A to Z of Bodybuilding

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Before you start planning the Adonis Golden Ratio experience or chalking out your workout schedules and everyday routine, it is important that you have an overall basic knowledge of the field itself.  Bodybuilding is not only about working out on muscles to achieve the look.  It requires a lot of endurance and strenuous workouts with serious commitment for the desired results.

Dating back to the 19th century, bodybuilding began as a show of strength and not as something aiming at developing one’s physique.  However, modern bodybuilding first found foot in England.  It was Eugen Sandow, the father of modern bodybuilding who promoted the art of bodybuilding by displaying his well-sculpted body in England at various occasions.  After he shot to fame and popularity, he used it to develop various tools to enhance bodybuilding and was the first to introduce to the world the concept of machines that could be used to work out on the muscles.  These included mechanical dumbbells and pulleys.

Today, bodybuilding is a form of workout pattern that involves using resistance machines and free weights in proper ways to develop one’s muscle mass.  For some bodybuilding may just be about personal goals and physical fitness.  However, the same is a profession for many.  Professional bodybuilders work out tenaciously on the muscles and sculpt them for outstanding results.  It is men who first come to mind when talking about bodybuilding.  However, a number of enthusiastic women bodybuilders are a successful part of the field.

There are a number of competitive bodybuilding contests that are held.  The expert panel of these contests judge the participating bodybuilders based on different criteria like muscle coordination, poses and overall appearance.  The first official bodybuilding competition was first help in London, United Kingdom in 1901.  Like the men, they too have competitions taking place to judge and rank them.  Today, the most recognized title for professional bodybuilders is the Mr.  Olympia for men and Ms.  Olympia for women.

If you are looking out to becoming a professional body builder, there are certain things to remember.  Firstly, you should be focused at maintaining your body muscle mass and work towards keeping a well-toned physique.  Secondly, while preparing for any sort of competitive appearance do not indulge in the use of any banned products to enhance your performance.  This may result to your ban from the contest.  Professionals also use injectable that give an impression of pumped up muscles although that is far from the reality.  This technique is referred to as fluffing and has a number of serious side effects.

Research well before consuming any sort of enhancement drugs.

Thirdly, you need to have the knowledge of the mandatory poses that you will have to showcase in front of the judges.  These are

  • The front and back lat spread pose
  • The side chest pose
  • The side triceps pose
  • The thigh-abdominal pose
  • The front and back double biceps

As a professional, you should also train yourself in the correct nutritional strategy required to achieve the final result.  For this you may be required to hire a nutritional expert or your physical trainer may also be handy.  However, if you find it difficult to find expert guidance physically, you could invest in a good book catering to your needs.

Some basic nutritional tips include high calorie diets, huge amounts of proteins, carbohydrates and fats for muscle mass and energy and remember to eliminate water intake before the competition.  Closer to the competition you should aim at getting a leaner look.  This will help you highlight your veins and increase their visibility thereby increasing your chances of a better score.  Professional also use tanning creams and oils on the day of the competition to give them a better look and to enhance their overall appearance.  Remember to pump up your muscles by doing a round of weights just before your performance.  This will enlarge your muscles due to increased blood flow to the muscles.

For any bodybuilder it is necessary for them to understand the concept of overtraining.  Your body undergoes overtraining when it has exerted a lot more than it can endure.  This does not necessarily happen when you work out for longer than usual but there are other factors that account for overtraining.  Sleep deprivation, nutritional imbalance or workouts with short or no rest periods are some common factors leading to overtraining.

For optimum bodybuilding results, make sure that you do everything in absolute moderation.  However certain research has shown overtraining having certain benefits.   Studies show that bodybuilders who over train before taking a break for various reasons mainly holiday tend to avoid losing out on muscle during the break period.  This is because the body uses the break as a rest period to recover from the earlier over exertion.  Though this is still debatable.

Another factor that may affect your bodybuilding dreams is your age.  Reaching the desired muscle growth and development gets difficult with passing age.  This is because the pattern of metabolic reactions change with aging and these prove to be harmful for muscle growth.

Whether you are looking at becoming a professional or doing it for yourself, bodybuilding should be treated with high level of commitment and seriousness.  Injuries are quite common and you definitely do not want to be stuck with a life long obstacle to your fitness needs.  Careful execution under expert guidance is a praiseworthy move.  There is no harm is learning from the experts.  Trust and patience is the key to achieving the body you want.

Remember that bodybuilding is not only about pumping up the body through machines and weightlifting.  It is a combined result of proper weight training, balanced nutrition and optimum rest.  It is always better to research well before your start.  Little knowledge is dangerous than having none.  With little knowledge you may end up doing only things you know and miss out on the essentials.  However, if you begin from scratch you are more likely to begin on a better note.

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