Exercises Done With Dumbbells

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The main benefit of exercising with dumbbells is that in addition to using the main muscles, you will also get to use your stabilizing muscles. Dumbbell exercises remove the isolation of the main targeted muscles and help you to use the minor stabilizing muscles. Another advantage of dumbbell exercising is that you just need a pair of free weights and a bench, and you will be able to do hundreds of exercises. You can afford a pair of dumbbells over heavy and costly gym equipment. Dumbbells are also easier to carry. And then there is the problem of adjusting the weights in the gym machines which is not a problem with a pair of dumbbells.

However, dumbbells do not leave any muscle behind to lay stress on; hence it is easy to cheat on the exercises. By cheating we mean that one can use the body movements to perform the exercises more easily. Many people swing their body back and forth t do the bicep curls. So we can see that if you do not maintain a good body posture the target muscle group will not get the proper amount of stress needed to grow them. Let’s have a look at some of the key dumbbell exercises.

The first is the flat chest press. In this you lay down flat on a bench and hold the dumbbells directly above you. Then you lower the dumbbells near your chest in a controlled manner. The dumbbells are then pressed back into the starting position and the process is repeated.

Next is the inclined Adonis Golden Ratio chest press. This exercise is the same as the previous with the only difference being that the bench is adjusted at an angle of about 30 to 45 degree from the horizontal.

In flat chest flies lay flat on the bench with the weights held on your chest. Bend elbows slightly and maintain it. Open arms towards the side and repeat the whole exercise again.

In inclined chest flies, adjust the bench to an inclination of 30 to 45 degrees and perform the same exercise.

Seated shoulder press lays emphasis on the shoulders as the name suggests. Sit upright with dumbbells overhead and make sure that the back is flat. Lower the dumbbells slowly to the shoulders and repeat the process.

In lateral raises, stand upright and bend your knees slightly. Hold the dumbbells at the sides. Bend your elbows slightly and raise the dumbbells out to the sides. When the arms are parallel to the floor, perform another repetition.

Flies help you build your chest muscles and the reverse flies help you with your back. For this you sit on the edge of the bench and rest the chest over the thighs. Hold the dumbbells next to the feet and lift them slowly till they are parallel to the floor.

Front raises work on our shoulders as well as your triceps. Stand upright and lift the dumbbells forward till they are at the shoulder height, one at a time. The arms are to be repeated alternately.

Single arm row works on your triceps and your back. Stand next to a bench. Place one knee and hand on the bench. Hold one dumbbell with your arm extended. Pull the dumbbell towards your chest and repeat the set with the other hand.

Next comes the lying bent over rows. Lie face down on a flat bench and hold the dumbbells in your hands. Pull the dumbbells towards your chest slowly and repeat the process.

Upright rows make your shoulders stronger. Stand straight and keep your knees slightly bent. Keeping the dumbbells close to the body raises them to the chin.

Shrugs need you to shrug your shoulders as high as you can, holding the weights vertically down.

Hammer curls work on your biceps. Stand upright with your dumbbells at the sides. Turn the palm inwards so that they can face the body. Curl you’re the dumbbells up slowly and keep your elbows close.

In preacher curls set the bench rest at 45 degrees. Stand behind the bench holding the dumbbell back of the upper arm on it. Keep back of upper arm against back and curl towards the face. Repeat the set with the other hand.

Concentration curls are the most orthodox of the dumbbell exercises for biceps. Sit o the edge of the bench and hold the dumbbell in one hand, resting on the thigh. Curl the dumbbell towards the face and repeat the set with the other hand.

Over head tricep extensions need you to stand upright and hold dumbbell directly above the head. Slowly lower the elbow so that the dumbbell is lowered before the head. Repeat with the other hand.

In French press, lie flat on the ground and hold the dumbbells directly above the palms facing each other. Now fold the dumbbells to the sides of the head. Extend both your arms back to the start position and repeat.

Leg squats is one of the exercises that work on your thighs. Holding the dumbbells, do sit-ups. Make sure that the arms stay straight I position.

Dumbbell lunges are also done to increase the strength in your legs overall. Holding the dumbbells at the sides, step forward and bend your knee as you do so to about 90 degrees. Meanwhile the other knee is to be as near as to the ground as possible. Return to normal position and repeat with the other leg stepped forward.

Single leg calf press is the exercise for your calves. Holding the dumbbell in one hand at the side, hold the bench with the other hand for support. Stand on one foot on the bench’s edge and then slowly bring yourself down. Repeat the exercise with the other leg.

Seated calf raise needs you to sit on the edge of the bench and rest the dumbbells on the thighs. While sitting raise the heels by using the toes. Lower the heels and repeat.

However, you must always take precautions while doing exercises with the weights. If they fall or twist you muscles, serious injuries can be caused. Always train with someone or under trained supervision.

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