Do Desiccated Liver Tablets Really Work In Body Building?

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Look up desiccated liver tablets and every single body building website and blogs calls it the wonder pill for body building enthusiasts.

It is not a drug, not like steroids or other chemical muscle growth stimulants would be! It is the most harmless thing that is also extremely efficient – a dietary supplement.

We have read many times that the most important part about starting on the journey of body building is to find the right training regimen and most importantly, find the right diet.  For a body builder, they need to consume very high levels of protein and calorie every day, to compensate for the extreme high intensity work out and also serve as a base for the muscles to be stimulated into growing, in order to increase the net muscle mass gain long term.

So that said, a dietary supplement that many trainers swear by and claim works so efficiently that they see as much as a one whole inch of increase in their muscle bulking up in just one month? That sounds like a story or a made up spoof.  But indeed, from the many varied reports that say the same about this pill, it seems like it might be true!

The positive nitrogen balance factor

The reasoning behind the desiccated liver tablet and its supposed success is explained by the positive nitrogen balance factor, which many body building trainers and experts swear by.

According to this theory of body building, your body should always be in a state of having excess nitrogen circulating in its bloodstream, in order to stimulate faster muscle growth.

This is quite hard based on scientific fact, as we already know that having more proteins and following a rigorous work out schedule gives you excellent muscle mass increase.  And proteins are very good sources of high quality nitrogen.  So yes, the positive nitrogen balance factor does have a lot of scientific basis!

So, it is recommended for those looking to bulk up and get a good muscle mass gain to eat multiple meals a day, as high as six to eight meals, making sure to eat a high calorie and high protein diet each time in small quantities.

The body requires a constant supply of nitrogen as described in the Adonis Golden Ratio book and good carbohydrates (calories) to be in a continuous state of inducing muscle growth and muscle mass gain.  Since, due to all the heavy work outs and exercises, both the protein and the calories get broken down and consumed, it is necessary to replenish these broken down quantities every two to three hours for maximum results.

But there is the side effect that, while protein gets broken down to nitrogen constantly, the calories intake each time we eat are also high.  So we are taking in a lot of excess calories, which is also necessary, but if we slack off in our work out regime for even a few days, our body’s calorie balance will be disrupted and you may end up having to work off unwanted fat storages and deposits along with working out for increasing the muscle mass.

So the best solution is to eat calories only every alternate meal – say if you are eating eight meals a day, just eat proper calorie rich food four out of those eat meals, and for the other meals it is best to eat a high protein supplement alone which has fully digestible carbohydrates in low quantities and is mainly chock full of protein and hence nitrogen source.

The best dietary supplement to match these specifications is the Desiccated Liver tablets!

What is the Desiccated Liver tablet?

The desiccated liver tablets contain animal liver extracts.  These tablets are very rich sources of protein and contain protein broken down directly into their amino acids form, so it increases the speed and process of assimilation of the nitrogen provided in the human body.  That is, nitrogen is absorbed faster and utilized with greater speed when consuming Desiccated Liver tablets!

Apart from these beneficial nitrogen sources amino acids, the desiccated liver tablets also contain other compounds which promote efficient body building.  Desiccated Liver tablets contain natural growth factor inducing compounds, which are highly beneficial to muscles and induce muscles to grow.

Also, desiccated liver tablets have anti estrogen factor.  Estrogen is the most predominant female hormone and it is the direct opposite of the male hormone testosterone.

All males and all females have both estrogen and testosterone.  However in males testosterone is higher while in females there is much higher estrogen.  This is the natural balance of things.

In body building and high intensity muscle mass increasing exercises, the testosterone levels shoot up significantly.  This not only helps to increase the muscle growth but also helps to make the muscles more resistant to fatigue and gives the muscles more durability to withstand the strains of the high intensity body building work outs.

So desiccated liver tablets, which have anti estrogen factors, helps to regulate any spikes in estrogen and also promotes more testosterone production in each work out done by the body builder.

When all of this cumulates, you ultimately have a wonder dietary supplement that gives you everything you need for a good body building diet without burdening you down with any excesses of calories and also letting your avoid having to glut yourself down with food multiple times a day!

What the experts advice

The trainers who have been in the body building training and muscle growth increase monitoring business for many years, all recommend that instead of four of your eight body building diet meals a day, a body builder may try simply popping in three liver desiccated pills every two hours.

This would ensure that the constant nitrogen supply needed for muscle growth is never down, while also making sure all calories consumed get completely burned down every day and there is no calorie getting stored up as fat deposits anywhere in the body builder’s system.

Desiccated liver tablets are nothing but powdered protein put in with liver meat extracts and some egg extracts combined with a few all natural medical ingredients.  Yet, it can cause a staggering increasing in the rate at which you gain muscle mass and also reduce a significant amount of the food you have to eat every day.  It really is the body building wonder secret!

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