Disadvantages of Weightlifting

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Excess of anything is bad, even bodybuilding. Building up your muscles will give your strength and make you less prone to injuries. Exercising gives a definition to your muscles and makes them stand out. You will get a good feeling about your body and your abilities.

However, there are some distinct disadvantages of bodybuilding as well. You have to be extremely careful with the weights and your training schedule and make sure that you follow all the safety guidelines. Neglecting them may result in injury and even death.

Here are a few side effects of bodybuilding:

  1. Risk of death: People who do some heavy weight lifting often end up with their heart structure altered. The left ventricle becomes slightly thicker and enlarged. Patients with torn aortas have been frequently reported. A lot of patients died due to undiagnosed heart conditions. Lifting weight that is over 50% of your body weight raises your blood pressure and leads to the enlargement and tearing of the aortas.
  2. Accidents: There is a safe way to do each and every exercise in the gym. Every machine and piece of equipment comes with a user’s manual. Make sure to read it carefully and thoroughly before you use that equipment. If you use momentum to lift the weight, you might end up injuring your back. You might get stuck in some machine and get bruised, if you do not use proper technique. Also, if you are using extremely heavy weights, you might get a muscle pull or even permanent muscle damage. Muscle pulls, sprains, cramps and even fractures are extremely common incidents in the gym. Your body may even experience a permanent break down due to heavy weight lifting. A lot of pressure is applied on your joints, which may cause them to wear and tear faster than they can repair themselves.
  3. Ignoring warm ups and cool downs: It is extremely important to warm up before starting your exercise session. When you have to lift heavier weight, you need to put in more time into cardio. Cardio helps in making your heart muscles stronger. Thus, cardio is mandatory. Taking steroids and restricting your diet has a negative impact on your heart. So, you have to counter it by doing cardio. Cardio is actually considered more beneficial than lifting heavy weights. Taking a long walk, swimming, cycling, all are good forms of healthy cardio.
  4. Bad diet and nutrition: Body builders generally take in a lot of proteins in order to build up their muscles to the maximum possible extent. Some people even deprive themselves of food and water to get into proper shape. This is extremely unhealthy and is not advised by health professionals. People even take up unhealthy supplements and steroids in order to gain maximum muscle definition.
  5. Weight gain: You may experience a sudden and temporary weight gain when you first begin your weight training. The amount of muscle gain can be more than the amount of fat that you lose. When you start a bodybuilding program, you have to increase your diet and your protein intake, which will lead to an increase in weight. You will need to do a lot weight lifting and repetitions in you want to counter balance the weight gain. If you don’t do this, you will reach a plateau and not be able to lose the weight.
  6. Reverse anorexia: Some people go overboard with the obsession to build their muscles. They will constantly think about making their muscles even more tones. They might think that their muscles are not up to the mark, even though they are completely bulked up. They might even abandon other responsibilities and important work just to buff up. They embark on unhealthy and unusual diets to increase their muscle mass. This will make them gain weight and neglect all their duties.
  7. Muscle pain: Muscle pain is a direct effect of bodybuilding. Your muscles will tear up while exercising, and this is how they become stronger. However, if you over train, your muscles will tear up beyond the point of repair, and you will experience acute pain and cramps for a really long time. If you do not follow the safety procedure, or lift weight that is way beyond your capacity, you could tear your ligaments and even end up getting a fracture. The weight may fall on you and injure you. If you do not practice the proper form of any exercise, you might have plate dislocations and injuries. Some people even faint due to dehydration and exertion. Thus, it is extremely necessary that you take precautions and keep yourself properly hydrated during the exercise. If you feel ill or dizzy then instantly stop exercising.
  8. Stress fractures in women: Exercising leads to accumulation of muscle mass in the body. This may result to stress fracture in women, which is a tiny crack in a bone. This fracture is a result of intense workout schedules and lifting up more weight than you can handle. Thus, it is extremely necessary that you gradually move up the weight load. The number of repetitions performed may also be a cause of this skeletal deformity. Women who desire great results in a small amount of time generally exercise a lot and are more prone to this injury.
  9. Steroid intake: Bodybuilders generally take anabolic steroids to build up muscles. Steroids have numerous well-known side effects. People still consume steroids, knowing all they know. The fierce competition amongst bodybuilders puts a lot of pressure on Adonis Golden Ratio users who don’t want to take steroids. Steroids affect the body in many ways. Some side effects are so extreme that they even lead to death. Steroids cause kidney malfunction, blood cysts in the liver, infertility, baldness in men and women, heart problems, masculinization in women, breast development in men, and a number of other severe problems. Steroids and other bodybuilding supplements also cause a number of psychological troubles such as mood swings, aggression, anxiety and depression.
  10. Heart damage: Bodybuilding puts a lot of pressure on the heart. It leads to thickening of certain walls of the heart, which leads to malfunction of the heart. Also, exercising lowers the level of good cholesterol and increases the level of bad cholesterol.

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