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A good physique depicts superiority and self confidence. Hence, in world where a flawless body is admired by all, being skinny can be quite frustrating. Lanky people have nowhere to go these especially when others are craving for that ideal physique. Thanks to fitness training and body building programs, achieving that muscular physique and a flawless body is quite within the budget and our reach. While strength, stamina, endurance etc improve fairly through fitness training programs, it is quite difficult to increases the muscle mass simply by exercising vigorously. Anyone can be that poor guy who sits on the bench with his lanky body even after drenching in his sweat and giving his one hundred percent.

Increasing the muscle mass still remains a mystery most beginners. You can definately try Adonis Golden Ratio.  People tend to drop out of the fitness trainings, since they do not experience any fair increase in their body mass or muscles. However, the patience is of uttermost importance when it comes to body building. It is aptly said that haste is waste, thus by hurrying with the regular training one should place high hopes on the shoulders of the trainer. The key to an ideal physique is patience and hard work. Having patience may yield fruitful results.

It seldom happens that a person tends to continue the training even if there isn’t any noticeable change in his or her physique. Therefore, determination is a crucial factor which differentiates the ones who gains from the exercises or training from the ones who doesn’t. Staying highly motivated and having an optimistic approach towards the fitness training are decisive factors in shaping your body as well as your body. It should be noted that, negative thoughts can as well ruin your fitness training, and may not yield desirable results.

The most efficient way to escalate the muscle gain factor is by having a heavy diet. Well I am not talking about junk foods or cheesy pizza. A typical diet for body builders, characterises, high protein and vitamin followed by necessary amounts of fats and carbohydrates. One should indulge the tastes buds into a variety of different cuisines to increases muscle gain. Eggs, meat and milk should are rich sources of proteins and fats which act as a catalyst in the process of development of the body. Opt for a heavy breakfast and lighter lunch. The supper should be moderate, since eating heavy just before sleeping can disturb your sleeping experience, which may in turn hinder the development of muscle tissues, since sleep is an important aspect of rest and relaxation. A good diet helps you fuel up for your next workout.

Creatine supplements are becoming increasingly popular these days. It is an effective method to increases muscle mass, and is favoured by many professional trainers and body builders. Creatine is an organic compound which naturally occurs in all vertebrates, whose primary function is to supply energy. Creatine provides up to 3 times the protein achieved from a normal high protein diet. Though creatine is an efficient way to increase the body’s muscle percentage, it is recommended not to completely depend on it; a balanced diet would suffice, in case of beginners.

Carbohydrates and proteins are readily available in protein shakes. Pack your bottles with protein shakes when you go for your next work out. It is aptly said that change is inevitable, so opt for a dynamic workout characterised by various exercises, aimed to develop your body holistically. Going through the same workout schedule can trigger boredom and ill will, in turn decreasing your motivation level. It is recommended to opt for different exercises to lift your mood in case the training appears monotonous. Initially start with basic free hand exercises to get into the shape and to get motivated. Some of the best free hand exercises one can opt for are push ups, crunches, pull ups, chin ups and lunging as well as squats. Free hand exercises will also help in developing the mind body relationship necessary for the exercises to take their effect.

Push ups

Push ups are extremely useful when it comes to arms and forearms. Regular push ups ensure stronger shoulders, stable torso, stiffer wrists and tougher arms. Routine push ups can be extremely useful in developing triceps and the shoulders; also performing push ups on a daily basis lowers the chances of contracting back aches and back injuries. The best part about push ups is its cost effectiveness and absence of equipments. Push ups is therefore a poor man’s way to achieve that attractive body.


Squat is one of the easiest and most effective exercise, we could be familiar with. It is an excellent exercise to shape the lower back muscles, especially hips, thighs and calves. Equipments are hardly ever required. It is a time efficient method to enhance the lower part of our body, which includes the thighs, buttocks and the calf muscles. All it requires is a pair of shorts and a sweat shirt, and you are good to go.

Cardio exercises are something you should be looking forward to, though they should be performed in limited sets to lower the chance of losing essential fats. Performing cardio can help in maintaining a good and healthy heart. Cardio exercises are aims to increase the endurance and stamina of a person which is crucial for physical exercises and weight training.

If the sole aim is to enhance the muscle power, then there isn’t any exercise as effective as weight training. Weight training, can be tedious and tiring but is best known for yielding desired results at a faster pace. Weight training strengthens your cardiac muscles as well as the cardiovascular system. However, weight training requires patience, as nothing comes that easy. A higher level of endurance is needed to delay fatigue and to increase lactic acid tolerance ability of the muscles. It is recommended to approach your nearest and best known doctor before going for a weight training to avoid sudden and unexpected injuries. Instead of building an ideal physique, you might end up at the hospital. To avoid such circumstances, proper precaution should be exercised.

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