase and start using all the calories and proteins for fixing the muscle soreness and damage.  This is ultimately going to give very poor results in your bodybuilding work outs.

And then there’s the diet

You need a good diet to back up your bodybuilding work outs.  The good diet needs to be high on calories and provide plenty of nitrogen, which both act as bases for your muscles to grow on.

So high calorie and high protein diet, right? That doesn’t mean you can go around eating fried meat and greasy fast food.  If you put in junk food after a rigorous bodybuilding work out, it is in no way going to help you put on the muscle mass you want.

And for those who are following a proper, well structured bodybuilding diet and still not seeing any results, start taking a back and forth approach with your diet! Instead of following the same heavy calorie and heavy protein diet every single day, try switching up some meals with dietary pills and supplements like Desiccated Liver tablets and high carbohydrate energy drinks.  As they are already manufactured in readily digestible packages, the body may assimilate these sources faster than your regular food!

If you ensure these above little tips in your bodybuilding work out program and make sure you are following a proper diet every day without fail, you should definitely start seeing results in bodybuilding and see an increase in your muscle mass!

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