Beginner Tips and Tricks

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Settling into a good bodybuilding routine and finding your ideal rhythm is important in bodybuilding. And most of this period of discovering what works and doesn’t work for you will occur during the first six months of your bodybuilding workout regimen.

One of the reasons for people having less results than they expect to in bodybuilding is that they fail to realize the important of these first six months. All forms, exercise routines, diets and bodybuilding knowledge a beginner gathers in his first six months on the bodybuilding wagon will carry over with him for the rest of his endeavor as a bodybuilder.

As such, it is of vital importance to make sure the beginner has the right idea about some of the minute little details that make up the perfect bodybuilding routine.

Don’t Work Out Too Much Isolation Lifting

Isolation lifting of weights is when you lift a heavy weight in bodybuilding by moving your body in a way that isn’t natural for your body.

For example, say you are doing weight training with squats. The squat is a natural movement. Your body muscles are naturally built to allow you to squat and get up and squat and get up how many ever times you want, without having to put too much strain on them. This is called a natural lift.

In isolation lift, you work your body out in a way that it wouldn’t normally move. Some of the isolation lift exercise forms are – dumbbell throwing, dumbbell pullover, crossover cables, front lifting, later lifting, etc.

Isolation lifts are good for developing a good muscle mass rapidly – but only up to a certain extent. While isolation weight training can be learned and your body can be made to get used to it, but it might still cause more harm than good.

In Natural movements lifts, since you are working out only the muscle groups that are naturally evolved for that in its practiced moves, you are stimulating the muscle to grow more as you add more reps and intensity to your weight training.

Therefore, isolation lifts are best left alone until the beginner has already mastered a certain level of competence in natural movements lifts and in other forms of weight training and conditioning exercise.

The best results will be got when the bodybuilder progresses from natural movements exercises to compound routine exercises and then finally gets to doing full pitch of isolation lift exercises. This conditions and strengthens your muscles to a great extent and helps in increasing muscle mass.

Progression and Progression Rate

Progression of weights is very important in weight training. If your amount of weight in lifting doesn’t keep increasing at a calculated, progressive rate, then the amount of muscles you put on will decrease by a great deal.

Progression must be calculated and revised at the end of every week of your bodybuilding. Simply adding weights to your barbells every day without any plan or check would actually ruin your muscles instead of adding to them.

You should personally keep track of your weight lifting progression. Each workout you should aim to lift one additional weight than before. Just progressing in stages of one is more important than bulk progression.

And if you are a complete new comer and have never even done basic weight lifts before starting on this bodybuilding routine, don’t try to add weights for the first month at all! Learning all the exercises to perfection and giving your muscles time to adjust is very important.

Learning To Maintain a Good Form

Bad form or posture during the exercises is the number one reason for muscle injuries during bodybuilding work out. When you are lifting heavy weights in bad form, instead of working your muscles and stimulating them for growth, you will actually be wearing them down with bad strain and lead to muscle injuries.

Muscle injuries are not only painful and affect your quality of life, but also take time to heal. Therefore, on top of causing injury, you will also lose valuable bodybuilding time and the muscle mass you have already gained will start to diminish due to lack of working out.

Hence, good form in exercising is of paramount importance.

Rest Right

This is another check a beginner must do. In bodybuilding the saying ‘why do when you can overdo’ does not work.

It is one of the few places where doing more could actually do more harm than good. So don’t compromise on rest. Any bodybuilding Adonis Golden Ratio routine designed by a trained professional will include ample switching between workout time and resting time.

Weight lifting should only be done alternate days, but not every day or any two days in a row. For a beginner, one whole hour of bodybuilding exercise is more than sufficient to get their muscles stimulated to grow.

In fact, working out for more than an hour could have catabolic effects. Catabolism is when the body goes into self –defense mode and starts storing all fat and burning muscle carbs and muscle fats instead.

This means the excess workout you do will actually be destroying your muscles and storing fat than the other way around. So you will actually lose muscles instead of gaining them.

Having a well –structured bodybuilding time vs. rest time is highly important.

Make sure to have plenty of sleep every night as well. Sleep is the reboot button for our body and brain. During sleep, the muscles you stimulated through exercise in the day starts adding cells to grow. If you don’t sleep enough, the body doesn’t have enough fuel and reboot to function at its maximum speed and hence you will not be increasing as much muscle mass as you should.

The route is simple

Don’t get taken in by any crazy ‘magic’ workout routine that promises you excessive muscle increase in six months. Muscle building is a slow and dedicated process – cutting corners will not yield results here.

So, keep the above points in mind, make a structured bodybuilding program and document the great progress you make in your muscle mass increase

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