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When you are a newbie to the whole bodybuilding world, there are lots of mistakes you have to stumble through to get into the routine and the zone of optimal bodybuilding.

But minding a few of the very common mistakes that beginners end up doing in the gym can save you a lot of time and effort and also give you the best gains in your muscle mass increase.

So here are a few tips on what to avoid during bodybuilding to get the most muscle gain!

You are lifting for your muscles, not your ego

This may sound patronizing or condescending but the worst thing a beginner body builder can do is make his workout all about impressing someone or showing off, rather than make a conscious effort to do what he needs to do.

In bodybuilding, more does not necessarily mean the best thing. Each stage of training has its own sets of limits, levels, requirements and routines. If you let your ego get the better of you and try to push your body too hard too fast, all you do is damage what muscles you already have and end up having to take a long sojourn away from the gym to heal!

So rule number one: have an ego check. Even if you see a fellow beginner doing 100 reps a day while all you can manage is 70 – it doesn’t matter! It’s more about dedication and continuous effort in bodybuilding and you have to stick to the plan and do what is required.

Keep it clean

What most of us don’t really think about when handling some daily materials is how much germs it can carry.

Take a touch screen phone for example. We handle it with our fingers all through the day and at home, after washing up, go back to swiping at our screen, just letting the subconscious assumption of its cleanliness stay in our mind.

Tips number two – do not ever make such an assumption in the gym.

Any bodybuilding gym you go to will have hundreds of fellow body builders traipsing in and out all day. All of them will be sweating and gritting their way through the many types of equipment that you use.

Now if you go and work out with the same – yikes.

So have a handy bottle of antibacterial sanitizer solution with you at all times. Carry some tissues as well. Before using any equipment, give it a cursory wipe down with the antibacterial solution. This should make the place much more hygienic. And, don’t neglect to do the same after! Take the time to wipe it down after a workout as well, it is just good gym manners.

It may not seem like much but health is one of the most important factors for bodybuilding. You can’t exactly be pumping iron when you are one step away from a coughing fit. So second thing to remember – sanitization.

Bodybuilding is not a recreational sport!

This is rather a blunt and harsh rule – but it is important! You will get no results in your bodybuilding work out if you spend all your time talking to your peers and fellow body builders.

It is just a friendly habit to indulge in – sharing thoughts and words with the other trainers in your bodybuilding gym. However, the gym really is not a good place for socializing.

People tend to get caught up in their conversations and thereby lose the flow and intensity of their bodybuilding routine. Or they take too long chatting between exercises and hence lose the intense muscle buildup that they were aiming towards in their work out.

Bodybuilding, like any other exercise, is all about time, form and precision in following the steps. If you get into the habit of social talk in between your work outs you will lose the flow and mental space needed to do a full pelt work out and hence, the results you get from your bodybuilding training will be very low.

So keep this in mind: when it comes to the gym, sticking to yourself and going about your bodybuilding routine with no distractions or idle chatter is the best way to get into the real zone of bodybuilding. Keeping this in mind will truly help to increase muscle mass in your bodybuilding at a better rate.

Keep a bodybuilding journal

This is the best way to keep yourself motivated, track your progress regularly, keep track of all that you are doing and have a clear plan written down – all in one place!

Keeping a bodybuilding journal is a great way for the beginner body builder to get used to this new lifestyle of muscle mass increase and heavy intensity work outs.

In this journal, the first most important entry must be a well –researched and neatly plotted action plan. The thing many beginners fail to do is have a very well defined goal and a plan of action before setting into the gym.

If you are a pre–beginner and haven’t yet started your bodybuilding workout regime, take the time to gather opinions and data on the various routines available to you and seek expert advice on your ideal workout routine.

But even after starting Adonis Golden Ratio to regularly work out, the body builder can learn new things and evolve the basic bodybuilding routine and make it something more suitable to his own body.

Entering these also in the journal and keeping a track of all the changes are essential to know and exactly understand what works and what doesn’t work for an individual.

Another important habit to track is your food intake. Make a note of your dietary changes and keep track of the supplement program you are on for your bodybuilding.

And last, but possibly the most essential part of the bodybuilding journal to really boost your enthusiasm – keep track of your muscle gain. Nothing provides motivation to do more working out than seeing the first tentative results of your efforts!

Make a few tweaks in your attitude as above and maximize how much you get out of your bodybuilding!

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