Being In The Right Shape

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Being in the right shape is crucial for our health and our well being. Not only it plays a dominant role in determining your success in both corporate and social sphere but it as well plays a crucial role when it comes to making first impressions, as a well known saying goes, first impression is your last impression. Keeping that in mind, we can definitely grasp and comprehend the need and necessity of being in a perfect shape. Even during the olden times, it was often observed that the physical health of a person was a prominent indicator of which section he belonged to. While the royals were well fed, it was often observed that the mediocre were skinny and lanky.

Juvenile obesity is on the rise and the number of children succumbing to it is soaring. Since day by day the numbers are escalating, it is high time that we heed the necessity of being in the right shape; otherwise our body might in turn become a burden, “an albatross around our neck”. Achieving that admirable physique and a body like an action hero is tiresome and compels one to treat the gym as one’s second home. However, work load and daily stresses of our lives limits the time that we can dedicate to our health needs and fitness programs.

Sedentary lifestyle has grasped us like parasites, and our ill will is thus resulting in health complications. With a fast-track and stressful lifestyle with negligible or less physical activity, it is crucial that we heed the summoning of our body and look for alternatives to be in that right shape. Not only does being in the right shape projects a better version of us, but it also makes a person socially more acceptable. A good physique makes a person look more attractive to the opposite sex.

It is aptly said that, a healthy body leads to healthy mind. A healthy body not only improves the concentration power but it also ensures proper psychological stability and emotional balance, which is crucial while making important decisions. Research shows that, people with healthier mind have better chance of making sound decisions, and are cheerful and jovial in day to day life. On the other hand erroneous health habits make a person irritable, frustrated and easily susceptible to lethargy and dizziness. Proper physique is thus a necessary element in developing that right shape.

Developing the right body counter balances the effects of the forces of gravity and simultaneously keeps our postures under check. Mind you, by referring to the word ‘body building’ we definitely do not mean a hunky body and fatty muscles oozing out of your body. Though it is a little known fact, there is a scientific term known as body mass index which is the ratio of our weight in kilograms to the square of our height in metres; by calculating the body mass index of a person we can, thus, predict whether the person is obese, underweight or healthy. Body building is an important aspect which helps in keeping your weight balanced and at same time ensures toning of muscle fibres of various body parts. In today’s time, most associate ‘body building’ with growing muscles and developing a hunky body but in actual life ‘body building’ refers to a series of exercises which helps one attain a higher level of fitness, simultaneously making one’s muscle tougher and physique stronger.

In a world were more than a billion people reside, only few dwell upon the needs and necessities of one’s body. Neglecting the health has severe repercussions, both in children as well as adults. More and more people are falling prey to various cardiac ailments and diseases, as necessary nutrition and aliment gets neglected in day to day life. Since nowadays our lives are fast-track and are characterised by negligible or less physical activity, it is crucial that we adopt some time efficient methods and incorporate certain lifestyle changes to deal with the nuisances of leading a sedentary lifestyle.

Modern era provides us with immense ways to help improve our health, out of which the few listed methods are easy, time efficient and quite convenient. No wonder they are quite popular.


Squats are something we are quite familiar with since out fifth grade. One of the well known punishments the teachers used to offer us. Squats are most time efficient exercise and yields quicker Adonis Golden Ratio results. Squats are proven to escalate the strength of our hips, buttocks and thigh muscles.

People often complain of experiencing severe pain in the lower half of the body after performing several squats. Hence it is advised not to jump like rabbit and in turn perform the exercise slowly and gradually. The number of cycles or the number of repetitions should be such that one does not experience fatigue or difficulty in walking after performing the exercise. The intensity should be increased gradually.

Squat is a basic level exercise, yet it is quite effective in toning your calve muscle and thighs. It can be performed with great ease and there is very low chance of severe injuries. All you need is a pair of shorts and a light t-shirt, and you are good to go.


From ballerinas to boxer, skipping is just the right exercise for every single person out there. Skipping is perhaps the safest exercise out there. Even toddlers tend to have a liking towards skipping, get the idea? Skipping not only sheds extra fats and muscle mass, but it also evenly tones your body giving a slender yet rugged look to your physique. It is an excellent exercise to maintain the efficiency of the cardiovascular system of our body. Regular skipping increases muscle flexibility and keeps your heart healthy.

Crunches and sit ups.

Routine crunches and sit ups helps in increasing the strength of the abdominal and pelvic muscles. A combination of sit ups and crunches is often preferred as it yields desired results at a much quicker rate.

Sleep, sleep and lots of sleep

Rest and relaxation are as important as routine exercises and fitness programs. Proper sleep and relaxation is crucial to prevent wear and tear of muscle fibres and to avoid muscle aches. Exercises should be performed after regular time intervals to avoid rupture of muscles and delay fatigue and lactic acid concentration in muscles.

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