Do Not Skip Breakfast

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Everybody wants to lose fat. A slim figure not only looks good, but it also helps to enjoy life more fully. To achieve their goal many people take up fat reducing programs, which are not only unscientific, but at times downright unhealthy. Our aim should be to remain lean but healthy. To achieve such ends, one just has to follow a disciplined regimen and use lots of common sense.

Start you day with a hearty breakfast:

If you truly want to lose fat without causing any health hazard, you should never dream of skipping breakfast. It is said that our metabolism stops functioning as we sleep through the night. It only wakes up to digest food in the morning and that is why it is essential to have substantial breakfast. It is advisable that we should take at least three quarters of the day’s calorie intake in the morning.

What you eat also matters a lot. Some food helps our system to breakdown calories faster than the others. It is an ideal way to start the day with a bowl of high fiber cereal such as oatmeal. Skimmed milk and fruit added to it makes the dish wholesome and help you to start the day with right amount of zeal and energy without having to consume too much calories. Contrarily, the dish actually helps to break calories and burn fat without causing any side effect.

Drink plenty of green tea – it can also hasten metabolism:

Whole wheat bread with peanut butter accompanied by fruits and milk also makes a good breakfast. You can also finish it with green tea. Green tea increases metabolism and speed up the fat burning process to a great extent. Moreover, it is not necessary that one should drink it hot. One can easily prepare a jug of iced green tea and keep it in the fridge. It will be equally effective in breaking up fatty tissues.

The importance of choosing the right food items:

Any food that has high thermogenic effect is good for burning fat. That is why we need to choose food carefully. If we can manage to eat really hot food with lots of chilly we can actually lose fat much faster. However, chewing up chilly for sake of burning fat is not really advisable because it may cause other gastronomical problems. You can however try peppers.

Pepper is not as hot as chilly is, yet they are equally good in burning fat. Pepper can be eaten raw or cooked, dried or powdered. Hot sauces in soups, eggs and meat can also have similar effect. However, if you cannot bring yourself to consume it, do not worry. You can instead try brown rice, whole wheat bread, fresh vegetables and fruits that contain sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals, low fat dairy products such as cheese and yoghurt etc. They are healthy and yet help to break down calories faster than many other food items.

Dairy products must form a part of your daily menu:

If your aim is to burn fat in a safe way you must include dairy products such as skimmed milk, low fat cheese and yogurt in the daily menu because the calcium and vitamin D in them help to build up and preserve muscles. It is to be remembered that our aim is to lose fat, not muscles. In fact, it is essential to grow muscle power if we do want to burn up fat and that is why expert recommends that aspirants should take up muscle building exercises and cardiovascular exercises along with a wholesome diet.

Importance of protein in your daily diet:

Along with the required amount of vitamins and minerals, one should also consume enough body building food. Since proteins have high thermogenic effect, they not only build cells, but also help to burn fat at a faster rate. If you are interested in burning fat in a healthy way you should consume lean meats such as chicken, fish etc in sufficient quantity. Ideally protein intake should vary between 20 and 35 percent of the total intake. Too much of it may have adverse effect on the kidney and cause complication.

Lentils are one of the cheapest ways you can get a wholesome meal while on a diet:

Soybean, hemp, lentils, mushrooms, nuts etc also contain good amount protein. Among them lentils need special mention. It is one of the most inexpensive sources of proteins and at the same time contains all the necessary ingredients such as essential amino acid, isoleucine, lysne etc. Ordinarily lentil may not have sufficient quantity of methionine and cysteine; but if you have them sprouted, you can make up for this deficiency.

Lentils also contains good amount of dietary fibers, folate, iron, vitamin B1. Moreover, it contains very little Readily Digestible Starch or RDS and high level of Slowly Digestible Starch (SDS). All these properties make lentils one of the most sought after food for people who want to lose fat in a scientific manner. Best of all, different species of lentils are available in the market and so one can have variations even when one is on a strict diet.

Mushrooms too are a good source of wholesome nutrition. An ounce of mushroom has as little as 20 calories and yet they are a good source of Vitamin B, selenium, copper and potassium. Those, which are exposed to ultra-violet light, also contain Vitamin D2. Soybeans too are a good source of complete protein and contain all the essential amino acids.

Role of exercises in fat burning process:

Food alone cannot help one to lose fat. One has to moderately active if he/she wants to lose fat in a healthy way. If you can have your workouts under professional supervision, there is nothing like it. Otherwise, you should undertake Adonis Golden Ratio cardiovascular exercises on your own. Half an hour’s brisk walk can help you to remain in shape provided you follow the dietary restriction with honesty. Jogging, swimming and cycling too are good way to shed that extra pound. As we have said in the beginning, to burn fat effectively one just has to follow a disciplined regimen.

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