Bodybuilding: The Easy Way

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In this modern era, most crave for that perfect body; only few try hard to achieve it. Nonetheless, Bodybuilding is a tedious job and includes strenuous activities. Due to these factors, people often fumble before adopting muscle workout trainings and fitness programs. However, achieving the right physique can be made easy with the advancement of technologies of modern era, since most people cannot afford to dedicated major part of their schedule to gym and physical fitness program. Hence, it is often seen that people look for less strenuous and less tiring exercises which yield quicker results.

In corporate as well as social sphere, our health and physique plays a crucial role, as it is aptly said, health is wealth. Erratic health habits may render a person as a liability to a corporate or firm. Thus showing off those firm muscles aren’t the only factor which has compelled people to take up various physical fitness programs and trainings. Even so only few dwell on the necessities of an ideal body. Day by day more and more people are paying lump sum money to trainers for that perfect physique and to lower the risks of contracting health problems, however, this is at a later stage and much older ages, when most of the physical activities render useless and in turn increase the risks of injuries.

Therefore, for a good physique and a healthy body, it is crucial that a person starts at an early age, preferably during puberty, and dedicates at least a minimum amount of time to the fitness training programs, since we cannot dedicate our major time to bodybuilding in our fast track lives. Though there are plenty of ways to achieve that right height and physique, only few are time efficient, faster in yielding Adonis Golden Ratio results and are quite convenient to perform. These are some of those which you can adopt in your routine schedule as your first steps towards bodybuilding.

Weight Training

The next time you go out for shopping, gift yourself a pair of dumbbells. Initially, start with lower weights and of lesser intensity, as without prior adaptation, your body might collapse and may result in wear and tear of muscle fibres. Gradually increase the weight and the number of cycles, thus increasing the intensity.

Dumbbell exercises are the best known methods to develop arm muscles and triceps. Routine dumbbell exercises add that curve to your arm which you can boast about. Exercise caution while opting for heavier weights as negligence towards safety may prove to be fatal.

The best part about dumbbell exercises is its ease and convenience. Dumbbell exercises can be performed anywhere and everywhere. All one needs is a pair of dumbbells. Either home or gym or a simple play ground or the roof, any place would be easy and convenient when it comes to dumbbell exercises.

Pull Ups

After dumbbell exercises, pull ups are best known for yielding quicker results and stronger muscles. A bar to bear one’s weight is all one needs. Pull ups chiefly develops our shoulders and arm pits. However unlike dumbbell curl exercises, pull ups are quite tiring and tedious. Dumbbells tend to exercise your arm muscles only, while pulling your entire weight against the gravity just on two bare hands can prove to be a tough job.

Pull ups are excellent for shedding that extra weight. It in turn helps in toning of the shoulder muscles and strengthens arms and elbows. Pull ups are proven to increase gripping strength and stability of the torso.


Another easy-to-do exercise is lunging. The most amazing part about performing lunges is its ease. No special equipments are required, and it is as simple as walking, except with long steps. Lunging increases the muscle flexibility of our lower abdomen, increases the lustiness of the calf muscles and simultaneously helps you maintain a proper shape and physique. Lunging is also a preferable exercise for women since it requires less vigour and there is minimal jerking of the body. Often lunging is performed with lighter dumbbells in hand to intensify the effects and yield quicker results.

Lunging helps in toning of buttocks and calve muscles. It improves the metabolism rate and sheds the unnecessary fats from those areas. It also enhances flexibility of the hip muscles and ensures a stable torso. Regular lunging may reduce the probability of back aches and muscle aches and at the same time ensure a stronger lower body.

Since lunging is a stretching exercise, one must not overdo it since it can lead to wear and tear of muscles and may prove to be fatal for certain sensitive parts of the body.

Indulging and Enhancing Your Taste Buds

Diet plays a dominant role in determining your health and physical development. Erroneous eating habits may as well hamper your growth and ruin your work out or fitness program. Without proper diet, one can never expect fruitful results out of routine fitness exercises. Vigorous exercises accompanied with erroneous dietary habits will have negative repercussions on our health, such as abrupt increase in weight, poor endurance level, etc.

One of the most common malpractices is smoking just after an hour of vigorous swimming or tiring gym experience. This severely affects the respiratory system and lowers the endurance levels of the person. The person in turn has a higher chance of contracting respiratory syndromes. Thus any kind of intoxication should be strictly avoided.

A typical work-out diet includes two-three eggs, a bowl full of cereal, apples, bananas and plenty of water. Ideally, one should opt for a heavy breakfast, a still lighter lunch and minimal supper. Stuffing your stomach just before your sleep can disturb your rest and relaxation and abruptly disturb your pleasurable sleeping experience. One should abstain from junk food, and food consisting entirely of fatty materials, since it can lead to higher cholesterol levels, diabetes and juvenile obesity.

Proper rest and relaxation

Proper rest, especially sleep is crucial for developing a healthy body. Proper rest rejuvenates our body and preserves our youth. It is therefore a necessary element of fitness training programs and for building that admirable physique.

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