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Hi, my name’s Nick, and recently I bought an exercise program called Adonis Golden Ratio (OFFICIAL SITE HERE). I purchased this system because I have worked out for years and never been happy with my results. It’s not that I hadn’t managed to burn fat and lose weight, and it’s not even that I couldn’t bench more and more the harder I worked. I was able to do those things. But the body I saw in the mirror was never the one I was aiming for, and I couldn’t understand why I never looked the way I wanted to. I really wanted to look closer to my ideal, and finally one day I got serious and started doing some research online.

It turned out the body type I wanted had a specific name, and that I wasn’t the first guy in the world to try and look that way. The “Adonis Golden Ratio” was given its name by John Barban, a scientist who has done a lot of work on supplements for athletes. Barban named this body type the “Adonis Golden Ratio” after the Greek god Adonis. And when I thought about it, that made sense; I had seen that body type on lots of Greek statues before. That’s why I always thought of it as the “classical” male physique. Adonis was the Greek god of desire, which tells you something else about the Adonis Golden Ratio. It’s very attractive and authoritative, and exerts a powerful effect on both men and women. As Barban says, it makes “women love you and men fear you.”

I felt like I’d finally found the answer I was searching for. And Barban is a well-respected researcher, and I suspect he’s worked on more than a few of the sports supplements I take. There was a 60-day trial period, so I went for it and made the purchase.

What’s In the Adonis Golden Ratio Program?

The Adonis Golden Ratio Training Program provides you with guidelines for producing more human growth hormone naturally in your own body. This is the hormone that makes it easier to burn fat and build muscle when you’re younger, but which we produce less of when we get older. You also learn a set of exercises which are specifically tailored for producing the Adonis Golden Ratio shape in 78 advanced video lessons. The operating principle here is that you are striving to build muscle in specific places on your body, and not as much on others. If you bulk out indiscriminately, you just end up looking bulky. Since that isn’t the goal, you want to target your workouts to specific muscle groups. This was the missing connection I hadn’t been able to figure out on my own.

Barban believes there is an epidemic starting that is ruining our ability as men to gain muscle, and burn fat. He calls it the low testosterone epidemic. You can read more about it here and how it may be affecting you.

There is also a nutritional component to the program, as you’d expect from an expert consultant who works with supplement manufacturers. The Adonis Golden Ratio Nutrition Program provides you with specific guidelines for your optimal diet based on your height, weight, and body type. The Adonis Golden Ratio Supplementation guide covers the supplements which you can take to boost your progress toward your goals. I respected that Barban considers this as an “optional” component to the program and not a requirement, given his involvement in the industry. I already was taking a lot of the supplements he recommended, however, so I kept using them. You also get a few bonuses with your purchase: The Adonis Abs and Arms Assault, Adonis Unlimited Upgrades, and 7 Days Out, a bonus by Kyle Leon, who is another expert trainer. Even without the bonuses this system would be a great deal, but the bonuses add even more value to the package.

For more in-depth information about the Adonis Golden Raio, click here.

My Results

How did I do with the Adonis Golden Ratio program? Well, I was already doing pretty well in a general fitness way to begin with, so I did have a head start. But I also didn’t have the body shape I wanted when I got started. I had assumed that it was genetic for a long time, but now I can happily report that it wasn’t after all. I cut back on certain exercises I was doing, started doing others more often, and added in a bunch of exercises I had never tried before which I learned from the videos. I stuck very diligently to my routine for several months, and after that time passed, I started seeing the results for myself.

The Adonis Golden Ratio is a specific ratio of measurements, as opposed to a scale weight. So while I didn’t lose much weight (I wasn’t expecting or trying to given that I was already in pretty good shape), I did notice that my measurements were closing in on that ratio. The difference was visible in the mirror as well—and also in the way that others were perceiving me. I noticed I was attracting more attention from women when I’d go out clubbing, and it seemed like I was getting more respect from everyone at the office, male and female. I expect that part of that was that I was presenting myself with more confidence and self esteem than I had in a long time. It’s great knowing you look fantastic, and people can tell when you appreciate your own body and are proud of your accomplishments.

