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Introduction To Gym Equipment

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Many of us do not go to the gym because we are too scared of the equipment. We think we will not be able to cope up. You must not get intimidated by the complicated gym equipment you see when you first go to a gym. You will probably have a gym instructor to tell you how to use all of them. You will probably have a hard time using the equipments for some time. You might even hurt yourself a little bit.

There are instructions written on the equipments sometimes. But even that is not enough. You won’t even understand the jargon used by your gym instructors at first. However, do not panic. It will get better with time. In this article, there is information about all the common gym equipments and terminology.

You can classify the two equipments into two types: free weights and machines. Free weights are those that are not attached to any machine with any pulleys or ropes. You can lift these weights and work with them as you want. Free weights are useful for you to develop your balance while exercising, something that is not possible with machines. The basic free weight equipments are:

Barbells: A barbell is a long iron rod with weight plates attached at the end. You can alter the weights and make them lighter and heavier as you wish. Barbells are to be held with both hands while exercising. Exercises which require a barbell are bench press, barbell rows, barbell deadlift, barbell squat, barbell wrist curl, barbell biceps curl, military press, and many more.

Dumbbells: A dumbbell is a short version of a barbell. Usually, two dumbbells are required for exercising. You will find a rack of dumbbells in your gym, with dumbbells of every weight on them. You will first start with the smaller weights. Exercises that require dumbbells are: bench press, dumbbell fly, biceps curls, squats, and many more.

Benches: Benches are required for other exercises. They may be inclined, declines or straight. Some machines also have attached benches in them for exercising.

Some of the exercising machines are as follows:

Leg press machine: This machine is used to perform the leg press exercise. There is an inclined bench in this exercise. A barbell is attached with a pulley system at the rear end of the machines. You are supposed to sit with your feet near this barbell system. Then you have to push the barbell stand with your feet. This exercise is for your thighs.

Lat pull down machine: This machine is used to perform the lat pull down exercise. It has a bench attached to it. You have to sit on the bench and tuck your thighs under the pads. It has two handles which you have to pull down with your hands. This exercise works on your triceps, biceps and shoulder muscles.

Back/Abdomen extension machine: This machine is used for back and abdomen extensions. It has an inclined bench and two handles. You need to sit on the bench and keep your feet in front. Then hold the handles and push and forward. Then you have to bring them backwards.

If most of the devices requiring weights, you can alter the weight according to your needs. You can move the weight up as you progress.

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Exercises That Do Not Require Equipments

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Many of us do not think that purchasing gym equipment is really worth the money. You might not be sure that you will exercise, and the weights will just sit there waiting. Or maybe due to some reason you cannot go to a gym. You will still be able to work every muscle in your body without using any equipment.

The best thing about working at home without any equipment is that it saves a lot of time. You will spend a minimum of 30 minutes driving to and from a gym. Gym is the first option to be struck off the list when we are too busy. If you learn the few basic exercises that can be done even at home, you can easily fit exercising into your schedule.

Circuit training is the best option if you have to work out at home. Take minimal rest between consecutive workouts. Here are a few exercises that you can perform without any equipment:

a)    Bodyweight squat: You have to stand with your feet apart. Interlock your fingers and keep them behind your head. Now, bend your knees and slowly bring yourself down in a sitting position. Keep bringing yourself down as much as you can. Now slowly bring your body back upwards. This exercise will work on the muscles of your legs.

b)   Cardio: This is the best exercise that you can do for building endurance. You can run, sprint, jog or simply take a long walk. You will have to figure what a place where you can run without too many vehicles being in your way. Preferably, choose the morning time to avoid the traffic.

c)    Inclined push-ups: You need a chair or a raised platform for this exercise. It will work on your chest muscles and your deltoids. Stand in front of the platform with your feet apart. Now place your arms on the platform keeping them shoulder width apart. Keeping your entire body straight, slowly bend your elbows and bring yourself close to the platform. Do not bend your knees while doing this. Now slowly straighten your arms and bring yourself to starting position.

