Basics of Bench Press

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Like in any other exercise of bodybuilding, the success or failure of the bench press depends as much on the ‘how’ you do it as it does on the ‘how much’.

The bench press is one of the most easily practice-able exercises in the bodybuilding repertoire which is not only easily integrated into any bodybuilding regime, but also shows extremely satisfactory muscle mass increase and bodybuilding results.

But whether the bench press truly does its maximum potential for you or not, depends on, well – you!

Here are some pointers on the exact posture and form to maintain while doing bench presses to get the most out of your bodybuilding work out.

First tip: row, don’t lift

The first important tip to maintain the posture for bench press is to remember to row the bar and not lift it. Channel back to what you have observed of rowing oars in boat riding and old pirate movies. That’s pretty much the technique you have to use for your bench press.

In bench press, the most essential part is keeping your back stiff and firm. Your back muscles need to be tight and coiled for optimal position and best form for bodybuilding on the bench press. To do that, rowing the bar has the best results.

So, keep a good grip on the bar with the weights you are planning to bench press. Now instead of lifting it straight up, which would not only ruin your proper form for bench press but also lock your arm muscles with a huge amount of weight very quickly, row the bar down towards your pectorals and chest region.

Thus, you will not only get the optimal Adonis Golden Ratio bench press position but also prevent muscle damage to your arms and elbow muscles. Simply remember: row the barbell like they are oars.

This gives maximum efficiency and also helps you prolong the number of reps you can do without giving yourself muscle strain or muscle damage.

Keep your feet firm on the ground

Another important thing to remember when bench pressing – it’s all in the firm legs. When you bench press, it’s all about maintaining a firm grip and a rigid posture, bracing yourself against the heavy weights you are lifting.

For that, number one: your back has to be kept firm. You can do that by the previous tip of rowing the barbell instead of lifting it. But another important key point is also in the legs.

Your legs need to be kept braced against the ground without any shuffling or looseness. This is termed as ‘leg drive’.

Your leg drive has to be very good if you wish to maintain firm grip and position in bench pressing and to be able to put more power into your bodybuilding exercise.

So focus on making sure your feet are planted wide apart, foot completely braced against the ground and standing firm and straight from the knee down. This is essential to get the most out of your bench press bodybuilding!

Approach it as a full bodybuilding work out

Another key point to remember is your approach. If you think of the bench press merely as a work out for arm and shoulder muscles – you will be extremely wrong!

It is actually a full body muscle building work out. It causes muscle growth stimulating strain to nearly every area of the body that you need to grow muscles on to get on the road to proper bodybuilding.

As such, proper form in bench pressing tones up and boosts your muscle mass in your arms, legs, chest, shoulders, abdomen and back. So, remember to look at the bench press as a full body muscle building exercise.

Before you begin to bench press, ensure every single part of your body is in proper position. Keep your back straight and rigid against the bench press support board. Keep your legs braced firm on the ground. Your shoulders must be flexible but controlled the whole time. Work your arms out by careful row-lifting of the barbell when lifting the weights. Work out your abdomen by breathing exercises while lifting and lowering the weights!

You should gain ease with the exercise and be able to do all this simultaneously to get the most out of your bench press. The amount of weights you lift is only half the battle – the rest is in how you do the exercise.

Take care of your back strength

Back strength is an important facet of bench press. You need to ensure proper back posture to get the most out of your bodybuilding and to avoid any muscular damage to your back muscles due to the heavy lifting done on the bench press. Hence, remember to assist your back to avoid strain.

When you train with the bench press always try to push rather than pull. This makes it easier for your muscles to get into the groove of the work out while also retaining the same effectiveness and muscle building potential.

Also, supplement your back strength with other forms of heavy lifting along with bench press. This gives the best bodybuilding results!

Grip it right

Last but not least, grip your barbell right. Your elbow to ground angle should be constant throughout your bench press work out and your grip must not be wavering or moving all along the bar bell.

To accomplish this, find a good hold at which you can grip the bar. Now squeeze the bar and hold it like you are pretending you can bend the bar into a circle. That is, pretend you are trying to bend the barbell down towards your feet inwards to make a circle.

This kind of grip ensures that your arms are kept locked and your grip is tight and that your upper body is ready to brace itself for the demands placed on it for lifting the heavy weights of the bench press.

These some of the most important do’s and don’ts to maintain the perfect form for your bench press exercise in bodybuilding!

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