Burn Fat Before The Bulges Become Visible

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Maybe it is just your muffin top, which is bothering you; but to banish it you need to undertake a full-fledged fat burning regimen. Many people fail to realize that spot reduction does not really work unless that is accompanied by overall weight control programs. Therefore, even if you are interested in taking off a few inches from your midriff, you need to banish it from places where there is no apparent fat accumulation.

It is easier to prevent accumulation of fat than to lose it:

One of the complicated hurdles that lie on the road to a fat free body is the hidden fatty tissues that lie deep inside the body. Fats accumulate in odd places and we fail to realize that until the bulges become visible. Once that happens, fat burning becomes an uphill task. It then takes many months’ concentrated effort to make even a slight impact. As with any other diseases, it is much easier to prevent accumulation of fat than to burn it.

Role of muscle building training in fat burning process:

Therefore, one has to burn fat before the bulges become visible. If you start the process at an early stage, you can accomplish much by undertaking cardiovascular exercises such as brisk walking and swimming for at least half an hour each day. Weight lifting too plays an important part in fat burning process. It works in a number of ways. For instance:

  • Weight training increases calorie-burning process more than any cardiovascular exercise can.
  • Studies have shown that the process continues to burn fat even when the body is at rest.
  • More importantly, a well-built body is capable of burning more calories than a flabby body.

High Intensity Intervals or HIIT:

If you cannot really bring yourself to do that you can undergo physical workout such as free hand exercises or yoga for half an hour. Jumping ropes can also help to burn fat in effective manner. In all these cases, you will get better results if you practice High Intensity Intervals programs. In this process, one has to alternate a brief period of high intensity exercises with a very short period of rest. Just make sure that the rest period does not stretch too far. If it does, the whole process will become futile.

Jumping ropes is a good way to burn fat:

Jumping rope is not only a good and affordable way of fat burning; it also improves the coordinating power of the body. The process is simple. You just need to hold the ends of the rope in each hand and position it behind you on the ground. Next you must raise your hand and bring the rope in front. Jump over the rope as it touches the ground and continue with the process. It is said that, a person weighing 150 lb, will burn 350 calories if he/she continues with the process for thirty minutes.

However, in case of jumping ropes, one need not take full rest. After a brief warm up, you can jump ropes as fast as you can for twenty seconds and then slower the speed and jump at a slower rate for thirty seconds. Surveys have shown that it produces better results in less time. A word of caution though; if you are not really fit or if you have any cardiac problem, you should not undertake such HIIT programs without consulting doctors. There are other more moderate ways to lose fat.

Lifestyle changes too can yield good results:

Lifestyle changes are equally effective ways for burning fat. However, such a process requires more perseverance and one has to keep at it all day long. For example, if there is a choice between staircase and elevator, one should remember to take the former. Trying to use muscle power as much as possible is also another such technique.

Going for a walk or a swim is another excellent way to exercise your muscles and lose fat. One can also develop hobbies, which requires body movement. Bird watching is one such hobby, which can help you to shed pounds in the most pleasant way. Sports like bean bag toss game, corn toss game or washer game are also some other enjoyable way to undergo some physical exercise.

Food that can help you to achieve your goal:

We all know that when the calorie we consume is greater than the calorie we spend, it turns into fat. What type of food we eat and how much calorie we consume depends on what kind of life we lead. Our physical stature is also a big factor in this matter. Larger the frame is more calories the person will need. Nonetheless, if you want to lose fat you will have to reduce the amount of carbohydrates in your menu.

Importance of carbohydrates in the menu:

It is to be noted that experts had recommended a cut in the intake of carbohydrate; they do not suggest that you should cut it off completely. Regulated amount of oatmeal, brown rice or whole wheat bread should be taken regularly, preferably before three pm. These food stuffs not only provide the energy for work, but also dietary fiber, which help in the bowel movement. It has also been seen that if the diet is very low in carbohydrate it may result in higher level of blood ketone bodies, which in turn can give rise to type I and often type II diabetes.

Role of unsaturated fats in burning fat:

To lose fat, people often resort to fat less diet. Like the carbohydrates, fats too are essential for our system. One should always consume regulated amount of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. While pea nut butter, olive oil, fish oil, egg yolk fall under monounsaturated category, omega3 is a good example of polyunsaturated fat. One is advised to consume them in regulated quantity because they actually help you to burn fat, recover from workouts and also to build muscles.

Role of vitamins, minerals and proteins in burning fat:

Besides, one should take adequate quantities of vegetable and fruits. Most of these are not only low in calorie, but high in vitamins and minerals. Regulated amount of protein too should be a part of your Adonis Golden Ratio menu. They not only help to build muscles, but also increase metabolism and help to burn fat faster than any other group of food stuff ever can.

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