d)   Walking lunge: This exercise works on your quadriceps. Stand with your hands by your side. Bring your left foot forward. Then bend and put your right knee on the floor. Your left leg should form a 90 degree angle. Now lift yourself up and go back to the original position. Repeat this exercise with the opposite leg.

e)    Crunches: This exercise works on your abs, shoulders, and neck muscles. Lie down on the floor with your hands behind your head. Keep your knees bent. Now, inhale and push your shoulders off the floor. Try to bring your upper body as close to your knees as possible. Return to original position and repeat.

f)     Calf raises: This exercise will work on your calf muscles. It is very simple to do. Stand with your feet close together. Now slowly raise yourself on your toes. Hold this position for some time then return to normal.

g)    Pull-ups: You can manage to do this exercise in your home too. All you need is a bar at enough height so that you pull yourself. Just hold the bar, and try to lift yourself off the ground. Then return to normal position and repeat.

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Bodybuilding as a Career Option

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Over the years, Bodybuilding has become extremely popular among the people. People have become more aware about the sport and have realized the fact that the sport of bodybuilding is not just about bulking up, it requires a lot of hard work to reach at the top spot. With the increased level of awareness and incentives, it has also become a hot career choice for many youngsters.

Opportunities In The Field of Bodybuilding

There are numerous sources of money available for the bodybuilders at the top. These days there are various bodybuilding competitions which takes place around the year. The prize money offered by these bodybuilding competitions depends on the scale and popularity of the competition.

Mr. Olympia is one of the most respectable and famous body building contests we currently have. The prize money offered by Mr. Olympia offered by Mr. Olympia has been increasing over the years. Branch Warren the winner of MR. Olympia won the grand prize of $ 130,000.00 plus along with an additional sum of $ 1,000.00 from Muscle Tec. The total prize money of this contest was the whopping amount of $675,000.

However, prize money is not the only source of income for the bodybuilders. Once famous they also earn big bucks by the means of guest posing, Magazine shoots, supplement company contracts etc all.

However, bodybuilding is not of the greatest source of earning money, as it is not of the stable source of earning money. You should make bodybuilding your profession only if you are passionate about the sport.

Reality Check

However, making it big in the field of bodybuilding is not as easy as you may think. Bodybuilding is one of the most competitive sports. There are many people enter the field with the aim of becoming as big as Arnold S Schwarzenegger but the sad reality is very few has the talent to make it big. However, it is important to remember that is just difficult and not impossible to earn the top spot.

Apart from hard work it is important to have certain amount of talent. Apart from having talent, having an amazing genetic makeup can work a great deal in our favor. However people with average body genetics can make it big too with the right amount and set of exercises along with right kind of a diet.

Making goodwill in the field of bodybuilding is a long term process and requires lot of hard work, discipline patience and most importantly a positive framework of mind.

If you want to make a career out of this sport, it is important that you firstly set an attainable set of goals, and work according to those goals. Setting a goal will give direction to your efforts. Goal setting is also one of the effective and good ways to measure your progress rate. It will not only determine how far you have far you are from your goal, but will also act as a motivating factor. After a certain point of time you would be motivated to surpass your existing goal. Since bodybuilding is all about improving oneself.

You should chose bodybuilding as a career option only if:

you are willing to put in an adequate amount of hard work, If you will read about the great and legendary bodybuilders, you will notice one thing in common that all of them have performed vigorous weight training and strength training exercises to reach where they are today. Only if you are ready to sweat it out until the last minute then only you should go ahead with it.

Most importantly you should love the sport. Your love for the sport would act like a motivation factor, which will enable you to work hard and sweat it out till the last minute in the gym. More than anything do it for yourself.

Following, the given steps can move you closer to your dream of becoming a professional bodybuilder

  • You should gradually increase the weights to your weight training programme. It is also essential that you select the right amount of weights.
  • Consuming at least one gram of protein per pound of body weight can help you build your body mass.
  • Getting sufficient sleep is extremely essential since it is during the rest period during which our muscle tissues repair
  • Incorporating aerobics into your workout program can help you increase your metabolism rate. However, aerobics should not take over your weight training schedule. Cardio vascular exercises should not be done more than 30 minutes.
  • Not many people know but eating healthy fats, are actually good for your health. Taking some kind of saturated fats helps in enhancing your testosterone level which ultimately increases your muscle mass.
  • Overtraining should be avoided at all costs, since overtraining or training for a continuous period might result in consistent joint and muscle pain.
  • Diet is an extremely essential part of our bodybuilding routine; hence it is advisable that you don’t skip your meal at any cost.

