Don’t Let Steroids Tempt You

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Success through shortcuts is short lived.  Every individual is tempted by opportunities that shortcuts put in front of them but it is at that weak point you need to be strong and follow the lengthier way for long lasting success.

Today the young generation working towards building up their bodies often have role models of famous personalities and dream to achieve the same in no time.  What these individuals forget is the journey that the personalities must have taken.  They look out for way that yield the same results much faster but forget the harmful effects they may have on their bodies on the long run.

It is here that the steroids play a role.  The faster bodybuilding methods are aided by use of steroids.  They are performance-enhancing drugs that have severe side affects.  But before we discuss the harmful effects of steroids, let us understand how they function.  Consumption of steroids enhances the production of proteins and increases the muscle size significantly.  These muscles are gradually worked upon and toned to form triceps, biceps and abs.

Have you ever wondered what is the composition of these steroids? Well they are nothing but products with doses of male hormones.  They are generally administered orally or through an injectable.  Although you may find them with different names, their composition is generally the same.  They may have varying percentages of the same hormones like testosterone.

There are times when an individual unconsciously become a victim of steroids particular if they feel Adonis Golden Ratio is not providing results immediately.  This is because of the fact that today health parlors and professionals are openly selling steroids to provide better results without informing the customer.  They sell them in the name of essential health supplements at escalated costs.  Consuming nutritional supplements are beneficial but they are expensive as compared to the steroids.  It is because of the easy availability and low prices that the use of steroids is so high and widespread.

Most people achieve their desired physique with the use of steroids in no time and feel really satisfied with their accomplishment.  Once an individual falls prey to the use of steroids it is almost impossible to get out of it.  This is because the results of substance abuse are so praiseworthy that no one desires to lose on their bulky physique.  However, it is them who later testify that using drugs was their biggest mistake and it is often too late for them to reverse the adverse effects of those steroids.  Most of these individuals feel uncomfortable to disclose the same, as the damage it does is very bad.  With the side effects known to vary for each individual, some the most dreadful ones are:

  • Causes infertility
  • Damages liver and kidneys
  • Alters the blood pressure
  • Swelling of the heart
  • Brain damage
  • Shrinkage of intestines

Some not so severe side effects of steroid abuse are nausea, sleeplessness, fatigue and dejection.  Most of these symptoms however are not visible to the outer world.  Superficial side effects that are visible include acne formation.  People also tend to develop morbid inclinations and may try and commit suicide.  Steroids affect the personality of the individual to a large extent.  The user experiences withdrawal symptoms, becomes anti-social and begins to stay in isolation.  An otherwise quiet person may end up becoming highly aggressive and violent due to substance abuse.

The most common users of steroids are individuals involved in competitive sports.  These athletes use performance-enhancement drugs to achieve better results and excellent performance.  Some sports that have seen the use of drugs are athletics, cycling, swimming, wrestling, bodybuilding and weightlifting.  Although the list may be longer, these are a few common ones.

Doctors feel the only consistent mode of treatment to get rid of the issues arising from steroids is to create awareness against its use.  A number of social welfare organizations are constantly working towards creating awareness about steroid usage.  They are trying to let people know not only about the harmful effects of these performance-enhancing drugs but also about their illegal nature.  You may have often heard of athletes facing a ban due to use of banned steroids.  It is necessary for you to keep in mind that substance abuse can get you in a lot of legal trouble and cause mental agony.

You may sometime be tempted by just trying it once and seeing the effect but beware.  These are very addictive and their effects are not visible in a short span.  If you speak to victims trying to get out of the habit of steroid use, you will be able to clearly understand the extent of its damage.  Today, physical appearance has become of great importance for everyone and it is mostly to please the opposite sex.  Young individuals are caught up by the idea of getting hot-looking, well-toned bodies just to impress their counterparts but in the entire process they fail to pay attention to their overall health and end up destroying their future with steroid use.

The use of steroids should be restricted to medicinal purposes like growth stimulation in children with developmental difficulties or other life threatening diseases that require steroid use as a treatment process.

As a responsible human being it is for you to judge for yourself and your social surroundings and decide the right option.  One wrong move from your end may influence many others in your surroundings.  Try and be a role model for all those around you and set an example for everyone by saying no to the illegal steroids.  If you want to follow serious bodybuilding and look great, make sure you consult the right expert and workout under their guidance.  You may be required to take supplements but they do not have to be steroids.

Before you even think about enhancing your physique through the use of steroids, carefully weigh all its drawbacks.  Taking the long, tedious path with commitment and passion is sure to get you to your goal without any regrets.  It may be time consuming but it definitely will be highly rewarding as well!

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