Exercises Done with a Dumbbell

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Dumbbell exercises help you in working on particular muscle groups and also help in strengthening your stabilizer muscles. This is the biggest advantage of working with free weights. Also, you do not need to purchase heavy and expensive equipment or join a gym to get fit.

When you work with free weights, you do not have to worry about your muscles developing disproportionately. These exercises will not isolate your muscles from the other muscles groups. Also, if every muscle in equally developed, you will face fewer injuries while exercising

To perform dumbbell exercises, all you need are two dumbbells and a bench. You will be able to do a number of exercises with just two dumbbells, and will be able to exercise every muscle in your body.

Dumbbells come with adjustable weights. You should purchase the attachable weights because buying separate dumbbells will cost you a lot. Also remember to maintain proper form while working with dumbbells. Do not cheat on the workouts, even if it is tempting. Always remember to use smaller weights when you first start weight lifting, and slowly progress to heavier weights.

Here are a few exercises that require nothing but dumbbells and a bench:

a)    Bench Press: You need two dumbbells and a bench for this exercise. You have to lie down on the bench, with one dumbbell and each of your hands. Hold the dumbbells close to your chest. Now, slowly exhale and raise the dumbbells over your head. Do not lock your elbows when you reach the topmost position. Now exhale and bring the dumbbells to the starting situation. You can do this exercise even on a declined and inclined bench.

b)   Dumbbell fly: Lie down on a bench with a dumbbell placed on each of your sides. Now lift the weights at the height of about your head. Slowly, try to bring the dumbbells together over your head. Do not lock your elbows while lifting the weights. You can also perform this exercise on an inclined bench.

c)    Arm Pullover: Lie down on a bench with one dumbbell in each of your hands. Keep your hands over your head. Now slowly raise your arms up until they become perpendicular to you. Do not bend your elbows while lifting the weights. You can also perform a variation of this exercise in which you are supposed to bend your elbows.

d)   Weighted crunch: This exercise requires only one dumbbell and a bench. Lie down on the bench, and place the dumbbell on your chest. Hold the dumbbell with both your hands to keep it balanced. Now slowly lift your shoulders off the bench. Hold this position for some time, and then return to original position.

e)    Dumbbell side bend: This exercise just requires one dumbbell. Stand straight holding the dumbbell in one arm. Now slowly bend your body towards the side in which you are holding the dumbbell. Slowly bring yourself back to the original position, and repeat with the opposite side.

f)     Weighted leg raise: Lie down on the bench with the dumbbell held firmly between your feet. Keep your legs stretched and raise them to an angle of 90 degree. Now slowly take your legs back to the original position and repeat.

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