Tasty High Calorie Recipe Choices For Body Builders

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When it comes to any sort of body building or body remodeling work out regimes, the most important thing is the food.

This may sound crazy.  You may say that you are trying to gain muscle mass or lose fat or both, so what does food have to do with anything, apart from the fact that you should may be go on a diet?

The thing is, if someone trying to build their body and gain muscle mass gets their diet and food habits sorted out properly, that is over three fourth of their body building work done and over with.

This statement is not without fact.

Eat right, exercise right!

Eating the right way is as important to any sort of body muscle gaining or fat losing program as is how you work out and what exercises and weight training you do.

For body building and fast muscle mass gain, you need to consume positive calorie intake.  This means that, you should eat more calories than you would require for an average day, so that your muscles have a good excess of calories that it can utilize as a base or a source to start building itself on.

So that means you need to consume anywhere between 2800 to 3500 calories a day, depending on the work out regime that you are following and the body muscle gain that you desire within the given time.

But eating a lot more calories does not mean you can eat just any old food that is full of calories!  Like, just consuming a lot of greasy French fries, though chock full of calorific goodness, is in no way going to help with your muscle mass gain program.  Greasy calories are full of cholesterol and in fact it may lead you to put on a lot of fat which is the thing you are most trying to avoid in this whole process!

So while yes, you have to consume a lot of calories, you also have to consume your calories intelligently, keeping in mind to eat lots of protein and good sugars and good oil cholesterols along the way as well!

So here are a few tasty healthy high calorie options that can help you out in your body building friendly diet maintenance!

A few good recipes can make a world of change

So you have to consume high calories while also maintaining it so that you are not consuming any bad cholesterol or unhelpful and non utilizable calorie.  That seems like a hard target to hit while also making sure your taste buds do not get the worst end of the deal, doesn’t it?

But never fret!  There are many really good recipes targeted to high calorific nutrition value, which are both highly healthy and very good to taste.

And here we detail a few easy to make every day home –made food choices!  You may be surprised by exactly how simple and easy it is to not only hit your body building dietary calorie requirements, but also do so in a tasty and healthy way!

Food choice one: Pancakes for breakfast

Who doesn’t love a good blueberry pancake right?  They are so yummy, full of good pan roasted delight and when paired with the sugary maple syrup or cranberry syrup, it is a heavenly choice of breakfast food!

For body building, you can go one step further and get set with healthier pancake options.  Like say, a pumpkin pancake!

In making these, you put in pumpkins, which are full of healthy carbohydrates and increase the number of egg whites you add to make the pancake batter!  This way, you get a lot of carbohydrates which also helps you meet the high calorie intake and is slow digesting so you can get its full utility while being able to work out longer without getting hungry!

Food choice two: High protein fudge nuggets make an excellent snack

Who doesn’t love a good fudge right?  For one, chocolate really is the best thing in the world to eat, and eating it as part of your body building friendly diet? Perfect.

For another, this makes a great snack to suffice those pesky little food cravings between meals that tempt you towards unhealthy and weight gaining fat options.

In making this type of high protein fudge and high protein chocolate nuggets, you use protein chocolate powder for making the fudge.  Yes, such a thing exists! Using this in regular cooking is also great – it gives you the goodness of high protein while giving that perfect chocolatey taste.  But for body builders on a high calorie diet, this is a dream come true!

Also, in making these protein fudge chocolate goodies, you add a cupful of oat meal as well as a few beaten egg whites for taste.  Also, with high ground sugar being added and plenty of crushed nuts and milk, it is full of high calories which are also healthy calories!

Food choice three: Meat, milk and eggs!

Remember how in every sort of weight loss and fat loss diet they tell you to stay away from high calorie meat? When it comes to muscle building, it is the inverse! Meat meals are the way to go.

Every meat meal that you eat has both high protein content and high fat content. So this means they are the ideal options for those trying to bulk up their body and consume more high calorie food stuffs.

Also, meat is slow digesting, so they will sustain you longer and help you work out longer in your body building and muscle mass gain regimen, without you sinking into extreme exhaustion and fatigue.

The choices are literally endless when it comes to meat!  Try to include at least one meaty meal a day.  Have chicken, beef and pork at least once a week and for the other four days eat a more healthy source of meat like fish.  This gives you high calories while also increasing muscle mass when combined with the right work out technique.

Also try to include lots of eggs and milk in your diet.  They are the best source of high fat high calorie foods that are also very rich in protein and help in the best way for growth and muscle mass gain, as they are both full of nutrition!

By keeping these options in mind, you can design a high calorie diet for your body building needs while also eating tasty!


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