Beginner Level Bodybuilding

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Staying in shape will help you in everything you do. You will look good. You will feel good. If you are an absolute beginner, do not make the mistake of following the routines of professionals. These are the ones you generally find. A beginner routine generally requires little equipment and more determination and consistency.

First of all, get a medical examination before you begin to exercise. Your systems need to be in a working order if you want progress. You need to have your kidney, heart and liver working in proper order. If even one of your systems does not work properly, you may be in more loss than gain by exercising. You will not be able to adapt to the high protein diet that is required for bodybuilding. Get your cholesterol levels checked before starting a program. Also, make sure that your hormones are balanced otherwise you will not receive the full benefits of exercising.

When selecting a gym or a health club for yourself, pick one that is close to your home. You might feel lazy about going to gym daily if it is far away. Also, you will blow your budget on the traveling expenses. Choose a gym that isn’t too expensive. Visit the gym and check out the environment and the equipment. Make sure that it is comfortable and hygienic.

If you have the discipline to work out at home, that is really good. Although, be careful about the exercises you are doing. Make sure to have someone around while exercising in case you faint or injure yourself. You will not need to spend a lot of money if you work out at home. You also need very little equipment if you are a beginner. You will see faster results at the beginner stage of your bodybuilding that you will see at intermediate and advanced stages.

It will take about 6-8 months for you to see dramatic changes in yourself. Do not get disappointed and tune off after a month or so. Keep a log for yourself and monitor your progress. Make definite short term and long term goals for yourself. Do not set unrealistic goals. You will only get disappointed. Remember this whole process is rather enjoyable.

It is very important to take rest between exercise sessions. After completing one set of exercise, rest for about a minute. After working one set of muscles, rest them for the next day. Muscles need the time to heal in order to grow stronger. If you do not rest and keep overtraining, your muscles will get torn beyond repair.

For beginners, the following Adonis Golden Ratio sample workout routine can be considered:

Workout A on Monday (Chest, shoulders, and triceps)

Workout B on Tuesday (Back, biceps, and lats)

Workout C on Wednesday (Lower body (legs))

Rest on Thursday

Workout A on Friday

Workout B on Saturday

Workout C on Sunday

The workouts may include compound exercises. Compound exercises put a lot of pressure on the muscles. It works on your entire body. Prefer using free weights for exercising. Using machines will restrict your improvement and not let you build your balance. Some compound exercises are:

  1. Bench Press: Lie down on your back on the bench. Keep your arms apart at shoulder length and lift the barbell. Exhale as you push the weight up. Do not lift your feet off the ground. As you lower the weight, slowly exhale. Slowly bring the barbell down to your chest. Now lift the weight to the starting position.
  2. Military Press: Sit down on a bench with your back straight. Keep the barbell at chest position. Keep your arms shoulder length apart. Now lift the weight over your head till your hands are straight. Now bring it back to the starting position and repeat.
  3. Dead lifts: In this, the weight is lying on the floor. Bend your knees and try to lift the weight. Bring the weight to your waist level. Now return the weight to original position.
  4. Squats: Stand straight with dumbbells in each arm. Keeping your arms stretched out, slowly bend down. Then rise back up.
  5. Pull Ups: You may need a bar for this. Hold the bar and try to pull yourself upwards.
  6. Bar dips: You need bars for this exercise. Hold the bars with your hands. Keeping your knees bent, lift yourself off and lean forward. Slowly inhale and bring yourself back to the starting position. This is a really good stretching exercise for your chest.

Few other exercises are:

  1. Dumbbell flys: This exercise requires two dumbbells. Pick up the dumbbells and put them on your thighs. Lie down on the bench and hold the dumbbells apart. Without lifting your feet off the floor, turn the dumbbells and touch them over your head. Remember to keep breathing during the workout. Now lower the weight to the starting position.
  2. Dumbbell shoulder press: Place two dumbbells near your feet. Sit down straight on the bench, and put the dumbbells on your thighs. Now push the dumbbells over your head. Slowly lower the weight and inhale.
  3. Lateral Raises: Stand straight with the dumbbells in both your hands. Keep your palms facing towards your body. Now slowly lift both your hands and exhale. Inhale and bring the weight down.
  4. Leg curls: Lie down on your stomach. Keep the ankle weights on. Hold the bar and try to lift the weight until it touches your hamstrings. Now inhale and lower the weights slowly.
  5. Crunches: Lie down on your back with your fingers locked behind your head. Keep your feet apart. Keep your knees bent and slowly try to lift your shoulder off the ground. Now slowly return to normal position. Do not jerk your neck or you will pull your neck muscles.
  6. Side Crunches: This is slight variation of crunches. Lie down with your back on the ground and your knees bent. Now put your knees on one side. Lock your fingers behind your head and try to lift your shoulders off the ground. Return to normal position.
  7. Hammer curls: This exercise works on your biceps. Keep your feet apart. Hold the dumbbells in your hands. Raise both dumbbells together by bending your elbows and bringing them towards your face. Slowly inhale and bring the weights down.

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