Guide to Bodybuilding

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Being in the right shape has become more of a necessity than a want. An era characterised by sedentary lifestyles and an increase in epidemics, it has become mandatory to maintain a strong physique and a healthy body. Since our lives have become increasingly stressful, being in the right shape is thus the need of the hour. We all are quite familiar with the well known saying; first impression is the last impression. Our physique and our body also play a dominant role in casting that first impression. Even during the ancient times, a person’s physical traits were an indicator if which strata of the society he or she belonged to.

Since, obesity is on the rise, and more and more children are falling prey to juvenile diabetes, it is high time that we realise the value of our health and what we are sacrificing in order to achieve money and status. The numbers of reports of cardiac arrests are soaring with the passage of time, and only a few people actually ponder upon the necessity to keep fit and stay healthy. If we do not check our health habits now, perhaps sometime later we might have to pay the price.

With erroneous health habits, and sedentary lifestyles, it is becoming increasingly difficult to tackle stresses of our routine life. Little do we actually do to counter its ill effects? Teenagers are succumbing to obesity and type1 diabetes at the age of 13 or 15. Not only are we at risks, but our children are as well subjected to health risks. The probability of children contracting juvenile diabetes has increased, yet there is no such awareness among children or parents themselves. It is better to go for action rather than to sit and do nothing, and make our way towards a bleak future.

A good Adonis Golden Ratio physique appears quite attractive and desirable. While many go crazy about that abs and that chest, many forget the hard work and every drop of sweat, the guy shed to maintain such an astonishing physique. It is aptly said that a healthy mind leads to a healthy physique. Bodybuilding isn’t just about gaining muscles or increasing height. It includes your social and mental well being as well. Bodybuilding is the art of enhancing or accelerating the development of your body. Most aren’t clear about the phenomenon ‘bodybuilding’ even though they land in their nearest gyms every Saturday or Sunday.

Getting educated is the first step towards a better physique and a healthier body. Search for recent development in the field of physical education and fitness training. Thanks to World Wide Web, accessing information became way too simple. It is a piece of cake these days. Many universities are willing to provide degrees on courses like fitness training and physical education. The degrees may range from something as basic as a certificate course to something which is highly specialised like M.Phil or a PhD in physical education as well as fitness training. Opting for fitness training without proper knowledge, might render your fitness training unfruitful and escalate the chances of injuries.

It has been seen that people with healthier body are jovial and cheerful and have better chances of living longer. Routine exercises aim to provide the necessary levels of fitness to help the body adapt to routine stresses of your daily lives. A good workout session enhances the mind body connectivity and aids concentration as well as muscular fitness and body strength. For instance, sprinting regularly helps increase the strength of calve muscles simultaneously increasing our agility and velocity, while weight training being a static exercise helps strengthen muscles and joints and pumps up the muscle fibres of the upper body. However, both of these have one thing in common, that is enhancing the neuromuscular connectivity.

Good fitness training programme always aims at enhancing this connection. A good neuromuscular connectivity is not only mandatory for sportspersons and sprinters, but plays a significant role in bodybuilding too. Concentrating on the body part which is being worked will intensify the workout so as maximise your gains from the workout session. So maintain your focus while training all out.

Do not under any circumstances, let your body dehydrate. Since water along with essential minerals and vitamins are lost by the body through sweat, the possibility of dehydration increases. Before you have the slightest idea, you might end up in a hospital. Concussions are sudden, and you might not even know when our body lost its stock of water. It is therefore advisable to keep a filled water bottle handy. Make it a habit to take a sip, during your short breaks and short intervals of relaxation. Try out glucose solution instead of plain drinking water to indulge your taste buds and to compensate for the lost minerals and vitamins.

Start with some basic level free hand exercises, such as push ups crunches or chin ups. Squat is also pretty useful when it comes to toning of the lower body. Ideally push ups should be followed by crunches and then chin ups to since chin ups can prove to a little tough job for your arms initially as well as the push ups. So, performing crunches before chin ups and after push ups give the hand muscles enough time to rest kill fatigue. Eventually the body will get accustomed to new levels of stresses. Push up is an excellent exercise for stable torso and stronger shoulders. Squats on the other hand strengthen your buttocks and thighs as well as hips. Many beginners aim at developing the upper body but it should be kept in mind that without a stable foundation a building may not stand pretty long. Developing the lower body is crucial since increasing muscle mass involves a significant increase in weight. If the lower body isn’t prepared to adapt to this increase and if the legs and calves are incapable of bearing your body weight, then postural deformity can take place, ruining your entire fitness training.

Loads should be increased in a progressive manner so that the body has adequate time to recover and get back to work. Ensure that you sleep at least for 8 hours.

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