Bodybuilding Basics and Ways To Build Mass

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It is essential to start with a workout, to warm up the body, as it loosens the muscles, reducing chances of injury and also improves your performance.

Warming up: Any aerobic exercises like rowing, jogging, and treadmill walking and running. Mobilizing exercises like arm circling, knee bends and shoulder circles. Warm up sets with 15-20 repetitions. The aim of these exercises is to make the body relaxed, release joint tensions and increase blood circulation.

Common lifting exercises for the body

  • Barbell squat, dead Lift, leg spread, leg press, front lunge with dumbbell or barbell, standing calf raise, make the thighs, hips, calves and glutes toned.
  • One arm row, seated row, dumbbell shrug cater to the back.
  • Barbell bench press, inclined barbell bench , cable cross over look after the chest region.
  • Lateral raise, upright row, dumbbell press cater to the shoulders.
  • Barbell curl, preacher curl, Triceps push down are some exercises toning the shoulder muscles.
  • Crunch, Swiss ball crunch, oblique crunch look after the abs.

Bodybuilding stretching exercises for strength training: This looks after speedy recovery, co-ordination among muscles, and increased strength gain. Stretching increases the connective tissue , the fascia, which covers the muscle mass, and this should be aimed at right after the body warming exercises. So, body warming exercises are to be followed by the stretching exercises.

How to go about with stretching exercises: Ideally it should follow after warming up sessions or in between sets in a work out.

  • Go for static stretches and avoid bouncing.
  • Carry on with easy movements , relaxing the muscles.
  • Stretch to the extent you feel comfortable, do not over do it.
  • Do not hold your breathing.
  • Breathe freely all through the session.
  • You should let go of the stretch slowly.
  • Never be in a hurry.

The amount, intensity and type of bodybuilding exercises should be carefully considered to prevent an early set back and avoid discomfiture. It is also required that that the body gets rest between exercises, for it is when the body takes rest that muscles tend to grow, not when you work on them. The requirement is, of maintaining a balance in the way you exercise and the area you exercise, to prevent injuries and fasten the muscle building process. The loss of appetite may signal over training.

Ten tips for weight lifting program: Select an ideal weight that will allow you to carry on the exercise with repetitions.

  • Breathe out each time.
  • Do each repetition with full extension and contraction. Do not cheat yourself by taking any short cuts as that will lead to injury.
  • Control your movements. Avoid swinging weights as that could lead to injury.
  • Count to two when lifting weight and count to three when putting down weight.
  • Get used to feeling your target muscles contracting and relaxing
  • Target muscles should be stretched and kept at that position for eight seconds for maximum benefit.
  • Do longer stretches after weight lifting is over and continue for thirty to sixty seconds for each stretching exercise.

These rules are time tested and projected by experts. Therefore, when you have decided to take the Adonis Golden Ratio plunge, do it with conformity with the rules laid down, and soon you will reach glory.

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