High Intensity Interval Training

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There are so many techniques that claim to burn fat the quickest for you out on the internet. Hundreds of fat burning exercises, thousands of work out videos and so many diet charts that recommend the exact calorie needs for you.

One of the newest kids on the fat burning and weight reduction work out regimen block is the High Intensity Interval Training technique. And from the rave reviews this method has gotten, you can see it truly works pretty great to burn off all that excess fat and flab that’s been hanging over you like a dark cloud!

What is High Intensity Interval Training?

This type of training is mainly focused on fluctuating the fat burning treatment that your body is subjected to.

That is, say you plan to go for a jog for burning your fat. So normally, you would just jog at an even pace and speed and rhythm for more than thirty minutes, right?

When you are following high intensity interval training, that is exactly what you DON’T do. You don’t maintain a steady and even rhythm. You don’t let your body get used to an even pace at which you are working it.

Instead, you change it up a lot. Like, in a thirty minute jog, you run very fast, dashing at full pelt, pushing your body to its limit, for about 3 minutes. And then you follow it up by two minutes of slow jogging or swift walking.

And then again you run at your highest capacity and speed for 4 minutes. Then you slow down and settle into a slower speed and gait for 3 minutes. And so on.

You increase and slow down and increase and slow down your speed and limit every 3 to 5 minutes without sticking to the same pattern. This way, your body is kept on its toes. It is not allowed to fall into a steady rhythm, but is instead at full metabolism and working capacity throughout your thirty minutes of working out.

What is the science behind High Intensity Interval Training?

The principle behind this extremely efficient fat burning work out is that your body is kept at its attentive peak throughout your work out.

Say you run on the tread mill for forty minutes every day and that is your fat burning work out. When you get on the tread mill, for the first ten to fifteen minutes, you can feel your whole body stimulated by the work out.

But after the first fifteen minutes, the body settles into the rhythm of the work out. It finds the most efficient way to dispose off calories to meet the demands of the work out and the amount of calories you are managing to burn reduces with increase in time of the work out. So at the end of forty minutes, the amount of fat you burn is highest in the first fifteen minutes, but over time it reaches a neutral steady peak.

However, if you are following a High Intensity Interval training program for fat burning, you will not allow this steady state to be attained. You keep pushing you body to different exertion stages constantly. So, even if you only work out for fifteen minutes in total on the tread mill, since you are constantly changing the speed and the pace and the intensity, the body never reaches the steady fat burning state. It is still in the active state of fat burning.

So you get to burn more fat in less time by doing the same work out you always do. Sounds great doesn’t it?

Why High Intensity Interval Training is the perfect fat burning option

The first and biggest advantage of all is that it is highly time saving and efficient. The number one problem any of us face in this day is finding the time to work out and exercise to reduce our fat and get the most out of the time we do manage to exercise.

And high intensity interval training requires less time to reduce more fat! Plus, you can do this any time of the day. Like, say you have fifteen minutes extra in your lunch break. Get up and go for a quick fifteen minute High Intensity Interval Training jog!

That is one of the best advantages of this method of fat burning too – you don’t need any sort of equipment! In this type of fat burning program, you are manipulating your body such that your body itself becomes a fat burning equipment, shedding more fat for less time and for normal activities like walking and doing a quick work out.

This is, as the name implies, a high intensity work out. It takes discipline to do it, but that can also be an advantage! There are so many times we have seen others in the gym cutting corners and giving up on their exercise work out five to ten minutes early simply because – well, they are bored!

Doing the same Adonis Golden Ratio motions repetitively and continuously is as boring for the mind as it is ineffective on the body for fat burning after some time. But with high intensity interval training, you HAVE to be concentrating on it the whole time. You need to keep your focus to make sure you are doing the time switches properly and accurately and that makes the experience so much easier to stick to!

And this type of work out also has excellent over all advantages for your body. Not only are you burning fat faster and more efficiently for lesser time, and not only do you need no equipment to do this, you are also increasing your over all body health!

This type of fat burning training increases your overall body metabolism and metabolic calorie-burning rate. That means, even when you are not exercising, the body adjusts itself to start burning more fat that it did before! So even just sitting down and typing at your computer is burning you more fat than before after starting this fat burning regimen. A recent study also found that this training program is very good for the heart and also helps to tone and shape your muscles.

High intensity interval training is definitely one of the best work out options out there for efficient fat burning!

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