Side Effects of Steroids

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Almost every professional bodybuilder takes some form of steroids to boost up their muscles. Steroids have been banned by every professional competition and organization. Participants are not supposed to take steroids when they are preparing for competitions such as Mr. Olympia. However, steroids are still consumed widely.

Even common supplements such as multivitamins and anti-oxidants can cause problems if they are taken in excess. People often take human growth hormones through injections or pills to grow their muscles. Taking such supplements might seem to do the trick at first, but sooner or later they will stop your natural hormone production and cause severe problems.

Usually all steroids contain synthetic forms of testosterone, the male hormone which instantly lead to muscle growth. Studies have shown that people who take steroids show much more muscle growth than people who do not. If you compare two people, one who takes steroids without exercising, and one who exercises without taking steroids, you will see that the former person will show much more muscle growth. You can now see the reason behind people taking massive amounts of steroids.

Other types of supplements include pre workout fat burning supplements. These supplements are mostly high levels of caffeine. These supplements trick your adrenal glands into thinking that your body is going to do some extraneous work. This releases adrenaline into the body and promotes fat loss. The side effects of such supplements include dependency, irritability, insomnia, dependency, irritability, hypertension, hallucinations, and sometimes even heart attacks.

Even steroids taken for medicinal purposes lead to several side effects. They are generally used to treat certain types of inflammations in the body. The many side effects of anabolic androgenic steroids are listed as follows:

  1. Development of breasts in males: Taking excessive steroids causes a condition called gynecomastia , which is the development of breast tissues in males. Anabolic steroids also cause infertility in men. Sperm count is also lowered because the normal production of testosterone is hampered. These side effects are a result of conversion of testosterone partly into estrogen, the female hormone. If you want the side effects to get reversed, you have to stop your steroid intake. Do not do this suddenly. Reduce your intake gradually and the side effects will naturally subside.
  2. Masculinization: Females also suffer from severe side effects of steroids. There is a massive increase in body hair, especially in the chest. Also, there is deepening of voice. Menstrual cycles are completely disrupted. Steroids cause infertility in females too. If they are consumed during pregnancy, it will harm the fetus and lead to the development of male characteristics in females and female characteristics in males.
  3. Kidney problems: Kidney problems are extremely common in bodybuilders who consume steroids. The kidneys become scarred and sometimes, even severely damaged.
  4. Liver problems: Anabolic steroids also have a profound effect the liver. Lesions commonly develop in the liver as a result of ingesting steroids. The most adverse side effect may be liver cancer, which has been reported several times. The symptoms that are displayed when a patient is diagnosed with liver cancer are anemia, impotence, renal failure, and pituitary gland failure. Cysts may also be formed in the liver. If the cyst ruptures, there may be internal bleeding and extreme pain. There may also be development of tumors.
  5. Cardiovascular problems: Steroids result in changes in the structure of the heart. The left ventricle may become enlarged which leads to its impaired function. As a result, the patient may suffer from hypertension, arrhythmias, heart failure, heart attacks, and even death. Steroids also disrupt cholesterol levels. They lead to an increase in the bad cholesterol and decrease in the good steroids. Thus, it may be lead to a sudden increase and decrease in blood pressure. There may also be a sudden and huge increase in body weight.
  6. Growth defects: Steroids hamper the normal hormone production of the body. Thus, they lead to stunt in the growth. Many people who have taken steroids before their growth plates closed have seriously damaged their chances of growing taller. There may be a premature lengthening of bones, which will lead to a decrease in the bone density.
  7. Mood disorders: People who practice Adonis Golden Ratio and take steroids also experience psychological and mood disturbances. Mood disturbances and anxiety are extremely common. Other symptoms may include mania and hypomania, irritability, insomnia, etc.
  8. Aggressive behavior: Steroid users also experience aggression and feelings of unnatural invincibility. The users may also engage in violent behavior. It was termed as ‘roid rage’. Also, the patients may display paranoid behavior.
  9. Effects on the immune system: Depending on the amount of steroids consumed, there is a significant amount of damage to the immune system. There will a disturbance in the blood sugar level and your tolerance to glucose will be severely hampered.
  10. Skin problems: Skin problems also become prevalent because the sebaceous glands are disturbed due to testosterone intake. Males and females both may suffer from baldness due to consumption of steroids. Females will also unnaturally experience male patterned baldness, because of the abnormal level of testosterones in their body.

Insulin may also be administered to help with muscle growth. However, this is extremely dangerous. If insulin is not handled carefully, its use may lead to death due to a cardiac arrest. The milder side effects may include diabetes, insulin shock, and even coma. Some common anabolic steroids include Dianabol, Anadrol-50, and Halotestin. Oils called Synthols are available, which are injected into muscles to make them look bigger and shiny.

Steroids also severely affect your physical appearance. Your body may become disproportionate. You will have extremely well built muscles in one area and flab in the other. Also, people also develop a protruded belly if you take steroids and don’t exercise.

Steroids are banned everywhere in the world and they cannot be obtained without a prescription everywhere except Mexico and Thailand. However, people generally obtain it illegally from the internet, from contacts and the black market. Doctors and professionals generally do not advise this. It is really not worth risking so many ailments just to get muscles. The best way is to exercise regularly and naturally.

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