Motivation Factors

Stop being lazy, it might happen that after training for a continuous period you might feel exhausted and feel like taking a day off from training. If you want to be a take bodybuilding as a profession it is essential that you take bodybuilding very seriously and avoid doing so. Remember each and every day counts. In order to combat such a temptation reading famous and inspiring quotes may really help you. Having the photos of your favorite bodybuilder while training can boost your spirits.

Keep reminding yourself of your progress, if you ever feel that you can’t do it anymore always remind yourself of how far you have come and not how far you are yet to go.

Having an optimistic approach and a positive framework of mind, is the best way to stay motivated. Always remember that being negative is never going to do you any good. It is the positive energy which is going to help you remain focused.

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Exercises Done with a Dumbbell

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Dumbbell exercises help you in working on particular muscle groups and also help in strengthening your stabilizer muscles. This is the biggest advantage of working with free weights. Also, you do not need to purchase heavy and expensive equipment or join a gym to get fit.

When you work with free weights, you do not have to worry about your muscles developing disproportionately. These exercises will not isolate your muscles from the other muscles groups. Also, if every muscle in equally developed, you will face fewer injuries while exercising

To perform dumbbell exercises, all you need are two dumbbells and a bench. You will be able to do a number of exercises with just two dumbbells, and will be able to exercise every muscle in your body.

Dumbbells come with adjustable weights. You should purchase the attachable weights because buying separate dumbbells will cost you a lot. Also remember to maintain proper form while working with dumbbells. Do not cheat on the workouts, even if it is tempting. Always remember to use smaller weights when you first start weight lifting, and slowly progress to heavier weights.

Here are a few exercises that require nothing but dumbbells and a bench:

a)    Bench Press: You need two dumbbells and a bench for this exercise. You have to lie down on the bench, with one dumbbell and each of your hands. Hold the dumbbells close to your chest. Now, slowly exhale and raise the dumbbells over your head. Do not lock your elbows when you reach the topmost position. Now exhale and bring the dumbbells to the starting situation. You can do this exercise even on a declined and inclined bench.

b)   Dumbbell fly: Lie down on a bench with a dumbbell placed on each of your sides. Now lift the weights at the height of about your head. Slowly, try to bring the dumbbells together over your head. Do not lock your elbows while lifting the weights. You can also perform this exercise on an inclined bench.

c)    Arm Pullover: Lie down on a bench with one dumbbell in each of your hands. Keep your hands over your head. Now slowly raise your arms up until they become perpendicular to you. Do not bend your elbows while lifting the weights. You can also perform a variation of this exercise in which you are supposed to bend your elbows.

d)   Weighted crunch: This exercise requires only one dumbbell and a bench. Lie down on the bench, and place the dumbbell on your chest. Hold the dumbbell with both your hands to keep it balanced. Now slowly lift your shoulders off the bench. Hold this position for some time, and then return to original position.

e)    Dumbbell side bend: This exercise just requires one dumbbell. Stand straight holding the dumbbell in one arm. Now slowly bend your body towards the side in which you are holding the dumbbell. Slowly bring yourself back to the original position, and repeat with the opposite side.

f)     Weighted leg raise: Lie down on the bench with the dumbbell held firmly between your feet. Keep your legs stretched and raise them to an angle of 90 degree. Now slowly take your legs back to the original position and repeat.

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Exercises Done With a Barbell

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No gym can function without barbells. Even people who prefer to workout at home have a barbell and a bench. These exercises cannot be ignored if you are really serious about developing your muscles. The best thing about them is that they are inexpensive and do not require much space. Also, without the use of specialized equipment, you develop better balance when you exercise with free weights. Barbell workouts spare you the extra complexities of working with machines.

