How To Build Muscles

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Before learning how to gain muscle mass, let’s start by knowing what muscle mass is. Muscle mass is defined as the determinant of the metabolic activity and the day to day activities plus the physical strength. The higher the muscle mass, the higher is the strength and potential energy of an individual. The lower the muscle mass, the lower is the life span and the working capabilities of a person.

When we workout our muscles experience partial tearing. When these muscle tissues are repaired they are stronger and thicker than before. This is the general concept of gaining muscle mass. But it is not simple as it seems, there are several do’s and don’ts involved in muscle building.

The primary important constituent in building muscle mass is the diet. For gaining muscle mass the protein intake in your body should be high as compared to other components such as carbohydrates and fats. The breakfast and the diet that you take just after your workout are the most crucial. Chicken and green vegetables are the most favored sources of protein. It only just adds up to the complexities of life to examine everything that you eat and such a tight schedule cannot be followed daily, but you should try to have more protein fused food and go through the labels before eating.

Secondly, the most important factor, water. The human body requires a definite minimum amount of water to gain muscle mass. This amount can be roughly estimated by multiplying the body mass by 0.6, and that is the amount of water to be consumed daily per individual person per unit. Water helps to lose the fat in the body hence is beneficial for gaining muscle.

The vitamin needs of the body cannot be met by the mere food that we eat. Therefore you must take multivitamin supplements to meet that need. These supplements should be taken under supervised care of a dietitian. The combinations and schedule of your vitamins should be followed daily. A vitamin deficient body cannot gain muscle; hence it is a vital part of increasing muscle mass.

You must also keep yourself away from emotional and professional stresses. A mentally stressed body will find it hard to gain muscle than a body which is at peace. The need to sleep is also of value. Stressed people find it hard to sleep and so to gain muscle mass in weight training.

Till now we focused on the potential of our body to gain muscle. So now let’s get down to business, the exercises.

Warm up is the first and necessary part of the exercise routine. Without warm up the chances of incurring injuries is greatly increased. Warm up helps the muscles to get ready for the main course and work efficiently. Thus it helps you to gain strength and ability to gain more muscle mass. Stretching is generally recommended as a pre workout.

The best exercises for gaining muscle mass are bench press, rows, overhead press, pull ups, squats and dead lifts. All of them are done in sets. Their intensity duration and frequency can be adjusted according to the needs and capabilities of one’s body.

Weight training is the foremost way to gain muscle. The more weight you train with, the more muscle you will gain. While exercising, care should be taken that the whole body is working out. The exercises should be mixed up so that every muscle in the body is strained. The entire body can be worked out in a day or attention can be paid to particular parts of the body at individual days of the week. It helps in the proportional growth of the body. Without this your body will look unstable and disproportionate. But if you still need to gain muscle mass in a particular part of your body then you can consult a gym instructor.

The gradual and steady increase in weights that you train with is important for muscle build up. This process is known as progressive overloading. It helps in growing your muscles rather than staying stagnant at one size, and also to increase your physical strength gradually. The main advantage of this method is that there is a minimal chance of damage done to your body.

The workout routine that you follow must be short and hard. And you should always keep pushing to your limits. Always take small breaks between your repetitions. This increases the ability of your muscles to work harder and hence in increasing muscle mass. Try to spend more time outside the gym than inside. It is outside the gym that the body gains muscle mass.

Finally give rest to your body. The resting time is very important for the worn out muscles to repair themselves. Without rest the body can neither repair its torn muscle tissues, nor replenish the energy required for the next routine. You will find it hard to workout again.

More than the do’s, the don’ts are important because they can hamper your body and incapacitate you. If things turn too bad then it may also cause serious injuries.

Another thing that concerns gaining muscle in your body is your Adonis Golden Ratio posture. Most people follow the wrong posture during exercising and hence cannot get the desired outcome. It is important that you consult an instructor and learn the correct postures for weight training. Incorrect postures will only waste your time without the outcome and may cause cramps and muscle pulls.

You should not try to overdo your training. Bodybuilding magazines claim to be able to increase your muscle mass by a pound every week. But the fact remains that most of the people cannot even gain two pound a month at their best. Hence one should know their limits. Exerting more pressure on your body than it can handle will only put you in trouble. This state is known as training overload. If the condition is worsened, it can also lead to temporary or permanent disabilities. The muscle mass grows via overload and not by fatigue or pump.

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