You May Be Over-Training Without Knowing It! Beware The Tricksters

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So you are a seasoned body builder.  You have already been doing the whole bodybuilding regimen for years now and know your limits and strengths.  You already know all the basics and are good enough that you have stopped with the official trainer and are just training by yourself in your own basement or a private gym.

But as with any sort of physical training, you can’t keep doing the same old regimen over and over again.  Your body is just as much an instrument as any machine that you find.  You need to give it challenges and vary your work outs a lot to keep constantly evolving and maintaining your already established muscle mass while also managing a slow and steady growth in your muscle mass gain.

If you are still keeping a trainer you can sit down and figure it out with them.  But for those looking to do this at home, while running around for their job and are looking to increase their muscle mass on a purely extra curricular and aesthetic basis, the best idea is to resort to famous experts such as The Adonis Golden Ratio author John Barban and their books and videos for maximizing your body building experience.

There is no shortage of body building expert advice!

Go on the internet and you will find hundreds of books written by various experts and icons in body building, all of whom recommend their own special regimen in body building.

Choosing one for your own personal use takes a lot of thought.  It is usually best to stick precisely to what the exercise regime manual tells you to do.  So, if the expert has designed a body building exercise regime that requires you to work out six days a week for one hour twice a day, make sure this is something you can meet.

Nothing can be worse that a chaotic and undisciplined work out regime.  Your body is a tuned instrument.  If you enforce fixed timings and fixed limits of work outs on your body, it will co operate and continue to grow and shape up to be how you want it to be.

So the most important part is making sure the exercise regime is right for you.  If you can only put in one hour once a day for six days a week, find a regime that is devised with that kind of workout in mind! Then give it a test drive for at least a week to see if it is actually something you are able to keep up and do, before you start seriously adhering to the regime.

Also very important is the credentials of the work out plan.  Is it devised by someone who is a pioneer in body building? So alright, a very famous body builder is advertising and endorsing this work out plan.  But the most important thing is who wrote and designed the training program.

Just because someone is endorsing it doesn’t mean they are truly using the same program themselves.  They may be advertising for the money, for the popularity.  You should always do a good background reading on the author and expert behind any newly introduced body building training program before planning to start doing it in your every day body building work out!

Keep an eye out for complications

The best way to know if the new body building work out you have chosen is working or not, is to keep an eye out for anything going wrong and listen to what your body tells you.

The biggest problem with starting a new program which has not been tailor made and designed for you by your very own trainer is that there may be something or the other that is not suitable for you.

For example, say the training asks you to do 500 bench presses a day.  But since you are also doing 400 squats, maybe doing 500 bench presses along with that is over tiring for you, where it may not be over tiring for someone else.

In the first week of starting a new training program, your muscles may feel sore and over worked and fatigued.  This is normal.  It is simply your body trying to adjust to the new work out that you are putting it through.

But when you can know things are going wrong is that, even after ten days to two weeks, your muscle soreness does not disappear.  And you feel more and more fatigued every day rather than feeling less as the time passes.

This may be the first sign of you over training.  Over training is not good and it may actually result in serious complications or you ending up losing a good amount of weight and muscle mass due to too much working out and your body starting to burn your muscles down to compensate for energy.  So keep a wary eye out for over training!

The second indication of over training is, as said before, weight loss.  If, after starting a new work out regimen, along losing inches of your muscle mass, you are also actually losing your weight also, this can definitely be an indicator of over tiring and over training.

Another telling indicator is weakening of immune system.  When you are doing a work out program, if you are working out to the correct tolerable levels for the body, it actively boosts up and makes better your immune system! However, if you are over training, your immune system is compromised.

Noticed that right after you started a new training program for body building, you have been getting colds or coughs or other trifling illnesses? Don’t brush it aside, it may be another important tell of your body showing you that you are over training and pushing your body beyond tolerable levels!

At this point, it is best to visit a professional to find out what’s wrong with the program for you, or just start hunting for a new body building regimen.  After all, not every training program works for everyone and you need to find the best fit for you!

Finding a new program won’t even be all that hard in the end anyway.  Just mind that you don’t let yourself fall into an over training trap!

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