From a Lean Look To a Brawny One

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It is a myth that by focusing on cardio exercises will lead to muscle growth, instead of lifting weight. It is far from the truth. Though you shall lose weight the quantity of fat loss will remain less. Weight training leads to increased metabolism and increased fat loss. If one looks too bulky in appearance, it means there is a high quantity of fat.

Weight training increases muscle mass and give a lean but firm look. Every one to two times week weight training is a must for training each body part. Neglecting any body part means an opportunity lost to improve the musculature and look of that body area.

Abs training is aimed at doing away with the layer of fat hiding the muscles underneath and shaping and making them firmer through proper diet, cardio exercises and weight training. The abdominal muscles should be given attention to one to two times per week.

Supplements can make the aim of growing muscle mass easier as they add fuel to your physically draining exercise pattern. Protein is essential for muscle growth and recovery. Whey protein provides insulin build up and functioning of muscles.

Essential Fatty Acids are a must for increasing amino acid uptake, repairing damaged cell membranes, improving cardiovascular health, decreasing inflammation and improving joint health. As they cannot be synthesized within the body, supplements help.

Creatine phosphate supplements promote muscle growth and retention. Around 5-10 grams on weight training days is enough.

Your body type may not be the same like the guy next to you. The body types have been classified into: Ectomorph (delicate frame, flat chest, small shoulders and thin), Mesosmorph (athletic, gains muscles easily, well defined muscles and strong), Endomorph (body-round, easily gets fat with low metabolic rate) and a combination of all the types.

Bodybuilding stages

The beginner: One trying to figure out the right diet, exercise combination and going to the gym infrequently; maybe missing out on the gym sessions which are important for muscle mass growth.

The Intermediate: Has gained experience of following the right diet, doing the exercises and gained around 10-15 pounds of muscle mass compared to the beginner stage.

The Advanced: Catches attention as they train. Look good in T-shirts and need to focus on newer creative training approaches.

BMR (Basic Metabolic Rate) calculation is required before starting with all those strength training exercises. Get a trained person to show you the way. You need to determine the percentage of carbohydrate, protein and fat intake in your regular diet.

If you find that you are putting on weight with no muscle gain, it portrays too much intake of food and less activity or exercise! It could be that you are avoiding food from the fear of gaining fat so the result is, no muscle gain!

You need to be persistent in your workouts throughout the year. Exercises including weights and cardio help you to overcome all hindrances in forming the cherished Adonis Golden Ratio body shape that you aspire for! There has to be a balance in weight training. While you concentrate on your abs, it is equally important that you concentrate on your back for a balanced workout.

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