Be Realistic To Lose Fat Effectively

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It is easy to burn fat if you start the process at the very beginning. Later too you can shed a reasonable amount of fat and look slimmer and brighter provided you are realistic in your approach. You also need to have lots of perseverance and stop measuring your weight every other day. Lack of patience is one of the biggest hurdles in this line.

When aim is too high:

People often take up high intensity exercises and undergoes crash diet; when that fails to deliver the desired result within a specific period, they feel let down and go back to their normal routine. That is why it is important to take stalk of the situation and fix your aim before you take up any fat burning program. If you are older or if your skin is already sagging, it may be impossible to go back to your former self just by banishing carbohydrates and fats from your diet and/or by taking up a few high intensity exercises. Contrarily such regimen may do more harm than good.

Put away your weighing scale:

As we have already said, to lose fat effectively you must be realistic in your approach. You must also have some scientific knowledge and know what is good for your health and what is bad. It is equally important to understand how much strain your body can take. After all our aim is to look nice and feel healthy, not to break down our health by excessive strain.

Another point to remember is that our weight does not necessarily reflect the amount of accumulated fat. Contrarily, it may indicate the amount of muscles and bones in the body. Moreover, it often happens that with right kind of approach the accumulated fat may turn into muscles. In such a case, it is advisable to put away the weighing machine for a while and concentrate on fat burning process.

Let us next see what such process includes. Experts are of the opinion that to lose fat effectively you should have:

  • Right kind of diet
  • Right kind of exercise
  • Adequate amount of sleep
  • A stress free life
  • Regular health check

The importance of regular health checkups while on fat burning regimen:

If you are on a crash course, you must not neglect to go for a checkup at regular interval. In fact, one should see the doctor before embarking on fat burning program. The fat accumulation may be due to certain ailments that are yet to be detected. Unless such ailments are treated no amount of crash courses can bring about any meaningful change in your system. Contrarily, the situation may become bad to worse.

The importance of stress free life and sound sleep in shedding fats:

Stresses and tension can affect our metabolism and when that happens, food we eat has great chance of turning into fat. Moreover, to relieve stress, people often develop the propensity to eat more. In most cases, the food they eat when they are under stress belongs to junk food category, which we all know is high on calorie. Workouts too become difficult when we are under stress. That is why it is important to remain stress free while on a fat burning regimen.

At the same time, remaining stress free is easier said than done. Today stress has become an integral part of our life. Taking medication to remain stress free may work, but that is hardly desirable. It is better to undergo meditation or practice yoga exercises to control stress. Learning to see the brighter side of life without losing the right perspective may also help.

A good night’s sleep is also essential for maintaining equilibrium. Lack of sleep can also affect metabolism and to recoup it people often resort to eating more often, which in turn increases calorie intake and fat accumulation.

Micro meals – for and against:

Many experts are of the opinion that if we truly want to lose fat we should give up the practice of eating three square meals a day; instead we should divide the calories into six or more micro meals. This practice is good so far we do not confuse it with random eating as mentioned in the preceding paragraphs. Moreover, we should keep alert and make sure that we do not eat more than we ought to.

Such kinds of micro meals are indeed very helpful if we are on a crash diet. It helps to keep the sugar content of the body at a steady level. The main flaw is that one has to be very disciplined to undertake such a diet. If you are not, you should stick to the traditional three meals a day regimen. Only make sure that you eat the right kind of diet.

The right kind of diet helps to lose fat:

Now, the question is what constitutes the ‘right kind of diet’. Can a fat and carbohydrate free diet labeled as one? The answer is a big n. Our body system requires all kinds of nutrients. Fibers, which do not fall under the category of nutrient, are also essential for our body system. Let us see how:

  • While proteins are body building nutrients vitamins and minerals protect us from diseases.
  • Fats and carbohydrate provide the energy for work.
  • Fibers help to clear toxic materials from the body by facilitating smooth bowel movement

Therefore we see that if we want to lead a healthy and meaningful life we ought to include each of these nutrients in our diet. It is only that we should be a little choosy about our fat and carbohydrate intake.

For example, oatmeal, brown rice and whole wheat bread should be taken in moderation. Among, fats, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats are labeled as good fat and have many benefits. Other nutrients too should be taken in moderation. Actually, it is total amount calorie intake rather than any particular food, which matters most and we should keep that firmly in mind while undergoing Adonis Golden Ratio fat burning regimen.

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