Exercises That Do Not Require Equipments

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Many of us do not think that purchasing gym equipment is really worth the money. You might not be sure that you will exercise, and the weights will just sit there waiting. Or maybe due to some reason you cannot go to a gym. You will still be able to work every muscle in your body without using any equipment.

The best thing about working at home without any equipment is that it saves a lot of time. You will spend a minimum of 30 minutes driving to and from a gym. Gym is the first option to be struck off the list when we are too busy. If you learn the few basic exercises that can be done even at home, you can easily fit exercising into your schedule.

Circuit training is the best option if you have to work out at home. Take minimal rest between consecutive workouts. Here are a few exercises that you can perform without any equipment:

a)    Bodyweight squat: You have to stand with your feet apart. Interlock your fingers and keep them behind your head. Now, bend your knees and slowly bring yourself down in a sitting position. Keep bringing yourself down as much as you can. Now slowly bring your body back upwards. This exercise will work on the muscles of your legs.

b)   Cardio: This is the best exercise that you can do for building endurance. You can run, sprint, jog or simply take a long walk. You will have to figure what a place where you can run without too many vehicles being in your way. Preferably, choose the morning time to avoid the traffic.

c)    Inclined push-ups: You need a chair or a raised platform for this exercise. It will work on your chest muscles and your deltoids. Stand in front of the platform with your feet apart. Now place your arms on the platform keeping them shoulder width apart. Keeping your entire body straight, slowly bend your elbows and bring yourself close to the platform. Do not bend your knees while doing this. Now slowly straighten your arms and bring yourself to starting position.

d)   Walking lunge: This exercise works on your quadriceps. Stand with your hands by your side. Bring your left foot forward. Then bend and put your right knee on the floor. Your left leg should form a 90 degree angle. Now lift yourself up and go back to the original position. Repeat this exercise with the opposite leg.

e)    Crunches: This exercise works on your abs, shoulders, and neck muscles. Lie down on the floor with your hands behind your head. Keep your knees bent. Now, inhale and push your shoulders off the floor. Try to bring your upper body as close to your knees as possible. Return to original position and repeat.

f)     Calf raises: This exercise will work on your calf muscles. It is very simple to do. Stand with your feet close together. Now slowly raise yourself on your toes. Hold this position for some time then return to normal.

g)    Pull-ups: You can manage to do this exercise in your home too. All you need is a bar at enough height so that you pull yourself. Just hold the bar, and try to lift yourself off the ground. Then return to normal position and repeat.

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