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When it comes to body building, training tips from professionals come handy. Though most us often go to gyms or hire professional trainers, expert advice on the other hand always proves to be quite useful. Compiling together all the necessary knowledge required to escalate the pace of the muscle growth, here are some tips and tricks, you might want to jot down before jumping into your next training or workout session.

Listening to your body.

Developing that mind-body connection is crucial to any training. Whether its body building or sports practice, the neuromuscular connectivity is essential for maximising the gains from a particular training. So, heed what your body has to tell. First and foremost, confirm that you have any kind of muscle ache or not. If your body doesn’t permit you to go for next workout session, then it would be advisable to take rest. It is good to push your body to the limits, but be cautious as overtraining can causes severe tissue and muscle ruptures. To avoid joint pains and muscle aches, one must have enough idea about his potentials and personal limits. Unnecessarily stressing your body may result in breakdown of muscle tissues and cause pain, thus hampering your upcoming training session.

Myth about ‘increased pain is equivalent to maximal gains’.

This is surely a myth. Though it is aptly said that if there’s no pain, then there’s no gain, but it is hardly applicable to training programs. In case the one experiences fatigue, tiredness and excessive muscle pains from the former training session, then it wouldn’t be advisable to go for a workout until the pain subsides. Till then rely on basic free hand exercises to maintain fitness. . Pain is your body’s way of asking you to take rest and relax. Overexerting your body will only escalate the probability of accidents, concussions, and various other injuries. Instead of building that attractive physique which you were longing for, you might as well end up on a stretcher with cramped legs and sprained shoulders, which would obviously be undesirable.

Limiting the cardio.

Set limits to cardio. It would be best to perform a cardio for about 30 minutes per day, since cardio does a good job draining your fats and muscles storage. If want to be skinny and shed that extra weight, cardio is probably your best alternative. However, it would be recommended for body builders, since it results in breakdown of muscle tissues to secrete glycogen which suffices the body’s energy requirement during the cardio exercises. Even so, performing cardio on a routine basis for a shorter time span will be beneficial for your cardiovascular system, thus boosting your velocity, stamina and endurance. Thus set limit to your cardio for a well trimmed physique.  In Adonis Golden Ratio training, cardio is limited for those who wish to burn fat.

Set goals.

One does not achieve something if one doesn’t set goals. While opting for a training program it is necessary to set goals. Planning is crucial. Plan your fitness training in a smarter way incorporating various different exercises. Create a vivid image of changes you would like to see in yourself after a year or so. This would also lower the chance of dropping out of fitness program. Your goals will help you keep focussed and determined throughout your entire training session. Thus setting logical, short term and achievable goals is a necessary element in training.

Rest and relaxation.

One should give adequate recovery time to the body after each training session. Without proper recovery time the muscles might cramp, resulting in muscle aches and severe pains. To avoid such scenarios, rest and relaxation should be planned in an orderly manner. Sleeping is the best way to regain the lost energy; ‘sleeping’ here indicates at least 8 to 9 hours of sleep, since it is necessary for your body to charge up. Poor sleep might decrease the lactic acid tolerance of your muscle fibres, and hence depleting endurance and setting limits to your fitness programs.

Avoid overtraining.

If you feel excessively tired, lethargic and sleepy accompanied by a decreased libido, then it might be that you are overtraining. Overtraining leads you nowhere, so strictly abstain from overtraining during your workout sessions. It also depletes your motivation levels, and you might not feel like going to the gym at all. It is best to plan out your work out, and decide how much time you are willing to give to each and every exercise that you opt for. Feeling confused? Ask for the help of your gym trainer since seeking professional guidance is the best alternative.

Change is inevitable

It is an apt saying and is quite applicable to all the spheres of life. Adopt a dynamic training schedule inculcating as many types of exercises as possible. This will in turn enhance your mood, and keep you motivated, throughout the training session. The human body easily gets accustom to stress levels, rendering an exercise useless if performed for longer periods of time. Variety in your physical fitness training helps you keep-fit, and prepares your body to accustom to various new stress levels. It also ensures full body development.

Slow and steady wins the race

Train progressively rather than training in a faster pace. The muscles tend to get worked only when the loads are progressive and the exercise is performed in progressive manner. It the lifter, isn’t able to feel the tension in his skin, then he shouldn’t expect much from the fitness training.

The loads should be increased in a progressive manner, especially in weight training. Abrupt increase in the load might delay recovery time in turn escalating the chances of injuries and tissue rupture. Progressively increasing the load aids the adaptation of the body to the former loads, the development of physique, thus takes place in steps.

With the advancement in the field of science of technology, it has become quite easy to attend to the needs of our body, and in 21st century, body building is quite an easy task. All you need is hard work and determination to yield fruitful results.

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