Exercising Safety Tips

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It is really important that you follow the safety procedures while exercising. Injuries are extremely common in gyms. You could even get seriously injured if you are not careful with weights and machines.

First of all, you should always consult a physician before you begin any body building program. Your systems need to be in proper condition if you want to build your muscles. Your liver, heart and kidneys should be functioning properly. Your hormonal levels should be normal. Even you have recently had a surgery or an injury, make sure that you have completely recovered before you start working out. In this condition, your body will not be able to take the pressure and your condition will get even worse. You may also experience shrill pain while exercising.

If you have a heart condition, then make sure to tell your gym instructor about it. He will help you and design a schedule that will not include too much exertion. You should not lift too much weight if you have a bad or injured back. Asthmatics too need to be careful while exercising. Strength training can be quite good for asthmatics, but always remember to increase the load slowly and carefully. Or else, you might experience breathlessness or even a serious asthma attack.

One important point to keep in your mind is that you should not begin weight training before the age of 15. Your body has not completely grown yet and applying too much pressure on it may cause permanent damage to your muscles. Also, children who start working out before the age of 15 experience stunted growth in their heights. Do not get me wrong, the only thing you are supposed to avoid is heavy weight lifting. Other mild forms of physical activity are perfectly okay even before the age of 15. But weight lifting applies too much pressure on your tender joints and ligaments which may tear beyond the point of repair.

You should always warm up before you begin to lift weights. Cardio increases your heart rate and body temperature. It prepares you for your heavy work out session both physically and mentally. It also increases the oxygen supply to your entire body, making you less susceptible to dizziness. Also, cardio before exercising helps in preventing injuries and fractures. After you have finished your workout session, remember to cool down. If you do not do so, you will still feel that rush and might faint because of it.

Always wear comfortable clothing while exercising. Your clothes should not be too tight or else they will not allow you to breathe properly. Also, they will restrict your full range of motion and you might get injured while exercising. Your clothes should also not be too loose or else they might get caught up in the equipment. Also, you might get strangled in them and fall over. You should also wear padded and comfortable footwear while exercising. Make sure that your shoelaces are tied. If you need waist or ankle belts, make sure to have them ready.

If you are just a beginner at bodybuilding, then start with smaller weights and simple machines. Gradually move on to higher weights and more complicated exercises. If you pick up the heavy weights at first, you will definitely pull your muscles or get a sprain. Your muscles will get torn beyond the point of repair. If you need to figure out what is the appropriate weight for you, then just pick one with which you can perform up to 10 repetitions and no more than that. Once you see that you are getting comfortable with this weight, pick a higher one.

Do not train harder than necessary. Always get a good night’s sleep. You should also take proper rest between the exercises. Your torn muscles are repaired during the rest period. This is how they get stronger. If you deprive yourself of rest, your muscles will not get repaired and you will experience several problems. Problems that are a result of Adonis Golden Ratio over-training are stress fractures, sore muscles and joints, and inflammation in tendons and ligaments.

If you are ill or extremely tired from the last day’s work, do not push your body to exercise. This will only worsen your condition. Take rest until you feel well enough to begin your session again. If you feel dizzy while exercising, then put a stop to it immediately. Also, if some part of your body hurts consistently, then stop exercising and consult a doctor. If you are too fatigued to continue, then rest for a few minutes then continue. If you had to stop your exercise regime for some time, you will have to begin from the start. Lift lighter weights as compared to where you were before

Always keep yourself hydrated during and after your body building session. Keep taking sips during the rest period. Do not rely on your thirst instincts to tell you how much water you should drink. At least 8-10 liters are quite necessary for building up muscles. You can also take water with some electrolytes and salts, to keep the balance in your body.

Always remember to practice the proper form while exercising. Do not attempt to cheat while completing your repetitions. Many people bend their knees or arch their arms in order to lift the weights. This may lead to an injury. Also, while lifting heavy weights, do not use momentum or jerk to lift them up. Your bones may get fracture or you may get a severe sprain. Always lift the weights slowly and patiently. Proper form is much more important than the number of repetitions you perform.

Do not exercise in extremely hot and humid conditions. Workout indoors where it is air conditioned if it is too hot outside. If you work out in too much heat, you will get headaches, feel dizziness and even get nauseous. When the weather conditions are too cold, remember to wear proper clothing while exercising.

Maintaining a healthy diet is also important for exercising safely. Do not eat right before working out. Keep a time margin of at least 2 hours. Just make sure that you are not empty stomach. Stretching should not be done before exercising. You should stretch after you are done with your workout.

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