Bench Press Technique

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The Bench Press is the most basic and efficient of all body building techniques. You will be hard pressed to find any body building regimen out there that doesn’t include a lot of permutations of the bench press!

The popularity of the bench press is with good reason. This technique gives the most work out to your arm, chest, shoulder and abdomen muscles, also considered as some of the most important – and certainly the most visible and flaunt able – regions of the body when it comes to muscle mass increase and getting those desired four packs and six packs and so on.

So how do some body builders lift a truly remarkable amount of weight every day and get such an amazing work out from their Bench press, while others struggle to lift even 250 pounds for a dozen reps on the Bench press?

Read on to know the tips behind getting the best out of your Bench Press routine!

Be realistic

The biggest problem for the average, every day body builder is that their expectations are impatient and unrealistic.

True, we all wish to see a 20 pound increase in muscle a week and a killer body within just a month – but that just isn’t possible!

The same way, while you may want to go up by as much as 30 pounds a month on the amount of weight you can lift on your bench press work out routine, that is highly unrealistic too.

The most important thing to remember is that consistent, independent and steady reps is more beneficial than lifting a great amount of weight in forced reps.

So even if you are adding just 5 to 10 pounds of weight to your bench press weight lifting load a month, that is not a problem! You can still reach the coveted 500 or 600 pound weight lifting strength within just a few years, provided you follow this tip.

And the tip is – add more reps, not weight. The rep count does more to the overall body building and muscle mass increase than the weight you lift does.

While lifting measly weights like 60 or 70 pounds for a high number of reps isn’t all that great and will probably not give you as much efficient and great a result in the long run, lifting reasonably high weights of the order of 120 to 150 pounds for a high number of reps has staggering success!

Warm up right

Warming up before doing any heavy intensity work out like weight training isn’t just a boring old rule that you can ignore – it has actual scientific importance and also increases the efficiency of your body building efforts!

Warming up mainly has the advantage of giving your muscles a full stretching and conditioning to prepare them for the onslaught of a rigorous weight training and body building regimen.

When you warm up right, the muscles will be looser and more receptive to strong, intense exercises. So, you will be able to do your exercises for a longer period of time without your muscles becoming strained, aching or exhausted.

Thus, in the long run, warming up actually increases the time you can spend doing your actual heavy duty work out, even if it seems like a waste of time to do simple stretches, squats and rotating exercises when you could use the time to do heavy duty exercises.

Also, another important Adonis Golden Ratio scientific reasoning behind warming up is how it affects the central nervous system or the CNS of our body.

When you warm up your body thoroughly before starting on your body building regimen, your CNS has been stimulated to ‘prepare’ itself to expect a lot of muscular work out and pressure to be put upon it soon. So the brain is ready to withstand and help you maintain a heavy work out because you have given it the signal that you mean to exercise, by warming up your body rigorously.

However, if you do improper warm up, the brain is not stimulated to expect the heavy intensity work out that comes with body building. Hence, it is a little more ‘lax’ or relaxed and sends out fatigue and tiredness feeling sooner when you start on your heavy duty work out. This will thus end up cutting the overall efficiency with which you are working out and the benefit you gain from it.

So, keep in mind – warming up right is one fourth of the battle won!

A little break in between is a good thing!

Another important thing to remember between your bench presses is – taking a break is a good thing!

A common mistake made by most body builders is mistaking working till exhaustion of muscles for heavy intensity. This is not true!

When you work to exhaustion of muscles, you are pushing them past their limits to the point where they give up. However, in heavy intensity training, you know your limits and work out in short intense bursts to get the most out of your body within the set limiting factors!

So, if you wish to get into a heavy intensity weight lifting work out regime like bench press, remember – a little break in the middle is a good thing!

The thing you have to keep in mind is that it is not a race. It is not how fast you do or how much you are able to tolerate that will build your muscles faster – it is conditioning your body with steady and progressive work out to make it overall stronger and firmer.

Thus, the higher your bench press weights go, the more alright it is to take small breaks in the middle to give your body a little time to recuperate before pushing it for the next round of muscle mass increasing exercises.

A break of three or five minutes is perfectly alright for every 5 reps in the bench press. In fact, it helps your body build up more stamina and gives you greater strength and endurance in the long run!

Keep in mind the above tiny changes you can make to your bench press routine to get the most out of your body building workout!

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