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A physique to die for, flexed muscles, oiled skin, chiselled cuts and a sculpted body – sounds like a body-builder, doesn’t he? Now think of macho men standing in front of an audience, posing and flexing their muscles; men who engage in extensive work-out routines and diets, whose focal-point is their ‘body’!!!!  Yes, we are talking ‘body builders’ here!

How it began:

The concept of bodybuilding emerged in full form in the late 19th century, when having well-built bodies was considered a symbol of strength.  It was considered as the art of displaying ones muscles.   Eugen Sandow, the ‘Father of Modern Bodybuilding’ began promoting this concept by posing and displaying his body at muscle display performances and moved on to stage-shows and carnivals for the same.

He popularized the concept of posing and flexing, post which he used it to market and sell branded products in his name, bodybuilding equipment like dumbbells, bands etc. After came a flurry of different bodybuilding programs including Adoins Golden Ratio.

Bodybuilding contests:

Bodybuilding contests of all sorts are quite popular all over the world – be it a wrestling match in a small town or city, muscle display performances, Mr.  Universe, Mr.  World and the likes, model-hunts etc.

September 1901 experienced the first such competition judged by a renowned set of panellists, at London, UK.  This was followed by a similar contest at New York City in 1904.  Various titles and cash prizes were won and media-coverage and word of mouth made bodybuilding extremely popular.

Gaining popularity:

The increasing rage of bodybuilding became quite evident over the years.  Fan-following, brands and brand stores under popular body-builders, contests world-over, media-coverage, cash-rewards to winners, films based on body builders and their passion – supports the scaling popularity of the full-bloomed concept.

The organization:

Who would have thought that a mere display of one’s physique could germinate into an organization for body-builders? The WBF or World Bodybuilding Federation was formed in the year 1990, by Vince McMahon, wrestling promoter.  He went on to introduce WBF magazines, produce two television shows and create a big showmanship, something as large as WWF – to the world of bodybuilding.

All good things come to an end; and so did the World Bodybuilding Federation, in July 1992.  It could have been due to slow sales of the magazine, exceptionally huge payment involved, significant investment for producing the television shows etc.

The plateau stage:

The millennium year, 2000, wanted bodybuilding to be a part of the Olympics – this however, has not been achieved till date, due to the debatable issue of it ‘not’ being a ‘sport’.  Controversies continue whether bodybuilding can ever be included as a sport and kept in the same category as other sports.  It is not an athletic sport but a balance of building and working on muscle-mass.

Bodybuilding and a fit body:

Bodybuilding involves a lot of hard work, extensive workout, monitored diet, fitness routine and sometimes unnatural use of steroids.  It is the use of a progressive resistance exercise in order to develop and control one’s musculature.  Development of the musculature of one’s body using a combination of diet, supplements and exercise helps one build a body.

Bodybuilding is also known as hardgaining, because it helps in gaining muscle mass.  It is done for various reasons – either as a sport, for mere recreation, for better muscle building and stamina, for staying physically fit etc.

Vitamins, minerals, natural supplements, proteins, chemical supplements, fitness routine, muscle-training – all form an integral part of having and building a good body.  What differentiates a good body from a body builder’s body.  They generally experiment with a number of different work-out routines, exercises and training regimes to figure out what best suits their body type and built.


There are lots of areas of bodybuilding, some of which are listed below:

Natural bodybuilding:

This is a form of bodybuilding that relies on natural ways of building muscles – using a  healthy combination of diet, physical routines, balanced and healthy lifestyle etc.  They also claim to be off steroids or not rely on steroids to any extent, but believe in natural ways and means of building a physique and staying fit.

Teenage bodybuilding:

Amateur and young body-builders in the teenage segment also strive and work towards building a body, for competitive purposes.  There are a lot of bodybuilding contests and competitions organized for the young entrants.  Current successful trainers and body-builders start weight training in their early teenage years; some examples of which are Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lee Priest and Jay Cutler.  The youth of today is aspiring and motivated and young builders too compete in many such events.

Female bodybuilding:

Women began bodybuilding in the 1970s, by taking part in competitions.  This remained popular for a very long time.  A lot of women take into working with weights, power-exercises and appropriate diets, with the intention of having a more attractive body, increasing bone mass and preventing bone loss; unlike the belief of many that women who follow such practises and routines will end up with man-like musculature and that weight training is only for men.

What do body-builders focus on?

The following pointers are of prime importance for every builder who aspires to be the best body-builder:

  • Weight training
  • Power lifting
  • Motivation
  • Monitored diet
  • Regularized routines
  • Intensive work-outs
  • Rest period
  • Practice
  • Strength training
  • Muscle and strength balance
  • Shape and size of the body-builder, which determines how much weight etc.  he can lift


Bodybuilding is not everyone’s cup of tea.  Those who strive do so, have to be dedicated, have a passion for it, give up on a lot of pleasures in life and cannot compromise with their routines, work-out schedules, discipline – be it men, women, teenagers or anyone else.

Bodybuilding is a passion as much as it is an art.  It may or may not be a sport – but the fact remains and has always been that ‘dedication’ is the key and nothing can substitute that.  It requires hard work, intensive training and a routine that one has to follow come what may.

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