An Exemplary Physique

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In a world consisting of a billion people, only few can comprehend the necessity of having a healthy and exemplary body. In the era of sedentary lifestyle characterised by no or negligible physical activity, maintaining one’s health has become a crucial part of our lives. Even so, only few heed the necessity of possessing a healthy body and a healthy mind. Since workload and stresses are gripping us like parasites, day by day, more and more people are looking forward to fitness training programs and are hiring personal trainers to avoid health complications in the near future.

It is aptly said that everything has a price. Fitness programs are sometimes tedious and quite tiring; hence most people fumble before opting for one. However, hard work and a healthy lifestyle go hand in hand in developing your body and physique. Hard work is a necessary element of body building and fitness training programs. There isn’t much of a short cut to develop a robust physique. Hence if you are looking forward to an exemplary physique, get ready to drench in your sweat.

Exercises can be of many types and may be characteristic to different body parts. There exists a unique exercise to develop each and every part of your body. While some develop your arm pits, others play a crucial role in enhancing the buttocks and the lower bodies. However, there are some exceptional exercises, also known as full body exercise, which help in holistic growth of the body. Certain exercises, such as swimming, dancing, aerobics etc are quite well known full body exercises which evenly tone up your muscle fibres and stretch the muscles of each and every part of the body. Wonder why people look forward to gyms rather than these exercises? It’s pretty simple. Performing full body exercises is a tedious job, inconvenient and time consuming. Let us take the example of swimming. Of courses, a pool is necessary. In the today’s era, where even drinking water is scarce, finding a reliable swimming pool amidst the city is like finding a needle in a haystack. Even if pools are available, the fee for swimming isn’t quite affordable. So, the best way out is enrolling in nearby gyms and training centres, since personal trainers may prove to be a costly affair.

Getting enrolled won’t help you with your physique. It is often seen that the dropout ratio at the gyms and training centres are quite high. Most complain that they do not have enough time to dedicate to fitness and training programs; however the truth is most people leave fitness programmes due to ill will and lethargy. Some leave after achieving the desired results, hoping that they would be able to maintain their physique, but in turn tend to enrol themselves again after 1 to 2 years. It has been observed that people who precipitously let go of training programs experience abrupt increase in weight and fat content. Thus it is advised to continue a scheduled fitness program till the very end as leaving suddenly may have detrimental repercussions on one’s physique.

While working out one must keep some basic things in mind as ways to avoid injuries and to optimise your muscle gain.

Neuromuscular connection

While working out free your mind and concentrate on your fitness schedule only. It helps escalate the growth of your body. Concentrate in your muscle and the part of the body you are exercising. Instead of checking out girls which most of the teens do, try to concentrate on your own body while exercising. Neuromuscular connection plays great role in determining the effectiveness of your training program.

Slow and steady

Gradually increase the intensity of the exercise, and do not abruptly change your workout schedule. Sudden increase in the intensity of the exercises may result in unforeseen injuries and severe muscle aches due to wear and tear of muscle fibres. While performing an exercise, try not to hurry and get it over with quickly, as it is aptly said, haste is waste. Hurrying with you scheduled Adonis Golden Ratio keep-fit program will quickly drain your energy without yielding desired results. Instead, feel the body part which is exercised. The repetitions or cycles should slow and gradual to yield optimum results.

Eat, eat and eat

Opt for a balance diet. Abstain from junk and fatty food, as erroneous eating habits may hamper your build. Avoid eating outside to boost the proper functioning of your immune system.

A typical balanced diet should have equal proportions of leafy vegetables, eggs, white meat, milk and fruits. A good and heavy breakfast is essential for muscle building and developing muscle strength. One should have proper meals at regular intervals, to compensate for the loss of minerals and essential vitamins during a vigorous training. Proper diet helps in replenishing energy and essential nutrients, thus enhancing the strength of bones and muscles. It is advised to maintain a proper diet for achieving quicker results and better muscle mass. One will never get fruitful results with erratic dietary habits.

Early to bed, early to rise

Sleep and relaxation is an essential part of body building and increasing muscle mass. Without proper sleep and relaxation, a person will succumb to lethargy and fitness program would render useless. Proper sleep prevents wear and tear of muscles, relieves stress and enhances the secretion of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) which is necessary for holistic growth and development of a person’s physique. A deficit in sleep may make a person irritable.

If proper rest or relaxation is not provided, the fitness program will not prove to be useful. Instead it may have detrimental repercussions like muscle aches, joint aches, torso instability and fatigue.

Abstain from intoxication

It is never too late to quit our faulty manners. Intoxications are a serious threat to the youth and adults of today’s society. Fitness program paired with a bottle of vodka is a deadly combination. Intoxications can lead to secondary illnesses. One wouldn’t experience an increase in his or her muscle mass if he or she is a chain smoker, alcoholic or worst, a drug addict.

Intoxications retard’s body growth, decreases muscle mass and ultimately leads to death. Health and lifestyle is a choice. One can look forward to a longer and healthier life or may die abruptly due to drug overdose. It is aptly said, that either we make our own choices or choices will mould us.

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