You will need to maintain extra caution when you work with free weights. The weights can sway anywhere and injure you if you are not careful. You should maintain perfect form while working with heavy barbells. You will get tempted to cheat, but do not do so.

Here are few exercises that do not require anything except a barbell and a bench:

a)    Bench Press: All you require for this exercise is a bench and a barbell. You have to lie down on your back and hold the barbell with your arms at apart at shoulder length. Now, push the barbell up without locking your elbows. Hold it in that place for some time, and then bring it down near your chest. You have to inhale while taking the bar upwards and exhale while bringing the barbell downwards. You can also do this exercise on a declined or inclined bench.

b)   Barbell Pullover: This exercise requires only a barbell and a straight bench. Place the barbell at the front end of the bench. Now, lie down on your back and hold the barbell in your hands. Then pull the barbell and bring it close to your chest. Then slowly take the barbell back to its original position. You have to inhale while bringing the bar close to your chest and exhale while taking it back.

c)    Barbell trunk rotation: You have to sit with your back straight on the bench. Keep the barbell behind your neck and keep your arms apart at shoulder width. Holding the barbell and keeping your body straight, twist your upper body from one side to another.

d)   Barbell side bend: You have stand up straight and hold the barbell behind your neck. Keep your feet apart while performing this exercise. Keeping your back straight, bend to one side. Now come back to your original position and bend yourself sideways in the opposite direction.

e)    Military Press: You can do this exercise while standing or sitting. Let us first talk about the seated military press. You have to sit straight on a bench and hold the barbell in front of you. Now, slowly push the barbell over your head without locking your elbow. Raise the barbell slowly, do not jerk or use momentum to lift the barbell. You can even do this exercise by holding the barbell behind your neck.

f)     Barbell deltoid raise: You just require a barbell for this exercise. Stand straight, and hold the barbell near your waist. Now slowly bring the barbell to your shoulder and push it further over your head. Hold it in this position for some time, and then slowly lower it.

g)    Barbell push press: While standing, hold the barbell in front you and keep your knees slightly bent. Without locking your elbows, push the barbell over your head. Now, slowly bring it back downwards. While lowering the barbell, bend your knees.

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Importance of a Pre Workout Routine

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Hitting the gym and getting started with your strenuous workout may be on your mind all the time.  But have you ever wondered why do the experts lay so much importance on a small warm up routine before you actually get started? The reason is valid.  Well, you need to prepare your body and supplement it with the required energy to keep you going strong and steady through your entire training session. Continue reading

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Know Your Bodybuilding Supplements!

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Used as performance enhancers, almost every bodybuilder and sportsperson uses bodybuilding supplements as a vital part of their diet.  A number of nutrients are required by these athletes to fulfill their bodily requirements and thus almost every nutrient is consumed in the form of supplements.  The different nutrients available as supplements are Proteins, vitamins, amino acids particularly the branched-chain amino acids or the BCAA’s and creatine to name a few. Continue reading

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Yoga For Bodybuilders

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Yoga has become very popular worldwide in the past few decades.  Originated in India, it is a type of meditation based exercises which offer numerous health benefits.  Whether or not it can be used as a means of bodybuilding has been a point of repeated discussion.  But over the years many people have embraced yoga and it is becoming a way of life. Continue reading

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How To Increase Your Chest Size

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A bodybuilder’s body is everybody’s envy.  Be it his biceps, his six packs or his fab chest, entire body is drooled over by all.  When he is all dressed up, his chest size is what attracts instant attention.  If you too are focussing on increasing your chest size, you will need to follow the various exercises recommended for that and plan your diet accordingly. Continue reading

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Myths n’ Facts – True or False ??!!

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“You work-out! You shouldn’t be eating much…why aren’t you stretching before training…” I’m sure all you body-builders and gym-rats out there get to listen to this and more quite often.

There are so many twisted facts, false truths and altered pieces of information floating around the realities and actuals of bodybuilding. There is so much misconception and wrong advice that the amateurs receive, that they tend to mix it with what’s actually right for them. Let’s unwrap some myths and unveil some truths today… Continue reading

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