Genetics and Your Body

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Body type, structure of the muscles and the metabolism rate plays an important role in the way people respond to a particular training programme. Your genetic makeup can determine your success rate. Since better your genes better are your chances of succeeding. However your success rate is not determined only by your genetic makeup. However is possible for people not genetically gifted to make it big in the bodybuilding sport.

If you have below average genetics, you just need to work harder than those who have been blessed with great genes. The only time genes come into play is when two people having different kind of genetic makeup respond differently to the same kind of a training schedule. Though it is not possible to change the genes but it is possible to work on them.

However knowing about your body type is a good idea since it provides you with the direction in which your efforts should be channelized.   It will also enable you to identify your problem areas.

It is possible to overcome your genetic shortcomings, by the means of exercises. You can improve your genes by incorporating those exercises in your routine which will help you improve your body and muscle strength.

I have mentioned here the three basic human body types

Mesomorph: People with mesomorph body type generally have large bones and muscles, strong joints, lots of muscle fibers. People with This body type respond well to weight training exercises. People with mesomorph body type are gifted with high metabolism rate. It is much easier for them to burn fat at a drastic rate. People with mesomorph body types have athletic bodies.

Endomorph: People with endomorph body type generally have lot of body fat and are not as gifted as the mesomorphs.  This body type is unatheletic, endomorphs are gifted with lot of strength in their muscles, and their only problem is their inability to lose weight easily. However this body type can achieve a chiseled body and gain muscular strength with the right amount of training efforts.

Ectomorph: People with ectomorph body type are naturally lean and skinny. They are possessed with light bones and small joints.  People with this kind of genetic makeup tend are generally tall and lean. While for endomorphs getting lean is an uphill task, for the ectomorphs getting lean is not an issue as they are genetically gifted with lean bodies.   They face difficulty when it comes to increasing the muscle mass and developing the muscular strength. However it is possible to build the muscles with right amount of training and diet.

Muscle Length

Many people think that it is merely the body type which makes your genes. However the truth is that your muscle length matters equally. People who have long muscles have the great potential to increase their muscle size. If the length of a muscle is large it would not exceed your muscle width. However the muscle size is not stable it varies from person to person.

Muscle Fiber Density

Building large muscles require that you have high muscle fiber density. The more muscle fibers exist per square centimeter; more is the potential of building large muscles.

Neuromuscular Efficiency

The relationship efficiency between the nervous system and the muscles is called neuromuscular efficiency. If you have high level of neuromuscular efficiency it can do wonders for you.

I f you Have below bellow average genetics, there is no need to be disheartened since it is possible to work on poor genetics with the aid of right amount of exercises   and diet. You can slowly build your bone density, strength with proper weight training exercises such as dead lifts, squats and bench presses etc

Maximize Your Training Efforts

You can work towards improving of genes only by maximizing your training efforts. It is advisable that while making your workout plan, incorporate a combination of supersets, drop sets and a high number of repetitions in order to achieve large muscle size.

For performing the supersets, it is essential that you perform two to three exercises in sequence with little to no rest in between. For high repetition sets, perform 10 to 20 repetitions per set.

It is important that you incorporate a variety of training programmes in your exercise regime. If you will follow only one set of exercises, your body will stop reacting to that that particular regime. Intensity of your training routine equally affects the results produced. It is important that you develop your training routine keeping in mind your immediate goal.

Adequate amount of recovery is an important process of a mass building process. Since the actual muscle grows takes place during the recovery process, not during exercising. In order to maximize your training efforts it is important that you plan your sleep levels, training frequency and training intensity levels in such a way that you get sufficient amount of rest and recovery time.

Adopting a Right Diet

Diet contributes equally towards your mass building process. In order to maximize your training efforts it is essential that you follow a strict nutrition plan for at least four to six weeks prior to the bodybuilding competition. An ideal Adonis Golden Ratio nutritional plan would enable you to burn excess body fat while maximizing muscle mass.

In order to add lean muscle mass, it is important that you increase your adding calorie intake into your diet schedule. If you wish to lose weight, cut calories from your diet and include fat-burning cardio to your exercise regime.

Many people are ignorant of the fact that overweight people tend to take in excess calories simply due to overtiredness and stress.   Keeping your energy levels high can stop you from overeating.

Food supplements can also play an important role in completing your nutritional value, and can also help in the recovery process. However, you should limit your intake of the supplements. Supplements should be used as supplements and by no means are meant to replace your food requirements.

People with average genetics can make it in the field of bodybuilding by making right training and diet choices.

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