Bodybuilding: Know it Well!

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Merrium Webster dictionary defines bodybuilding as the activity doing exercises to make the muscles of your body larger and stronger. Going by this definition, the person into body building has to develop their muscles by doing various exercises. It also demands specific kind of diet and not all diet are suited to these people.

These days, there are many bodybuilding competitions and it is also a form of sport, though many engage into it just as a part of hobby. The first bodybuilding competition was held in 1901 and was called the ‘Great Competition’.

Body builders are individuals engaging in developing their muscles to make their body appear more attractive. Many body builders use steroids, though. It automatically helps the muscles to grow but has been said as illegal by most organizations. Also it has negative effect on the body of the user.


Bodybuilding demands special diet, which is very different from normal intake of food. Good food rich in protein content is the demand of an exercising body wanting to develop its muscles. Protein is the nutrient that helps build newer muscles to come up and also manages the wear and tear of muscles after workout.

Warm up

Don’t enter your gym and straightaway lift the 200 pound weight. It could negatively affect your body and lead to sprain. You might be stopped from lifting weight for months. In fact, if you want to grow real muscles, you have to invest time and start by warming up the muscles you are about to work on for about 20-30 minutes. These include low intensity exercises like a simple jog or a Adonis Golden Ratio dead lift.

Be hard for shorter duration

Working out with high reps rarely helps build muscles. Instead, it leads to tiring of muscles. Reps of three to eight or ten per set as part of normal workout is considered to be good. But remember that the last rep must be very tough so that it becomes too hard to complete. Easier beginning is recommended to be a preparation for the muscles.

Drink water

Water is very important and over 65% of human body is known to be composed of it. The liquid is required for all types of chemical reactions. Also, it is required for all types of chemical reactions like muscle building, production of energy, etc. occurring within the human body everyday. The fluid is further known to free the body of all types of toxins that could lead to sickness.

Therefore, remaining hydrated is very important for us all. And even more for bodybuilding. The moment our body starts getting dehydrated, a sharp drop in the performance is clearly visible. The demerit of low water content is further backed by a reduction in one’s ability to gain muscles. Bodybuilders must ensure that they drink enough water before their workout session, along with during and after the session. Additionally, they need to continue their water intake throughout the day.

Although no exact amount of water necessary to be drunk by bodybuilders can be recommended, it can definitely be said that they must hydrate themselves well. And food along with water should also be enough to suffice your workout needs.

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