Having an Ideal Shape

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Our body is more just anatomy and physique when it comes to the matters social and corporate sphere. A perfect body is not only admirable, but is also attractive and eye catching. Not only does it have an impact on people while making impressions, it also enhances your image and escalates your chances of success in social as well as corporate sphere. A perfect physique escalates the chances of finding mates and aids in casting a sensual charm on the opposite gender. An ideal physique is something men and women crave for.

However being in the right shape is a tedious job. Hours of sweating, tolerating fatigue and strenuous exercises are necessary for paving your way towards an attractive body. Everything does have a price. Even when everybody craves for that admirable physique, most tend to keep it as a dream rather than changing it into a reality. Sedentary lifestyle and erratic dietary habits plays a significant role in retarding our growth and stagnating our height as well as development of our body and physique. Therefore, exercising and gymnastics aren’t the only factors which determine our health and physique, our lifestyle also plays a crucial role. Hence, we may have to pay the price in our near future for erratic health habits as neglecting the faults in our own lifestyle may have grievous consequences.

Out of a billion people, only few heed the summoning of one’s body. Maintaining our body is of course a necessary aspect of our day to day lives. The advancement of technology and knowledge has provided us with plenty of ways to develop a healthy physique and an admirable body. While people tend to opt for gym and fitness training programs, most however may opt for not so strenuous exercises such yoga, skipping, sprinting on routine basis and occasional swimming. Sports and games are proven to be quite beneficial in enhancing our physique and simultaneously improving our health and our psychological balance and concentration power.

Sports and games not only help in strengthening our muscle but it also increases lactic acid tolerance, flexibility of the body and efficiency of our cardiovascular system. Participating in sports and games on a routine basis may help in escalating our well being and our physical health. If gym experience is too tiring and once experience shortfall of time, simple free hand exercises may solve your problems. The benefits of free hand exercises are that they can be performed easily and as per one’s convenience. So opt for a wok-in rather than a work out. Here are some basic free hand exercises which might do the thing

Push Ups

Push ups are perhaps the best free hand exercise which can help you tone your muscles and it’s quite convenient. No costly equipments, no strenuous work out. Push ups can be done as per one’s needs and necessities as well as the amount of time one can devote to his share of regular exercises. Initially a set of 15 will do. Since once experience muscle fatigue quite easily while doing push ups, the routine sets, hence should be increased in gradually and steadily until one is fully accustomed and experiences barely experiences fatigue while completing his previous sets.
It is quintessential to maintain the correct stance while performing push ups since erratic postures may have detrimental repercussions.

The benefits of routine push-ups are quite immense.

  1. Push ups increases the strength of our shoulder muscles in turn strengthening our shoulder. It is a popular belief that push ups yield fruitful results as compared to many similar exercises.
  2. Routine push ups increases testosterone secretion in male and reduces the risk of contracting osteoporosis and other bone related diseases.
  3. Push ups, decreases the risks of back aches and lower back injuries, thus providing a stable torso.
  4. In women, performing push ups on a daily basis ensures a strong and stiffer upper body.

Sit Ups and Crunches

Though both the exercises are quite similar in action and benefits, the main difference lies in the stance one acquires while performing Adonis Golden Ratio exercises. Sit ups are characterise by folded hands around one’s chest, while on the other, one has his hands at the back of his head during his period of performing a set of crunch. Ideally, crunches are preferred due to ease in performing and as it yield quicker results. Adopting a combination of sit ups and crunches is best suited for developing an ideal physique and a perfect posture, since both ensure abdominal muscle stability by strengthening our stomach and abdominal muscles.

It should be noted that, one should abstain from routine crunches and sit ups before attaining the age of eighteen since researches show that routine sit-ups may as well retard growth in adolescents and severely inhibit their height.

Pull Ups

There aren’t any exercises as good as pull ups which can actually enhance your shoulders this fast. Pull ups are best known for yielding quicker results. One of best known benefits of pull ups is stiffer shoulders and stronger arms. Pull ups are quite convenient to perform and is hassle free. All you need is a bar which can support your weight, and which you can hold on to. Initially pulls ups can be quite difficult to accustom to since the muscles easily succumbs to fatigue, however the intensity of the pull ups can be increased gradually. It should be noted that the intensity should be increases gradually since overdoing it can severely rupture your back muscles and cause back aches and muscle pains. Pull ups strengthens the upper body, increases grip strength and is a very good exercise for shedding that extra fat.

Ideally a fitness program should consist of a set of push ups, followed by crunches or sit ups and end with a set of pull ups. This would evenly tone your body and simultaneously act as a full body fitness work out. Yoga would be the ideal for relaxation. Half an hour of yoga after scheduled exercises will help relieve stresses and decreases body stiffness.

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