Does Yoga Build Muscle?

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Yoga originated in India. It is a popular term of practice for physical, mental, and spiritual discipline to achieve inner peace. It reverses the usual external flow of energy and awareness so that the mind develops into a center of direct insight. It helps the individual to not depend on the fallible senses and instead be capable of experiencing the truth.

A popular question asked by many is, “Does yoga build muscle?” Aside from being a form of meditation, yoga can be a type of strength-training exercise. The usual practice of yoga allows your body to be formed and shaped. There are certain poses that specifically needs strength and endurance to hold your pose for an extended period of time. You need muscles to do this easily, and so after repeating these poses for a while, muscles will form and you will become accustomed to it, making it easier to do. Here are two of the basic poses that can help you build muscles through yoga:

1. Plank Pose

This pose tightens the abdominal muscles, at the same time making the arms, wrist, and spine stronger.

Does Yoga Build Muscle?

How to Do it:

  • Place a mat on the floor, and then lie flat on your stomach.
  • Put your elbows on the mat under your shoulders. Keeping your forearms straight ahead.
  • Rely the whole weight of your body on your forearms as you make your body straight, placing your feet behind you with your toes curled below. Put stress in your abdominal muscles so that your back will be straight. Hold your pose for about a minute. To add challenge into the pose, raise one of your legs up for around thirty seconds and then switch to your other leg.
  • Your shoulders should be higher than your hips.

2. Tree Pose

This pose increases your body balance. It stretches your inner thighs, groin, shoulders, at the same time strengthening your things, calves, core, and foot muscles.

How to Do It:

  • Stand on your mat with both of your feet hip width separately.
  • Take a deep breath using your diaphragm with both of your shoulder staying still without rising.
  • Raise your right foot, bending it against your left thigh. Transfer your body’s weight into your right leg. And hold your hands together like your praying, raising them as high as you could go. Stay still for about one minute.
  • Repeat the following steps on the other leg.

There are more yoga poses that can help you develop body muscles, these are just two of the most basic.