10 Best Ways for Rapid Muscle Growth

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This article summarizes the basic guidelines and ground rules for rapid muscle growth and body building:

  1. Begin on strength training. Strength training prepares your muscles and conditions your over-all body for more vigorous workout and activities. Examples of strength training are crunches and push-ups.
  2. Weightlifting. This is perhaps the most effective way for rapid muscle growth and building. Weight volumes are predetermined by sex, gender, total body mass and experience.
  3. Choose the right diet. A subtle way to build muscles is eating the right food. To increase muscle mass, eat foods with plenty of protein and only moderate amount of caloric foods. Experts advise to increase protein intake up to two grams in every pound of body weight. Bread, pasta and sugary foods are discouraged because carbohydrate-rich foods inhibit growth hormone from taking up into the muscles.
  4. Hydration is essential. Adequate hydration is essential during and after the workout. In severe exercises, quench thirst with sports drink to prevent depletion of essential electrolytes in the body that can possibly lead to dehydration.
  5. Take rest. Downtime allows your muscle to grow and prevent muscle strain. It is important to limit workouts to avoid doing damage to muscles. Taking rest periods also allows time for damaged muscles to heal and repair. More than that; get enough sleep. This is because sleeplessness has been linked to obesity problems.
  6. Use tourniquet. According to Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, tying a tourniquet around the muscle encourages muscle hypertrophy.
  7. Do not overuse steroids. While it is long been known the power of testosterone and human growth hormones in muscle growth and building, it should be clear to public that overusing steroids is toxic and dangerous, and the use of such products has been banned in several countries.
  8. Drink milk. A study revealed that drinking milk after exercise helps in gaining muscle and losing body fat.
  9. Hire a trainer. Hiring a trainer can be costly and haphazard; yet hiring these fitness professionals might help you in proper way of building your muscles without causing injury.
  10. Commitment. There are no easy shortcuts for good body and good health except for the individual’s determination and commitment to undergo strength training and exercise.
10 Best Ways for Rapid Muscle Growth