Fat Burning Regimen

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It is not easy to lose fat, but neither is it an impossible job. With patience and perseverance, one can cross all hurdles and enjoy a slim and trim body. There are few of us who does not have any extra fat bulging from somewhere. We may not like it and rue over it now and then; but at the same time, most of us have learnt to live with it and over the time, we also learn to ignore it. To lead a healthy life it is imperative that we change such a mindset.

Why should one lose fat in the first place?

The answer is quite simple. Excessive body fat not only mars our look, but it can also cause many fatal ailments such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus type II, osteoarthritis, asthma, obstructive sleep apnea and even cancer. Therefore, even if we do not care for our look, we must make all endeavors to burn fat if we want to lead a healthy life. Another point to remember is that it is always better to take the action when the accumulated fat is still manageable. Later, it may actually become an impossible affair.

Some hurdles on the way

Procrastination is the worst enemy in case of fat burning. We tend to ignore the hard truth as long as we can and when we do sit up we do not follow any scientific regimen. We may choose a few exercises randomly and pick up a fanciful diet; when that does not work, we say that it is impossible to lose fat and we are better the way we are.

The reality is different

In reality, it is not at all impossible to lose fat; one can easily do that if he/she really wants to. To get hundred percent successes one has to go about it in a scientific manner. Let us first understand a few important facts:

  • Calories are important for us. We get the energy for work by burning calories. So, we must eat three meals a day to be able to sustain throughout the day.
  • Everything that we do burns calories. We burn calories even when we sleep or eat; but that is indeed a very negligible amount. Contrarily, cycling, swimming and jogging etc burn a large amount of calorie.
  • We accumulate fat when the total intake of calories is more than the amount we burn up. That is why; swimming for hours will not help us to lose fat unless we match it with the right kind of Adonis Golden Ratio diet.

Importance of the right kind of exercise

We may have bulges at one particular spot. Yet, we have to undertake overall fat reduction because spot reduction is an effective method so long it is accompanied by it. That is why expert lays so much importance on jogging, swimming or cycling. Attending gyms on regular basis may also help to lose fat. However, many may find it difficult to undertake such activities on regular basis. Life today has become a rat race and one has very little time to devote to such activities.

Yet, to lead a healthy and meaningful life one has to lose that excess bulge. For such people, it is advisable that:

  • They should select exercises carefully and try to stick to it no matter what happens.
  • Apart from regular exercises, the regimen should include weight lifting. It is to be noted that because of higher metabolism, people with muscular body undergo fat burning even when they are resting.
  • It is always better to schedule the regimen early in the morning before the hustle bustle of the daily life begins.
  • They should make a point to walk as much as possible. For example, one can easily park the car a little away from destination and walk the distance.
  • Daily chores such as dusting too may help to lose fat if done in correct spirit.
  • One must always try to avoid elevators and escalators and use the staircase as much as possible.

The other half of the story

In short, people have to remain conscious of the fact that they must burn up calories to lose fat. Moreover, they have to regulate the intake of calories in an effective manner. It is important to eat the right kind of food in the right proportion to make sure that the calories they burn is more than the calories they intake as food every single day.

What to eat and what to avoid

Ideally one should eat according to diet chart provided by trained dieticians. However, that may not always be feasible for most of us. Following are some of the facts that one should remember while undergoing fat burning regimen:

  • One should never exclude fat from the diet chart totally. They too have their uses.
  • Instead of saturated and trans-fat one should consume mono-saturated and poly-unsaturated fats.
  • Carbohydrates should also be taken in a moderate quantity.
  • Processed food, which contains fare amount of preservatives, should be avoided as much as possible. Junk food is also a big no!
  • Fresh vegetables, rich in vitamins and minerals, should be taken in abundance. They also contain fibers, which helps to regulate bowel movement, control blood sugar and lower blood cholesterol.
  • Legumes and fruits should also be included in the menu.

A few useful tips to note

To sustain throughout the days many experts prescribe six micro meals instead of three square meals. While this may steady the blood sugar level, one must make sure that it does not lead to over-eating. One technique is to concentrate fully on the food and avoid watching TV or reading books while eating. Taking at least half a gallon of water per day is also advised by most experts. It not only cleanses the system, but also wards off hunger pangs at least in the beginning. Lastly, one should take adequate rest. While exercises shed calories, sleeplessness may lead to overeating. Moreover, along with burning fat, one should also try to lead a healthy life; indeed the key is to eat right, work right and rest right.

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