Anabolic Steroids vs Natural Supplements

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It is generally not possible for bodybuilders and weight lifters to fulfill all their nutritional needs through meals. If you do not take all the macronutrients in proper quantity, then you will not get good results from your workout and your muscles will keep getting torn and not repaired. However, you should never consider supplements as replacement for meals. At the end of the day, you have to eat properly and exercise to build yourself up.

You should learn to cook for yourself. Learn a variety of delicious and healthy dishes to keep from missing out on various micronutrients. Do not eat at fast food joints. Junk food generally has trans fat more than anything else in it.

Supplements do not work their magic over night. You need months and months of training and dieting to get somewhere. Some supplements affect your hormonal systems. You should check that your systems are working fine before taking them. Many supplements that promise to show results in a short time often do not disclose their actual ingredients. You should not put your trust in such products. They will harm you more than they will help you. Do not shell out too much cash on fancy sounding phony supplements.

The various types of supplements available are:

  1. Hormonal Supplements: Hormonal supplements contain synthetic hormones that help in muscle growth. The two hormones responsible for muscle growth in human body are testosterone and HGH (Human Growth Hormone). Testosterones levels are already high in men. So taking in extra does not do much good. On the other hand, when women take testosterone supplements it leads to unnatural muscle growth. However, in due course, the testosterone breaks down into estrogen, the female hormone. There are adverse side effects of taking synthetic hormones for the purpose of body building. In males, it leads to gynecomastia (deposition of fat tissue in the breasts), lowering of good cholesterol level. In females, it results in growth of body and facial hair and disturbs their menstrual cycle.
  2. Protein Supplements: Protein is the most important micronutrient for repairing and building new muscles. The muscles that are torn during exercising are repaired with the help of protein. Whey protein is the most beneficial of all proteins. It contains all the essential amino acids and branched chain amino acids. Taking protein shakes before and after workouts is a great way to keep up with your requirements.

Other important proteins include Casein protein that is found in milk and Soy protein that is found in soy beans and legumes. Protein shakes are extremely handy for those who are short on time. Whey protein isolate powders are also available in the market. Branched chain amino acids are the building blocks of protein. It constitutes 33% muscle protein.

Proteins are not required in very large quantities by the body. Excessive intake of protein can also cause problems like osteoporosis and kidney damage.

  1. Creatine: It is a natural organic supplement that provides sudden, short bursts of energy. It is suitable for HIIT (High intensity interval training). It helps you overcome mental inertia and fatigue while exercising. It improves strength, endurance and muscle mass. Creatine occurs naturally in meat products such as tuna, beef and salmon.
  2. Meal replacement: They are pre-packaged foods such as bars and powders. People who lack time can take this as a replacement sometimes. However, don’t make it a habit. These meal replacements contain high levels of protein.
  3. Fish Oils: Cod liver oils contain omega 3 fatty acids which improve blood circulation and help in functioning and repairing of the body.
  4. Carbohydrate powder: High grade carbohydrate powders are also available in the market and can be taken occasionally.

There are some unnatural supplements which professional body builders use to gain extreme muscles. They are Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS). They have been used for a very long time by professionals and amateurs alike. Even athletes and sportsmen consume them. Steroids are banned by most of the professional organizations in the world. Participants are tested before they compete. In spite of this, steroids are used by body builders and weight lifters.

Steroids both come in the form of pills and injections. Steroids are generally synthetic derivatives of the male hormone testosterone. They help in increasing the protein level in muscles so that they can increase in size way beyond natural exercises can do. Studies have shown that men taking steroids and not exercising show more muscle growth than men who exercise and take no steroids.

Some steroids that are generally taken by body builders are Dianabol, Anadrol-50, Halotestin and so on. Synthol are oils that are injected into the muscles to make them look bigger. Almost every country has banned Androgenic steroids, so it is not easy to obtain them. They are found on the black market or may be the internet.

Some other hormones are HGH and insulin. One should be extremely careful with insulin because it can lead to a heart attack and even death.

If you really want to risk taking steroids then make sure you eat properly, sleep properly and exercise regularly. Steroids pose several health hazards. Some cases were so extreme that they resulted in cancers, tumors and even death. Do not take steroids for long periods of time. Steroids cause liver damage and cirrhosis. They also increase blood pressure, lower insulin and increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases. They are also known to produce cancerous cells.

Steroids cause infertility in both males and females. Also, it causes acne, skin diseases and increase of body hair in women. Men and women will both end up losing hair in a male baldness pattern. Steroids also cause bloody liver cysts. Some bodybuilders have died due to this.

There are also certain psychological problems that are caused by Steroids. Anxiety, aggression, depression and mood swings.

Steroids cannot be obtained without a prescription in any country except Thailand and Mexico. It is a controlled substance in United States and many other countries. Professional competitions do not allow this because it gives Adonis Golden Ratio competitors an unfair advantage over those who are not using steroids and have developed their muscles only by exercising. It is not really worth the risk.

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