I am very happy with the Adonis Golden Ratio system. It really did change my appearance and my attitude for the better. I would highly recommend it to anyone. That being said, however, it’s important to understand what you’re buying. You can lose weight and build muscle with this system for sure. But it’s tailored for a specific purpose, and that’s to achieve the Adonis Golden Ratio body shape. So that should be your main goal if you buy it. You also should understand though that you’ll never be “perfect,” but you can come closer to your ideal. You also can’t make people like you just by looking more attractive, but you can learn to like yourself more, and people typically respond in a positive way to that confidence.

Download Adonis Golden Ratio Now and Start Perfecting Your Body Immediately!

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave it below!

UPDATE: Adonis Golden Ratio and 4 Bonus for $9.95, click here.

18 comments on “Adonis Golden Ratio Review

  1. I find it hard to believe that one program can get everyone to the ‘ratio’.

    • That is a good question.

      The program is built upon 3 sections:

      – Workouts
      – Nutrition
      – Supplements

      Before you start the program, you compare your measurements to the ideal ratio. From those numbers, the program puts you under either one of the following program category:

      – Build
      – Build and Burn
      – Burn

      So for example, if you are too thin, the program lets you follow a workout and nutritional plan than builds bulk. If for example you are overweight i.e very far off from the ideal ratio, you will embark on the burn plan which will help you lose the fat first.

      Hence, even though it is one program called the ‘Adonis Golden Ratio’, it is infact customised to each individual.

  2. hi, m from pakistan and want to by this. how do i get it as i do not see it on country list.

    • The program is not delivered as a physical product, so to get it you just need to be able to pay the currency from the list. The program is delivered online, so you can just list any address and still be able to use the product as long as you pay for it with the listed currency.

  3. Hey nick. I’m not fat, I do carry abit of fat, only slightly overweight. I am an active guy doing 50 push ups and 50 sits ups per day. I also swim once a week as well as walk 30 mins back and forth from work everyday to burn fat. I have been doing this for half a year and I am at a plateau. I’m unable to shift the remaining fat. Can Adonis help at all?

    • Hi Mobi,

      From the information you gave, you would probably fit into the build and burn program of Adonis Golden Ratio. What you are missing is building muscle. When you build the muscle, it will allow for better fat burning. In addition, a diet plan is provided to help you lose the fat. One thing though, when you start the program, you may not notice much change in your weight. That is because as you are losing fat, you are also gaining muscle. The best way to see your progress is measuring yourself, waist and shoulders. You should see that your waist will decrease in circumference as you burn away the waist fat. Good luck!

  4. I take creatine before gym and a protein shake after. Is there other supplements I’m supposed to take?

    • Hi Crank,

      It depends on where you are on the program and your body type, so I cannot give a one list fits all. It is not essential that you take the supplements. They are supposed to give you a boost, but I feel the more emphasis should be on the diet plan as it will help you gain the nutrition you need naturally to build muscle as well as create a calorie deficit to lose fat.

  5. I need to get in shape quick after my third pregnancy. After each pregnancy I just found it harder and harder to rid myself of the baby fat. I’m thinking of try this.

    • Hi Sam

      Unfortunately the Adonis Golden Ratio is designed for men. The ratio will make men attractive, not women. You are probably not looking to build muscle to fullfill the ratio either.

  6. hi sir. nick, im from philippines i want to buys this, thus the price thereof include the shipping to here? tnx

    • Hi Marc,

      There is no need for shipping. The program is delivered via the internet. Hence, you will get a download link. After you buy, you will get an email with instructions on how to download the program

  7. can I still use this program if im in sports? i know the program is custom tailored but will me doing sports while using this program affect how fast i achieve the golden ratio?

    • Hi Grant

      It may affect the speed at which you achieve the golden ratio. For example, if you get really tired from your sports session, you may not be able to do the adonis exercises for that day.

  8. What type of equipment and how much weight to I need for this program

    • Hi Jarad

      It all depends on where you are at. You require free weights for this.

  9. Hi Nick
    I am almost fifty ….weigh about 101kg and 1,73m tall. Where is the starting point to achieve the the best results using your programme? I am pear shaped and obviously need to burn a lot of fat.

    • If you need to burn fat, the program will concentrate fat burning as part of the course. When you start the program, you will be asked to do some measurements to see which is the route to take.

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