Building Mass and Strength

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So, you have decided to attain the ultimate – to get muscles instead of those pounds of fat! Congratulations for taking the plunge! Life has its challenges and it’s time to reap benefit out of the effort you put in. When you decide to exercise, you need not continue doing it for the whole day. But keep your body hydrated and feast on organic food. Remove caffeinated drinks and beverages and do away with all sugars for they slow down your body metabolism.

Here are some athlete motivated training exercises which will help you to gain muscles and leave you contented at the end of the day. You can feel the strength you gain and the hard work you put in. You need to have a relaxed attitude, do not rush and follow the steps, taking a deep breath each time you start afresh. Hit-leg Training, Hit-chest Training, 20-miute full body tabata workout, Deadmill Sprints, Sled Workout, Bodacious booty circuit, are the basics of a gym workout. Get a professional trainer to show you the steps or watch videos from the comfort of your home. But before starting with any of these you need to warm up by jogging, a few stretching exercises and then working with machines. Stretching exercises help by loosening your muscles and prepare them for subsequent strength training.

For beginners it is advised to go slow with the training even if you feel you have the strength to go on. You need to use free weights along with machine weights, and work each group of muscles one by one. Too much stress on a particular group of muscles may lead to injuries.

You should space out the lifting of ascending weights spreading over time. You should be able to lift heavier weights in a month’s time. If you face problems with increasing weights it is time to follow the practice of drop sets and super sets. Drop sets refer to reduction of intermediary weights between sets and without taking rest. Super sets refer to two consecutive practice of exercises without taking any rest in between.

The Rule on Failure: It is said in order to grow a particular muscle you first need to exhaust it totally. But there remains a chance of stressing the Central Nervous System or CNS. After a number of weeks of muscle training the CNS may feel bogged down, you may find it difficult to raise the original weights too. After one set of exercise it may seem impossible to carry on the subsequent exercises. Instead try to beat the feeling by doing two repetitions of the exercises you can do. Don’t stop! You are about to reach the next Adonis Golden Ratio step!

Perform exercises catering to two group of muscles at a time. Have enough carbohydrates and amino acids in your daily diet for the required stamina and strength to go on. Go for a change of exercise after two weeks. After each weight-training day give a rest gap. Go to gym but do not lift weights. Your body needs rest as much as work. Strike a balance between the two, and you will succeed!

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